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Lifetime of Addiction



Lifetime of Addiction


I didn't want to hear this

but, I am now facing this truth.

Nicotine Addiction doesn't go away.

You can put it to sleep.

You can even put it into deep deep and deeper sleep for years !

but, it will awaken the moment you take one puff.

One Puff.


This is for your whole life.

Mind boggling, huh !?


This was the choice you likely didn't even know you were making

all those years ago when you started smoking,

I didn't understand the ramifications for sure.

But, it is the truth.

You will always need to be cognizant of your addiction

even when smoking is a vague memory,

because the moment you take a puff,

the moment you take One Bloomin' PUFF,

That's it !

It's all over and your enslavement will begin, again.


The tenacity !

but, you need to understand,

Nicotine is not as tenacious as You and Your Will.

You can quit. I know you can.

I quit and I am not a special snowflake,

I am a Nicotine Addict, just like you.


I have great resentment about my Nicotine Addiction.

Damn....I didn't know it would be so invasive.

I didn't know it was going to be a lifetime relationship.

I am so angry about this

but, it is a good anger.

It is a righteous anger.

It is an anger that will fuel my commitment to NOPE.

Not One Puff EVER.


Copping to the 'forever' part is a cold hard reality of the addiction.

At some point, I had to quit fooling myself and accept it.

It isn't just for today.

It must be forever.

If it isn't...I will continue to enslave myself.


Some feel their addiction is so strong they cannot quit,

This is wrong.

You have the power.

You always have the power to quit and you always have the power to stay quit.


Make the commitment to NOPE !

As our friend, Sarge, says, 'Easy Peasy'.

Easy ! not complicated ! This is not Rocket Science.

If you make that commitment to NOPE...you will not fail.

The simplicity of it ! The Beauty of it !

Not One Puff Ever.

Do it.

You won't regret it.

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Wonderful!  I wish you would copy and paste to "Quit Smoking Discussions" so that everyone will be sure to see!!

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