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NOPE & NTAP ~ Never/Ever/Forever




(filing post in blog)


Some quitters may have trouble with the never/ever part in NOPE  (Not One Puff Ever) or NTAP (Never Take Another Puff)


To tell you the truth,  in the nascence of my quit, I  bluffed my way through never/ever land.

I remember @Cristóbal and @El Bandito 


qualifying never/ever with the caveat,  'just for today',  and that was the truth too, it is about here and now.


As days and weeks passed I absorbed the truth about addiction.

Once I clearly understood addiction is forever  


and brain receptors immediately re-connect  to addiction after one puff,   


I embraced never/ever/forever.


If addiction was in my brain for the long haul, well, dammit, I was too...and I was going to Win !



Originally posted July 2016 

NOPE ~Never/Ever/Forever (including comments)

here is a group discussion 'How Is A Commitment To NOPE Essential For A Successful Quit'


two vids from our friend, Joel Spitzer























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