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  1. I needed to hear that today. I'm avoiding the board because I'm like a fiery ball of anger. I tore all the buttons of my shirt today because when I was ironing it I noticed a little pen mark on the sleeve. I had a fight with a pitta bread yesterday because the lettuce kept falling out. I'm not going to smoke I just want to get past this part. It's like my quit has become groundhog day!! Now I'm annoyed at myself for not being happy I haven't lit up.
  2. Haven't smoked since my last pledge and I'm not smoking just for today
  3. Doreen sending you and your husband lots of well wishes. Thank you for being here and for giving us your time x
  4. I haven't smoked since my last pledge and not going to smoke just for today
  5. Abby get well soon. So sorry to hear you are going through this. Take very good care of yourself x
  6. Just wanted to pop in and say I'm still going. Will post a bit more when I get past this feeling down stage x
  7. I had the same problem on my phone. I logged out, deleted everything by doing the clear history thing. Then I closed the internet by swiping up. Then I went back into internet and deleted my QT bookmark. Then cleared history again and did the swipe thing to close internet thing. Then searched QT on Google and when I logged back in everything worked again.
  8. I'm not smoking for today
  9. Thanks Linda. The support here is so uplifting x
  10. Aww Paul - thank you. That really does help x
  11. Just stopping by to give you a big cheer. You're doing amazingly well and I'm so proud of your determination. I'm loving reading about your journey x x
  12. Thank you everyone so much. I felt really sad when I logged in but you all have picked me up. I needed a bit of a virtual cuddle and got big squidgy ones from all of you

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