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  1. Oh jo he shouldn't have put you in that position. Please be careful and look after yourself. I'm glad you and little one are safe x x x
  2. So I'm nearing 9 months quit and I don't really even feel excited. Don't get me wrong I love being a non smoker but it's draining. I have spent the best part of a year concentrating on quitting and I can't help but wonder when I'm going to feel normal again. I want my life back. I want to spend a whole day where the fact that I'm quitting doesn't pop in my head. I'm bored of it but I can't imagine lighting a cigarette now. I rarely post on here because everyone seems so positive about their quit and I don't want to be the only one who isn't but I need to get it out.
  3. America should never have allowed Juul to manufacture 50mg nicotine pods.
  4. I rewarded myself a lot for the first three months. I used to pick things that I wanted and it distracted me from counting my quit time. I started waiting for my gifts rather than the months quit anniversary which made time speed up. If I had a particularly bad time I would buy my reward and leave it in view. Then I'd tell myself if I smoked I'd have to take it back and not have it. Somehow it got me through. Writing that out I realise how stupid it sounds
  5. I smoked more or less when I wanted so never felt desperation until I quit. So for me the jonesing thing only kicked in as a non smoker. I like being a non smoker just waiting for my brain to catch up.
  6. Welcome Dylan. If I were you I would ask for a second opinion or a referral. It could be something simple like acid but it could also be something that needs further investigation. Were you still smoking when it started? I only ask because I don't know how long you smoke for with champix. If you were how could it possibly be quit related. Congratulations on 6 months quit but please don't try to find a diagnosis for your health on an internet forum.
  7. If you shouldn't be driving why are you doing it?
  8. I'm so glad nobody was hurt and your daughter is safe. I relapsed numerous times before I had this quit. I can actually identify with Sgt Barney's post. The truth is that it isn't the incident that causes us to smoke, the incident just gives us the justification to smoke. It's nice to get lots of hugs and understanding when you relapse, but you also need the tough love thrown in to balance it out. When children do something that is going to hurt them we protect them, but we also firmly tell them the dangers with a voice that makes them cry. If we only hugged them they would never learn. Every post is meant well. I'm glad you're back to quitting
  9. Congratulations on five wonderful years. Thank you for all you do here x
  10. Congratulations @WeegieWoman Sorry I'm late x
  11. Congratulations to you. You've done amazing x x
  12. Awww Reci get well soon x x
  13. Welcome to the forum. You either smoke or you don't - there is no half and half. You may not realise it but your addiction is just looking for a way to keep on smoking. Choose a method and just go for it. Lots of luck to you
  14. Lilly

    Bad day

    You are a very strong person. Living with an abusive partner takes so much strength and courage. You dreamt of two negatives from your past but the important piece is you left them both behind. They ruined your life and your quit but they are gone. You have to keep your mind in the present and focus on your quit and your awesome partner. That is all that matters and all that is important. Don't give either of those two past negatives in your life any power. Be glad they are both gone. If you smoked under these circumstances all you will do is give your ex that manipulating abusive power back. You're worth so much more x x
  15. Well done on not smoking. Stress is the main excuse everyone uses to light up but you stayed smoke free. Go and treat yourself to something - definitely deserved.
  16. Double celebration on Sunday just gone. My Birthday and completed 7 months quit. Best birthday present to myself
  17. Money brings happiness so I would go where the money is. Loving a job is all well and good but the harsh reality is they don't love you back. You leave and they will replace you and in a couple of months they'll be like opah who. You may have less time with your family but the quality of life with all that money will be so much better. You've got retirement to be with each other 24/7.
  18. Lilly

    True or False

    False. TNP has a great singing voice.
  19. Vivianne I have to say that breakfast was so simple but so gorgeous. It's definitely going to be a regular for me x
  20. Keeping yourself from buying that pack is pretty easy. As humans we can stop ourselves doing anything we want to whether it's addiction or not. If your best friend was dating a real hot man and he made a pass at you then you wouldn't jump into bed with him (unless you really don't care). It's the same tactic - just because it's tempting doesn't mean you have to go there. There's people on this site who have sadly lost their lives to smoking. Go find some of those threads because believe me they really do put smoking in perspective. There's a great Joel thread about a mum who's family are coming for the day, and another about a woman who leaves her baby sleeping and walks through a dangerous park to get her fix. I wish I could point you to them but I can't seem to post the links. You can do this but only if you keep those cigarettes out of reach.
  21. This sounds delicious (minus the bacon). I'm having that for my breakfast in the morning
  22. Thanks Abby. You're right - I have forgotten how hard it can be and it's not really their fault. Dinner was great and the company was even better. They did ask me a lot about my quit and kept saying how proud they were x

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