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  1. I had the same problem on my phone. I logged out, deleted everything by doing the clear history thing. Then I closed the internet by swiping up. Then I went back into internet and deleted my QT bookmark. Then cleared history again and did the swipe thing to close internet thing. Then searched QT on Google and when I logged back in everything worked again.
  2. I'm not smoking for today
  3. Thanks Linda. The support here is so uplifting x
  4. Aww Paul - thank you. That really does help x
  5. Just stopping by to give you a big cheer. You're doing amazingly well and I'm so proud of your determination. I'm loving reading about your journey x x
  6. Thank you everyone so much. I felt really sad when I logged in but you all have picked me up. I needed a bit of a virtual cuddle and got big squidgy ones from all of you
  7. Thank you and thank you for the podcast tip. I will look for it and have a listen. I got you totally and fully agree x
  8. Thanks Jillar. I will definitely do that. I actually feel a bit better being here. It's really comforting x
  9. Thanks Saz. I'm so emotional - I read your post and I burst into tears. I'm hanging on to every word and just praying for the worst to be over. I know it's early days I just wish this would pass. It's so nice to come here and be around people who get it x
  10. Redemption I'm really pleased for you that you have stopped smoking for 3 months. That really is a great achievement and you should be super proud. With regards to NRT I have to disagree with you. If you feel that taking NRT (possibly for life) is a good trade then you have mis-understood or don't get his addiction. That plan isn't a step forward it is a step sideways. I have been using NRT for 6 days and my cravings have been pretty subdued. This isn't because my quit is going great, it's because I'm still giving myself nicotine. The theory with NRT is that you use it to get yourself past those first tricky days/weeks. It gives you a bit of time to get used to not smoking but then you have to deal with that physical withdrawal. NRT isn't a long term plan. Sazerac isn't an NRT hater. She just believes it should come with a plan for coming off it. I agree with her completely. Anyway, I just logged in to tell you all that I'm struggling a bit today. I'm not going to smoke so no need for an SOS. I just feel a bit down, I keep getting those destructive thoughts creeping in and I'm exhausted. I'm not letting go of my end goal but it's consuming my thoughts from morning to night the last couple of days
  11. I don't eat any of those as snacks. All my snacks are fatty ones lol
  12. I remember the top one. It didn't just blow up, it was because he put it next to coins. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.businessinsider.com/e-cigarette-explodes-pocket-outside-french-nightclub-burns-2016-11
  13. Lilly

    True or False

    True - We're not Irish but we always go to the celebrations locally. It's great fun. TNP still has their childhood teddy
  14. I'm not going to smoke just for today
  15. Good for you having a rant on here. It's horrible how our emotions are all over the place when we quit smoking. I enjoy having a nice bath with a few candles - it's good for the soul. I have recently discovered podcasts. I downloaded an app called castbox so I pop on my headphones and just listen for hours. There's so much choice and so many subjects to choose from. You said on your profile you liked true stories and there's loads of those. You're doing great
  16. Lovely to meet you Desperate1. It's not easy but we have a whole group of people holding our hand along the way which really makes a difference. It's nice to have you to share the highs and lows with x
  17. I would just slap a coat of paint on in every room. It will keep you busy and the house will smell divine. Buy one of those small steamers and run it over the carpets and then just wash everything before you put it back in the room.
  18. 73 days is amazing Abby. You're nurturing your own quit but always have time for others. I love Sheldon
  19. Even though you say you are a perfectionist I can't help but wonder if you are just someone who enjoys planning more than doing. The problem is that with all the reading and planning you suddenly look up and realise another three months have passed. My own experience is you can over think quitting. I would say pick a date and just go for it. Spend your first week reading everything you can. Saz has a link to how to use this forum effectively and most of what you need is in there. Be daring - pick a day and just run with it

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