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  1. Thank you both for the advice. It has really been a journey and a process. You read so many good things online when you quit, like in x amount of days you will feel this and in x amount of days that will be gone, but nothing really mentions the bad things and stressful things.
  2. Hi All, I am hoping for a little support and reassurance. I decided to quit smoking after 12 years of smoking 20 to 30 smokes a day. I was constantly out of breath and generally unhealthily. I used champix to quit, but after 4 weeks of taking champix I was having some tightness of the chest, I stopped taking champix. I have now been smoke free for six months. I still get a lot of discomfort from a tight chest and neck with a constant dry throat. I have been to the doctor who has run blood tests and done an exam and his conclusion is this is withdrawal symptoms. It is extrememly hard to believe this as I constantly feel fatigued and tired and irritable, after reading all the positive things that would happen after quitting and none seem to be happening to me it is very disheartening. Has anyone else experienced this?

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