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  1. This time I only made it three weeks, then relapsed the day before the smoking cessation class I signed up for, so starting all over. I'm taking the class and following my homework carefully, including the reading, and then some. I keep reading the first few chapters of our textbook over and over again. And I think last time I didn't read the whole book. Going to do that this time around. Especially since it covers keeping from relapsing and I didn't read it last time. Going to read Allen Carr's book again too. Watch videos again. The whole works. I'm going to make it this time around. Though
  2. It is addictive. lol But it's nice to have something to distract me when I have craves, and I've walked a whole lot more. I actually went on a 2m walk to hatch an egg out with dad. And I hatched a 2km egg just recently with a Pikachu in it. Pretty fun. Though we just drove around to pick up some pokestops, too, and that was fun enough to keep me distracted, and I still went for a walk afterward to fight off the craves. No pokemon on the walk, though. The app froze on me twice while I was walking.
  3. Oh wow. I missed that. What did they say about it?
  4. Yeah, go easy with the alcohol with an early quit. That can get ya! But I'm glad you're back. You'll do great this time, I'm sure!
  5. Hope you jumped back on your quit. I failed a three/four day quit and had to reset my ticker too. Now I'm at where I'm at. And it isn't easy. Mom's offered me one a few times when she was out smoking, and one time I took it. Now I know better than to go out when she's smoking. Please don't let him get to you again. You had a slip, and forgive yourself for it, but just keep on quitting!

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