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  1. Congratulations, Ace! Keep it up and you will soon be so much more comfortable. It just gets better and better...plus the moolah is great!
  2. Way to go Steven! Congratulations and remember to reward yourself with anything but a cigarette! Hang in there! It gets easier just you wait and see!
  3. Congratulations on 5 months Robbie! Keep the quit you got this! Soon this will be soon much easier!
  4. Way to go Linda! Awesome job battling through! Keep up the great work!! Keep it going!! One day it will no longer be a struggle.
  5. Angeleek

    Shall We Rhyme?

    honey I'm home!
  6. Probably never. I'm pretty sure most long-time smokers and ex-smokers will agree that you'll probably never be ready to quit smoking, until something terrible happens to you or someone you love. If you are new to smoking (or vaping, chewing, whatever), or haven't yet smoked for 20 or 30 years, just go ahead and quit now. Don't wait until you are ready, as that may be too late. Be ready to invest in your future health NOW. It's your future health you will save if you stop smoking now. When you are older, and no longer burdened by the emotional heartache of "growing up", you will be more concerned about preserving your health. You will be so blessed, and so grateful to your younger self, for having stopped smoking before you got sick. You will never be ready to quit smoking, but you can always be ready to make an investment in yourself, and your future, and your future health. Your health is your greatest asset. Preserve it and you keep the gold. Invest in yourself by stopping smoking now. Your future self will thank you!
  7. It's been 19 months since I quit nicotine. Wow! I feel great! Hardly ever have any craves....I guess they aren't even cravings but rather 2- second blips of nostalgia when I've had a few beers, followed by the thought that I am so happy to have finally quit for good! I absolutely love the freedom of not having to be outside in the elements just to have a smoke. I simple cherish the reality that I DO NOT HAVE TO smoke! Ah what a blessing! Gosh, quitting was hard! Doing it cold turkey was a MF, but it got me off the addiction quickly. The low-level depression that happened from months 4 to 9 was annoying, but I stuck it out. 9 months and then I was truly good, both physically and emotionally. All said, it was a little hell for 14 days, then a process for a few months, then a steady trudge uphill for the last 5 months. In retrospect, I am certain that the nine months of quitting nicotine work I put in are not only sooo worth it, it turns out it is much less work than maintaining my nicotine addiction for another 30 years. Good riddance!
  8. hi! jumping under your bed everywhere pssht
  9. Angeleek

    Shall We Rhyme?

    hello! grout looks dirty
  10. hello! eggs Florentine!
  11. hi! unicorns neigh softly
  12. Woohoo great going Katgirl!!! Congratulations on 3 months quit! The worst is behind you! Just keep going. You won't hardly ever think of smoking before long. Reward yourself and keep it up!
  13. Congratulations on 8 years quit Doreen! All that time, money and quality of life conserved! Thanks for being so honest, FUNNY and encouraging for all of us here. Yay Doreensfree!
  14. Holy Smokes, Linda! AWESOME JOB!! Congratulations on 7 fabulous smoke-free months! Hope you have mapped out a delicious reward for yourself cuz you deserve it! Way to go!!!
  15. Yes for me it was about 9 months! I got depressed about 4 months in, and that went away by around the 9th month. Been good ever since!
  16. 5690 roughly, plus nicotine gum! Approx. $2200 not spent on nicotine products! But spent all the same!!
  17. So glad you have kept your quit Kate, and glad that you are tackling your BP issue head on. Onward and upward. You will master it!
  18. I spend mine on the occasional dinner out at nice waterfront restaurants.
  19. I agree with everything said on this thread. I think it was a week ago I had my latest relapse dream. I was in a restaurant or bar and was telling someone that I quit smoking. Just as the words came out of my mouth I saw my hand snubbing out a cigarette in an ashtray. It dawned on me that I was relapsing, and then I realized I was 3 days into my relapse. Kind of ticked me off that I had somehow tricked myself into relapsing for 3 days before I even realized what had happened. I love smoking dreams cuz they remind me of how I would feel if I really did relapse, strengthening my resolve to stay quit. But they can be upsetting sometimes. Mostly I just remember them at random and am then glad for the "reminder" experience without having actually smoked.
  20. Way to go, Ace! Congratulations on 5 months quit! Soon it'll be a real cake walk! Keep it going!
  21. Wow Linda! Bet you didn't think you could, but we knew you could! Congratulations on being 6 months nicotine free! Keep it up and soon it'll be smooth sailing! Freedom from nicotine is yours. Celebrate!
  22. Congratulations, Robbbie! 3 months is epic! Remember to keep rewarding yourself with anything except a cigarrette.Keep up the great work! Soon smoking craves will be a distant memory.
  23. My coping mechanisms during my quit smoking blues were exercise, mainly cardio, cooking and eating delicious food, hanging out here and, oddly enough, alcohol.

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