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  1. Oops sorry Mona...was not supposed to be a laughing emoji but a like...thick fingers
  2. Hi Jeff, we haven't met, but I have followed your thread whilst lurking...I threw away a 2 week quit in March and rudely left without saying a word, unlike you. Hopefully you will still be lurking and try to quit again. During the 2 months or so of smoking, a day didnt go by without me giving a thought to quitting again. And everytime I smoked, I asked myself....am I enjoying this?....NO What made me try again? Knowing that there is absolutely no good reason to smoke, and to let those here, at work and socially know, that the advise and encouragement given to me was not in vain. Hope to see you again
  3. Hello there day 2 coming to an end, and doing ok, thanks for asking. Have been doing a bit of back reading, and re visiting Joel's videos and kicking myself for having started up again. But very happy to see Darcy having kept her quit and the newbies being so mature with their quits....amazing!
  4. Thanks all Believe it or not, I have been lurking and following the newbies as well....A strong bunch with some good advise as well. The reason for relapsing was no reason at all.... The difference this time round is that I really do want to quit
  5. Guilty as charged! Apologies for disappearing without saying a word...yes, I relapsed, but I have gotten up, dusted myself off, and ready for the journey. Thanks for the post and comments...
  6. Amazing Tammy....thank you
  7. Voted for laurel because that's what I hear
  8. Wonderful news Angeleek and good job!
  9. Happy birthday Tammy...hope you have a good one!
  10. Irene

    chicks or sticks

    -13 good afternoon
  11. Irene

    Take Two

    Now would not be a good time for that
  12. Time is reset every day Reset

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