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    Post a Song you Like

    One of my favorites!
  2. babs609

    I failed today.

    never quit quitting Kenzie!! Stay close to the board and get right back on it. Learn from this mistake or you are bound to repeat it.
  3. babs609

    Unexpected ahhh

    yep...celebratory craves are the worst!!! best way I got through it was with humor. I would talk to the addiction like it was a thing in me....and I would say...OMG..nice try you little sucker! LOL...you sneaky sneaky smarty pants!" I would just keep talking like that...I would even go as far as "I give you credit for your creativity you brat....etc. " until the craving went away...and then I would just laugh. If it came back I would just do it over and over. Some days were like that. Yep...all kinds of goodies pop up the first year....all exercises to keep you a warrior!! Good practice...and good on you for posting!! here's how I pictured he looked like
  4. babs609

    Wednesday 13th febuary 2019

    a big hot cup of NOPE for my coffee. I can't believe I used to think I could never drink coffee without my cigarette. Such a strange foreign idea to me now.
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    Who's on the train...

    HELLO EVERYONE!! Name: Barb AKA: Babs, Babbles, backseat babs, moderator Quit Date: July 13, 2012 About me: In a very good place in my life and grateful for every day I wake up. Why I quit: My dad died from lung cancer. I battled and battled with many failed attempts. Then my daughter told me I was going to be a grandmother for the first time. That was my sign. THIS child will NEVER know me as a smoker. She just turned 6 My advice: Smoking thoughts still come back even years later. They are brief but that little nagging bugger is still there. It is STILL stronger than me. But, I am way smarter than IT. The addiction doesn't have a brain, I do. Knowledge is power. That stupid idea that one puff will give me that "ahhhh" feeling it wants....well that's just an illusion. It doesn't exist now that I am a non smoker. I would cough...hate it...be disappointed that I did it...and swear to never take another puff. Only now...I woke up the little bugger...and he will show his nasty existence again even sooner this time...and stronger. and the nightmare begins again. NO THANKS!!!!
  6. babs609

    I Got This (T) is 4 month Smoke Free

    you definitely got this!
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    Rozuki is 2 years Smoke Free!

    terrific!! well done!
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    JimHannoonen is 2 Years Smoke Free!

    happy 2 years Jim!
  9. Congratulations Reci!!!
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    Martian5 is 1 YEAR Smoke Free

    well Done Martian!!!
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    Wana checking in...

    Hi Wana! Welcome to Quit train! Congratulations to you on your 3 years free!! Awesome!
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    no fair I missed Lily's picture great thread! seatbelt selfie
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    chicks or sticks

  14. babs609

    Daily exercise log for everyone :)

    I can roll out...but I have a hard time rolling back... You are still at it! I am impressed!
  15. babs609

    RoryPlog is 1 YEAR Smoke Free!!

    that's so awesome! congrats!
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    Gabes is 1 Year Smoke Free!

    so awesome!! Great job!
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    Wren18 is 1 YEAR Smoke Free

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    ChRiSpY is 6 YEARS Smoke Free!

    Keep on rockin on Chrispy! Miss seeing the dog
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    chicks or sticks

  20. When I first quit..... My number one Mantra...........Smoking is not an option Followed quickly by my 2nd Mantra...............No Matter What Don't get me wrong.....there were times I felt like a trapped animal with nowhere to escape, had the urge to pull my hair out of my head, cut and skin myself like a snake (no, i'm not a cutter), run down the street naked screaming at the top of my lungs...okay..that's a little extreme but I was damn near close. But still...no matter what...I made the commitment to myself that I was never ever ever going to smoke again. I couldn't think beyond that day of course...so I had to do this...One Day at a Time. There have been debates about this subject. The ones who argued against this and said they are adults and don't like to be told what to do so the idea of taking the option away makes them feel trapped and then they want to smoke even more. I say that's bullshit! Ironically...the ones who fight against the idea of Smoking is not an option....Well...historically speaking...they are the ones who disappear and come back to say they relapsed. Again. When you have a baby..the second he or she is born...you take one look at that baby and you COMMIT....for life. No matter what...you are going to protect this child and nurture it. Do you turn around 6 months later and decide...I don't like being told what to do...I feel trapped...I don't want to do this anymore...?? Most normal person with values and morals won't....it's not even an option....a thought....it's just Out of the Question. It's absurd, right?? Well....no different here. I even imagined the worst thing that can happen in my world....(i'm a mom and grand-mom so you can imagine what that would be) just the mere thought of that makes me get teary eyed and want to vomit...but still I know...smoking won't change it or make me feel better...No Matter What....smoking is NOT an OPTION. Whenever I had that crave...I just said..."Girl...do whatever you need to do...but smoking is just not an option so..think of something else sister" I pictured myself on a desert island with no smokes in sight and I surrender to the fact that ...I just am not going to smoke because that's Not an Option. Immediately I felt better...I relaxed...I surrendered....and moved on with my life...until the next crave..and I did it again. Lather, rinse, repeat. Amazingly enough...I didn't die. I think if you allow the idea of smoking as an option to creep into your head even for a second....you are doomed to either struggle harder than you have to....and relapse eventually because it just becomes "too hard" OR...you do keep your quit...but you took the harder way to get there...and not only that....the urge to smoke get's stronger..not weaker. Don't listen to that bratty voice in your head that says...I don't like being told what to do. Because YOU are the one who made the decision to quit. That's why you are here...that's why you keep coming back. You want to quit. The question is...how bad do you want it? What are you willing to do to get it?? SMOKING IS NOT AN OPTION NO....MATTER...WHAT Make that commitment today!!
  21. I'm 16....right now I'm a teen, i'm having fun. I enjoy smoking. I can quit at any time. So, I'll quit when...... I'm 20.. but life is a little stressful right now...I have 2 babies, working full time..saving to buy a house....I'm still young and won't be affected long term by this smoking...no big deal...right? I'll quit definitely by the time... I'm 25.....still a lot of my family and friends still smoke...they seem to be okay. That must mean I'll be ok..My parents both smoked for years and they are both still healthy and vibrant...look at all these people outside..taking a smoke break with me...we are all ok right??? I'm 30.....starting to get a little nervous...my dad quit, my sister quit, handful of friends are jumping ship,. I've had 15+ years of smoking now and fear is creeping in a little. Fear of quitting..and never enjoying life as I know it...and fear of never quitting and suffering a horrible disease and feeling the effects of smoking. Time to dig that hole in the sand deeper and put my head in there...I'll quit when... I'm 36..Dad is diagnosed...Stage 4 lung cancer..inoperable. :blink: :( My smoking has now doubled! I know...he's dying and I'm smoking more...what is wrong with me? As dad lie in a coma taking his last breaths...I whispered in his ear "I promise daddy, I'm going to quit smoking". I purchased a copy of Allen Carr's easyway to quit smoking and I did it...I quit smoking!! Yay me!!!! :) 3 months later...I start getting restless...cravings are coming left and right...I read the book again but the words aren't jumping out at me like they did when I first read it...I felt like I was losing my mind. I looked at the back of the book and called a number they listed as support...It was in London. The book was old and the number was for the publishing company, not a support line. I was losing my strength...and ultimately relapsed. :( I will probably be a smoker for life....I can't do this again.... The next 8 years are a blurr....that book remained on my shelf collecting dust--every once in a while I would glance at it with guilt and say...some day...maybe in the spring when it's nice out, maybe the summer, maybe the fall, after christmas,...new years resolution, after my birthday....ok..after spring again..one excuse after another. I was smoking more than ever. I did quit a few times during that time...few days or weeks..only to smoke again...always started with one puff. Finally...at the age of 44...after all that struggle, relapse, disappointment, denial, and thousands of excuses....I finally picked up that book..knowing this was it...I was either going to quit for good this time...or I was going to remain a smoker till my death. I knew I just didn't have another quit in me otherwise. I can't keep going through the torture of quitting over and over..it's exhausting..and the pain from relapse is too distressing. So, my final quit began. Only this time...I knew that the quitting journey was a roller coaster and even though I feel strong in my quit one day...doesn't mean I will still feel that way the next. I proved that on my last quit. I Googled quit smoking support and got it. Best thing I ever did to ensure that I would never smoke again. I introduced myself and became a member. Point of the story is....time moves so quickly..and the excuses are just that....excuses. Before you know it...nearly 30 years have gone by. The best time to quit is TODAY....tomorrow has a way of always being that carrot that dangles out in front of you...never able to reach it. Addictions are design to hook you for life. I do wish I quit sooner, I do wish I never smoked. But wishing for something that is in the past, is a waste of time. The only thing I can change is what I do from now on. My quality of life is so much better today. I am healthier, happier, and confident. I have quite a smoking history and am full aware it may come back to bite me in the ass...however I will not die a smoker chained to addiction. No matter what. I am free. If you are reading this and still smoking, please.....sign up...join today. Read all the information here and in the blog and educate yourself about nicotine addiction. Don't just read once..read again and again and again until you "get it". You will never regret that you quit smoking but there is plenty of regret when you don't. Quit today....no more excuses.
  22. babs609


    tonight I went for my first run outside in months! It was the best run of my life! I only ran 2.40 miles...but i enjoyed it so much and appreciated the warmth of the sun on my face and was just so grateful. Even when i was fighting the wind on my way back...it didn't matter. I loved every minute of it. I think that break from running actually has done me some good and now I just love it even more than before. Can't wait to run again!

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