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  1. @reciprocity everything you have said made complete sense and helps. The forum is a lifeline for me and as you say everyone here understands. I might go and read up on some no man's land stuff later on this afternoon. I might get a bag of Smokey Bacon today to honour you
  2. Ironically the thing that has tested my quit the most isn't me or smoking - it's other people. Oh you're using NRT You haven't really quit as your still using nicotine How long is this one going to last Then there's the "how to quit properly police". If you're not doing it how they think it should be done you're doomed. Oh and shops who don't stock marmite crisps. They are my go to crave buster and I get a bit panicked when I can't find them.
  3. 9 months is epic. Well done on getting another month closer to the lido deck
  4. Thanks for looking out for us Jillar. I feel I've turned a corner in the last few days. I'm feeling much happier in myself and I'm not just sitting around waiting to cross another day off the calendar. I still think about smoking a lot but I'm finally feeling proud that I've kept going
  5. People can get addicted to healthy things in life too. Got to be honest and say I don't buy into a lot of the psychology of smoking. I enjoyed smoking but saying that out loud doesn't mean I'm deluded, uneducated on smoking or I can't quit. Allen Carr and Joel made the psychology of addiction fashionable. People managed to quit for years without feeling they ever had to succumb to the "you don't enjoy it - you're just satisfying your withdrawal" mentality. I love butter and eat loads of it on fresh bread. I enjoy it but that doesn't mean it's not bad for me. Heart attacks are just as likely from a bad fatty diet as they are from smoking. So yes I enjoyed smoking as much as I do my bread and really thick butter, fried food, stodgy puddings and alcohol. So personally I definitely think a lot about quitting all the things I enjoy
  6. Congratulations Solo. I'm sure you will be as successful with the weight losd as you have been with quitting
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    You are right - I'm very much a loner
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    I'd rather be alone and happy

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