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    Keeping my self busy is my top hobby, cleaning, taking things apart, exercise and fixing things

    And making my body and mind healhty
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    Júlí 10 2016
  1. thank you all Yes it's my quit i wont let other get to me
  2. Failed....... Was caught unprepared ... it's just a bad excuse Was my fault can't blame my house mate I am renting a room with low pay a month , which is awesome : P We are 3 in total that live in the house , the women I am paying the rent to is away for a holiday at Ireland for a month. She is a Non-smoker. but her son is a smoker and he is around the same age as i am , he doesn't have a job so he just keeps playing Ps4 in the living room or is watching arrow or flash all day And he keeps bugging me. with *I know you want one* *The pack is on the table you can on
  3. Bday

    Day 1

    Hmmmm a blog , never had one , and not completely sure how it works , but i'm probably just gonna use it as a Diary because it would be fun seeing how i'm feeling over the first few days of stopping to smoke Day 1 14:00 --Woke up around that time 14:40 --Took a shower for an hour after waking up 16:00 -- just got back from the grocery store , completely forgot to buy food yesterday because i only bought soda and a lot of cranberry juice xD Small victory i did not buy a pack *'Yay !** . Strangely i feel more focused and more energy on quieting th
  4. pokemon go works : D got 5 pokemons so far :P Weedle Eevee Charmander Rattata Spearow
  5. Thank you. yeah the schedule is gonna be in the trash for a few days I'm just testing out pokémon go atm so i'll be busy for awhile :P
  6. Feeling alright, thank you just woke up 20mins ago , so my morning plan did not go through I had a hard time falling asleep , and didnt fall asleep until around 6am for some reason
  7. Everyone thank you for the Welcome : D Good Night and i'll see ya all tomorrow
  8. Found a apk , gona test it out :P
  9. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! This item is not available in your Country .................. :*****((
  10. I feel Awesome : ) managed to get my ass up after my post and started cleaning my room and went to the shop a moment ago so i wont need to do that tomorrow( gona stay away from shoping on the first day : o) but strangely I feel more Energy and ready to quit just after posting my intro .... not sure why . Really ? O . O . There is an app that i can use to catch Pokemon's : O ! I will have to check that out ! Yeah I like Pokemon , probably the only 'Good' Rpg single player game i can play on my phone that doesnt have cash shop **** : P + I've stoped playing video games on my
  11. Thank you . : D oh i will be drinking cranberry juice like a crazy person ;) Education: i think i've read almost everything but there is always more to know so i will keep reading , oh and watch Joe Spitzer's videos still haven't watched them all. Distractions: have tomorrow covered , gonna try and wake up at around 9 and go to the swimming pool for exercise and i have my support group(for crazy ppl :3 ) that is open from 10am to 4pm tomorrow , i usely smoke alot there cause it's hard for me to stay still and chat for so long but i'll have my phone locked on this website if it get
  12. Thank you for the Welcome : ) I will look forward to the support
  13. Thank you for the Welcome : )

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