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  1. Looked today at the calendar and today is World Diabetes Day. Smoking is a major cause of type 2 diabetes. Another great reason to live smoke free!
  2. As a saying goes: if you fail - try, try, try again. :) If you smoke, that means that you think that smoking has some positive function to you. Think about what you believe you are getting from smoking. Once you have your reasons why you smoke write down why you it is not true. In order for your quit to be successful you need to truly understand that smoking has no positive effect for you. That's like in order to be able to drive you need to finish driving school so you can understand the logic behind your actions. I would say preparation is even more important than putting down cigarette. Your mind is a powerful tool and addiction is all in your head. That's my take on this.
  3. Actually even a simple walk can do wonders. I personally love riding bicycle. I put on audio book and drive...and swimming. But in fairness just being outside has great effect on the mood :) Boo is completely right. The most important thing is to find something you enjoy and you won't have to make yourself to do it - you will look forward to doing it.
  4. As probably most I "tried" few times. Finally I decided to really quit. No particular reason just decided enough is enough.This time I approached it systematically. I worked on my attitude, on my motivation and prepared myself while continuing to smoke. Most important step was to look into reasons why I was smoking. Not why I was quitting but I should continue to smoke. Wrote down what I thought I was getting from smoking and next to it wrote why that's not true. For example, I really felt that smoking helped me relax but that's completely wrong. Smoking just temporarily calms withdrawal symptoms that smoking itself is causing. Every time I smoked I made myself to ask myself "why should you smoke?" and every inhale I made myself to think and feel the horrible taste of smoke, imagine how that filthy smoke goes inside me and pollutes my lungs. When it finally came time to put down cigarette for good - it was very easy because at that point I had difficulty making myself to smoke :D Another step was starting a blog about quitting smoking :) http://www.cigarettekills.com/how-to-quit-smoking-cigarettes-permanently.html
  5. By the way, did you know that smoking is a main cause of Sudden Death? How's that for additional motivation? http://www.cigarettekills.com/even-one-cigarette-a-day-linked-to-sudden-death.html Smoking damages every single cell in your body!
  6. I quit using what I call mind reprogramming. Addiction has a funny way to change how you perceive things. Cigarette smells horrible and has no positive effect but when smoking I used to tell myself that I like the taste of it and that it relaxes me. Once I change my attitude towards a cigarette I didn't have to quit - I just stopped smoking :) http://www.cigarettekills.com/how-to-quit-smoking-cigarettes-permanently.html
  7. I don't think that anyone here could claim to have quit on the first try :D It took me 5 "tries" although to be honest I wasn't really quitting I was just doing that to prove that I can or to show someone that I can...that never works. So, Karen, ask yourself if you really want to live without nicotine addiction or do you want to smoke.... I wrote about this in my blog in a bit more detail: http://www.cigarettekills.com/why-should-you-quit-smoking-cigarettes.html
  8. Very well said Boo Every time I quit and I was fighting myself - I failed. You can't fight yourself...Nicotine addiction needs to be on defensive not you! With that "quitting" becomes "not smoking". Questions are very powerful tools. I used to ask myself "why should I quit" and come up with lists of reasons. Changing question to "why should I smoke" completely changed my perspective and attitude.
  9. Hi, Amazon is allowing me to have a two day promotion and to distribute my book for free. Using experience I gained quitting and knowledge from researching material for my blog http://www.cigarettekills.com/ I wrote a book on quitting smoking. In my book I focus mainly on developing the right attitude towards smoking and motivation to live smoke free. The name of the book is HOW TO QUIT SMOKING Ex-Smoker’s Guide to an Easy, Quick and Permanent Way to Give Up Smoking. I would be very grateful for your feedback. For two days Kindle version of this book will be available for your download at this address for free: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B017AEYQR6?*Version*=1&*entries*=0 Thank you very much for your feedback!
  10. By the way, the health of pets is another great reason to quit smoking :) http://www.cigarettekills.com/how-cigarette-smoke-affects-pets.html
  11. Have a great weekend I made a video of my cat fighting the rug - he looks funny :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZiKZYqoqWeo
  12. Even without quitting some days are just bad from the start...the only thing I want is to go back to bed and try to restart the day. When quitting actually a lot depends on your attitude. For example you can look at couching as an inconvenience but it would be more beneficial for you in this situation to actually enjoy it as you can feel how your lungs are cleaning themselves. ChRiSpY has a very solid advice - breathing exercises. Breathing exercises used together with visualization are a great way to deal with stress and negativity...even a short walk outside can be very helpful
  13. Yes, nicotine is out of system very quickly and withdrawal symptoms are actually are a great and wonderful things. That is your body adjusting itself to run on higher grade fuel in front of your eyes. You can feel yourself improving and if you understand what it is it stops being negative and becomes a very positive thing. Staying the course is a question of did you "quit" or did you "stop smoking". If you feel that not smoking is a struggle - you have to look at the reason why you feel this way. I am guessing you are quitting for a reason so now look at why you feel that being smoke free is something you have to work on. What is it that you think smoking was giving you positive. Smoking is a self sustaining purely negative habit. All other habits have at least one "positive"feature. Smoking has none. So to stay the course you need to explore what you think you would gain from smoking and clearly understanding that you will NOT get this from a cigarette.
  14. My "favorite" anti smoking ad is this one. That booming voice stays with you for awhile after watching :) P.S: ad contains blood and brain
  15. Hello, It's not new but I came across this only now. Looks like you can buy ink made out of tar collected from a smokers (deceased) lungs: http://www.buzzfeed.com/abagg/thailand-made-an-ink-from-all-the-tar-found-in-smokers-lungs#.xy03N4YYa0

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