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Riffing on H. A. L. T




I have read about the acronym, H A L T,

in recovery paraphernalia

and have used it to a great degree of success

in changing my patterns

from a nicotine addict to a Free person.



Having a Crave ?

H. A. L. T.


Are you

Hungry - Thirsty - need a deep breath of Oxygen ?

Angry - Happy - Emotional ?

Lonesome - Bored ?

Tired ?



In many, many instances, when I would reach for a smoke,

my poor body was actually trying to alert me that it needed attention in some way.

My addiction silenced these natural signals.



I still catch myself these days...no, it is no longer a crave,

it is my body hollering for water or food

or something it really needs !

Now, groovin' in my new freedom,

when these signals come up,

my first thought may still be,

'Oh cigarette, dammit'

However, it is followed immediately by,

'No, not smokes...you're Hungry, baby !'

or, you're thirsty

or, you need to go sit outside and take a big gulp of oxygen and figure out what your body or spirit requires.



The piracy that nicotine practiced is still mind-boggling to me.

Allowing nicotine to take over my basic human needs of sustenance and comfort was a grave error on my part.

I am grateful my body is so forgiving .

I am grateful to be free.

Free and learning how to read my body's signals and remembering how to take good care of it.



So, next time you have what you assume to be a Nic fit,

have a think...what is your body really telling you ?

It won't be hard to figure out.


For me it has been obvious and I have to wonder,

how could I have neglected my body for so long ?

It is a miracle it survived.



I would like to include our friend, Joel Spitzers'

Do You Want A Cigarette....H.A.L.T.




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Great Post and Reminder. I esp. like you saying," my poor body was actually trying to

alert me that it needed attention in some way." Great way to realize the body is/was

asking for something other than the rapacious creditor, Nicotine.

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A brilliant post Sally....

As a smoker I ignored my poor body totally.....

Mostly smoking,not eating right,not sleeping right...

This is a great reminder to be kind to yourself.....

Thank you...

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Yes, yes, yes!!! The body will only put up with the nicotine abuse for so long and then.......all hell breaks loose! ?

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