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  1. Lilly

    Calling our chicklette c9jane29 !!!!!!

    Come back soon Jane - your passion for quitting smoking is missed and needed x
  2. Lilly

    Just signed up

    Happy New Year and congratulations on an amazing quit x
  3. Lilly

    The book!

    This is the second Goodbye so I'm sure we will see you soon 😁 Have a great New Year ♥️ x
  4. Lilly

    Hello from Maine

    Nice to meet you Jack and congratulations on your quit 😀
  5. I don't even know you right now 😮😮😮
  6. Lilly

    Just put out last smoke

    Well done on getting through the first day 😀
  7. I am going to eat a lot better than I do. I eat three healthy meals a day but in-between I eat a mountain of crap. I'm also terrible for eating a wonderful dinner and then late in the evening getting a take out. I don't really need to lose weight but I do need to start making the bits of my body you can't see healthier ie my heart and circulation etc. So maybe I will just do walking, skipping and about 20 minutes of a fitness DVD. I have NEVER exercised in my life so I have no choice but to take things slowly. Will do some You Tube searching to find ways to start this of.
  8. Lilly

    Smoking spouse

    Can you come to an agreement where nobody smokes in the car unless it's a long journey? You're doing great with your quit - really happy for you.
  9. Lilly

    See You Next Year

    The mountains loss is our gain. Sorry it didn't go to plan but it's always nice to see your posts.
  10. I think sgt.barney might just be saying a pledge is not enough to stop someone from smoking. I'm pretty sure if you went back through every pledge thread from when this forum started you would find a lot of people who still relapsed. Everyone who gets married takes a pledge to be with that person forever but look at how many end up in divorce. I'm certainly not saying the pledge is useless because it clearly helps a lot of people. The truth is though that despite what tools we use none of them can stop us smoking. The only thing that stops us smoking is us. My humble opinion - don't let pledges, NRT, forums or anything else take any credit. The one thing actually keeping a quit is YOU.
  11. Lilly

    Phrase Connect Game

    Burn baby burn - disco inferno 😎
  12. Lilly

    Delaying, Hovering over a Relapse

    Kate I felt like you at the beginning of my quit. Every day I'd be like "man I would kill for a smoke now". I changed the way I thought and it really helped. When I thought about a cigarette I would say out loud "oh f**k off you f**king annoying b*****d. I don't have time for your s**t today." It took about two days for my brain to get the message but it really worked for me. I found that the more I tried to analyse why I had a crave and what triggered it the more the thoughts took over. I also bragged a lot on here for the first week. The 'well done you" posts really pushed me on. Run through the forum waving your pants in the air and tell everyone how great you are as you quit smoking 😀😀
  13. Lilly

    Smoking spouse

    I live with two smokers and I notice the smell but only if I make a conscious effort to. I was married to a non smoker and he never once mentioned the smell. I think ex smokers make a bigger deal out of it (or anything else to do with smoking) than non smokers do. You smelt like that for years and probably blew that smell in everyone's face every time you spoke lol 😀
  14. Kate I love that you put yourself through this just to be kind. The world needs more people like you in it X x
  15. You might get help if you tell people why you smoked. Please don't take this the wrong way but every time you relapse you don't want to be stopped. That is why you tell the forum after you do it. I have done it myself lots of times which is why I recognise it. It's a bit like people who are only sorry they were unfaithful because they got caught. I'm glad you've quit again 😀

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