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    Post a Song you Like

    One of my favorites!
  2. I'm 16....right now I'm a teen, i'm having fun. I enjoy smoking. I can quit at any time. So, I'll quit when...... I'm 20.. but life is a little stressful right now...I have 2 babies, working full time..saving to buy a house....I'm still young and won't be affected long term by this smoking...no big deal...right? I'll quit definitely by the time... I'm 25.....still a lot of my family and friends still smoke...they seem to be okay. That must mean I'll be ok..My parents both smoked for years and they are both still healthy and vibrant...look at all these people outside..taking a smoke break with me...we are all ok right??? I'm 30.....starting to get a little nervous...my dad quit, my sister quit, handful of friends are jumping ship,. I've had 15+ years of smoking now and fear is creeping in a little. Fear of quitting..and never enjoying life as I know it...and fear of never quitting and suffering a horrible disease and feeling the effects of smoking. Time to dig that hole in the sand deeper and put my head in there...I'll quit when... I'm 36..Dad is diagnosed...Stage 4 lung cancer..inoperable. :blink: :( My smoking has now doubled! I know...he's dying and I'm smoking more...what is wrong with me? As dad lie in a coma taking his last breaths...I whispered in his ear "I promise daddy, I'm going to quit smoking". I purchased a copy of Allen Carr's easyway to quit smoking and I did it...I quit smoking!! Yay me!!!! :) 3 months later...I start getting restless...cravings are coming left and right...I read the book again but the words aren't jumping out at me like they did when I first read it...I felt like I was losing my mind. I looked at the back of the book and called a number they listed as support...It was in London. The book was old and the number was for the publishing company, not a support line. I was losing my strength...and ultimately relapsed. :( I will probably be a smoker for life....I can't do this again.... The next 8 years are a blurr....that book remained on my shelf collecting dust--every once in a while I would glance at it with guilt and say...some day...maybe in the spring when it's nice out, maybe the summer, maybe the fall, after christmas,...new years resolution, after my birthday....ok..after spring again..one excuse after another. I was smoking more than ever. I did quit a few times during that time...few days or weeks..only to smoke again...always started with one puff. Finally...at the age of 44...after all that struggle, relapse, disappointment, denial, and thousands of excuses....I finally picked up that book..knowing this was it...I was either going to quit for good this time...or I was going to remain a smoker till my death. I knew I just didn't have another quit in me otherwise. I can't keep going through the torture of quitting over and over..it's exhausting..and the pain from relapse is too distressing. So, my final quit began. Only this time...I knew that the quitting journey was a roller coaster and even though I feel strong in my quit one day...doesn't mean I will still feel that way the next. I proved that on my last quit. I Googled quit smoking support and got it. Best thing I ever did to ensure that I would never smoke again. I introduced myself and became a member. Point of the story is....time moves so quickly..and the excuses are just that....excuses. Before you know it...nearly 30 years have gone by. The best time to quit is TODAY....tomorrow has a way of always being that carrot that dangles out in front of you...never able to reach it. Addictions are design to hook you for life. I do wish I quit sooner, I do wish I never smoked. But wishing for something that is in the past, is a waste of time. The only thing I can change is what I do from now on. My quality of life is so much better today. I am healthier, happier, and confident. I have quite a smoking history and am full aware it may come back to bite me in the ass...however I will not die a smoker chained to addiction. No matter what. I am free. If you are reading this and still smoking, please.....sign up...join today. Read all the information here and in the blog and educate yourself about nicotine addiction. Don't just read once..read again and again and again until you "get it". You will never regret that you quit smoking but there is plenty of regret when you don't. Quit today....no more excuses.
  3. babs609


    tonight I went for my first run outside in months! It was the best run of my life! I only ran 2.40 miles...but i enjoyed it so much and appreciated the warmth of the sun on my face and was just so grateful. Even when i was fighting the wind on my way back...it didn't matter. I loved every minute of it. I think that break from running actually has done me some good and now I just love it even more than before. Can't wait to run again!
  4. babs609

    I keep failing PLEASE help!!

    I never said you did.... I just added that last part for him
  5. babs609

    I keep failing PLEASE help!!

    not sure he does get the message Lilly Look at the title on this thread "I keep failing PLEASE help" Well...this IS how we help and vaping is why he keeps failing PERIOD
  6. babs609

    I keep failing PLEASE help!!

    Sorry to tell you this....but getting off the ciggy's and continuing to vape is NOT a step down. It's a lateral move at best....who knows if they aren't even worse for you then cigarettes...from the look of the puff cloud of smoke coming from a vaper's car I am thinking it is not good Another reason why you continue to relapse is because you believe the cigarette/vape actually does something for you. I can assure you...it does nothing (except relieve withdrawal symptoms temporarily) Once you have all the nicotine out of your body...about 72 hours...the rest of the struggle is mostly psychological. Powerful...but at this point feeding it nicotine only re-enforces the brainwashing you have had as a smoker and each time you relapse you strengthen that addiction. You are on a sad vicious cycle and the only way to get off the merry go round is to never take another puff. Of anything. Of all the smoking cessation tools out there...vaping is not one of them. It's intent is to keep you addicted and the vaping company profits. that's it.
  7. babs609

    going on 6

    PS. I have had that urge now and again...but just like your wife said and you experienced...it's gone quickly and I too KNOW I will never actually pick one up and smoke but that stinky addiction tries to sneak in anyway. What a jackass
  8. babs609

    going on 6

    Hi Catching up!! You quit 7 months after me so I am sure it was the same forum! You came to the right place....actually that place is no longer available so many of the members came here. Way to go on your quit!!
  9. babs609

    chicks or sticks

  10. babs609

    Check in Roll Call and Status check

    Back seat Babbles here!! My last smoke was the same day my daughter told me she was expecting my first grand baby That was 6 years and 4 months ago...and I couldn't be happier. Kaylee will never know me as a smoker. The first year was very wobbly..even though I was committed to never taking another puff...that I knew for sure..but still...was not without struggling at times. Anyone currently struggling to get to the lido deck...hang in there! It truly does get easier
  11. babs609

    Hello my new world !!!!

    I am all for anything that helps you but make sure you stick to that plan of 1 or 2 weeks "That way i don't get too bored"--I can think of about a thousand things to do that aren't more boring than chewing nicotine gum....if it was just about the activity you would just chew regular gum. This nicotine addiction is a sneaky devil
  12. babs609


    that is why the first year is so important. I remember having this feeling even at 9 months...and I was PISSED!!!! Don't let that discourage you though...because looking back...it was one moment or two. Otherwise I was walking around happily as a non smoker for the majority of the day and I would get angry because a minute or 2 in my day I was feeling the itch...really??? But yea...it pissed me off and felt like it would never go away. That I was doomed forever because I was once a smoker...I would be cursed! Not true! It gets better...much better!!
  13. babs609

    Johnny5 is 4 Years Smoke Free!!!

    Well Done Johnny5!
  14. babs609

    Freedom day

    welcome back Michelle! Let's do this thing!
  15. babs609

    chicks or sticks

  16. babs609

    chicks or sticks

    6 what's going on? just checking to make sure sticks aren't cheating again...they are a shady bunch
  17. babs609

    Hello my new world !!!!

    this is true! So...how can you change that?
  18. That’s just it. When you post, it isn’t part of any discussion. You just blurt things out randomly and make posts. That’s what the blog is for.
  19. Redemption you were not banned from the previous one....your post had to be Approved before they were published. Once marylandquitter comes back on he will once again do the same to this account you can still keep the account you can read, you can watch the videos you can post but your posts will need approval. Please stop making new accounts...if you continue to do this, your IP address will be banned completely. Also if you feel you need to Write something down.. Because it keeps you Calm...please use the blog that’s what it’s there for.
  20. babs609

    Why a relapse after so long

    those that relapse were still convinced somewhere in their brain that smoking actually did something for them. Even if they stayed abstinent for 10 years. those of us who KNOW it does absolutely nothing for us....we will never relapse. Ever.
  21. babs609

    And I said I didn't want a dog.......

    so sorry Joe 😞
  22. What the Fluffies say--"awwww..Sorry about your relapse..get back on track and start again" "Never quit the quit" "Life is tough yes..but you can do this" "Get back on the horse and do it again" "You've got this, YAY!!!" What the Toughies say--"Be truthful with yourself" "Everything you are saying is BS" "where was your SOS????" "you need to take your quit seriously as if your life depends on it!!!" "stop with the excuses!!" "you think I'm being too hard on you? Well try getting cancer!", "easy peasy!!!" The truth is...on a successful quit board....we need BOTH types of support. That's why it works here. They compliment each other. They are both vital. Sometimes you need a gentle hand, sometimes you need a swift kick in the butt and to be called out on your s**t...and sometimes you need both at the same time. But...I believe..despite our different styles of support...we agree on more than we disagree, that is for sure. One word we all use frequently...no matter what type of support we dish out....is NOPE!! I think we also agree...that everyone can quit smoking. What else do you think we all agree on when it comes to quitting smoking?
  23. babs609

    I Got This (T) is 1 month Smoke Free

    1 month is truly an amazing milestone! You are a non smoker....on your way to the lido deck!
  24. babs609

    Christa326 is 3 months Smoke Free!

    awesome job Christa! My mom's name is Christa...a very special name
  25. babs609

    Christine 12 is 2 Month Smoke Free!

    fantastic Christine!! Keep at it. Just gets better!

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