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  1. NOPE (It's about time I started one of these myself :) )
  2. (filing post in blog) Some quitters may have trouble with the never/ever part in NOPE (Not One Puff Ever) or NTAP (Never Take Another Puff) To tell you the truth, in the nascence of my quit, I bluffed my way through never/ever land. I remember @Cristóbal and @El Bandito qualifying never/ever with the caveat, 'just for today', and that was the truth too, it is about here and now. As days and weeks passed I absorbed the truth about addiction. Once I clearly understood addiction is forever and brain receptors immedia
  3. Why is a firm commitment to NOPE (Not One Puff, Ever) essential to a successful quit? How do you make a commitment to NOPE when you're not even sure if you can make it 1 hour or 1 day without smoking? In the beginning, how did you stick to NOPE?
  4. Please join me and pledge NOPE for today!
  5. I don't really want to call them cravings, because they're nothing like the first week at all. At almost a month in, they're more like thoughts, along the lines of "I could REALLY go for a piece of chocolate cake right now." But if you don't have chocolate cake on hand, it's not a big deal. You forget about it quickly and move on. And since that day recently where I caught myself not thinking about smoking, I have longer and longer stretches of time where I don't think about it at all. But, out of the blue, these nagging thoughts of wanting a smoke pop into my brain. Had a pretty s
  6. No matter how you look at it, I'm freeeeeeeeee! It's Saturday night, IS ANYONE OUT THERE? PING, PING
  7. 2 Years – 24 Months – 730 Days – 17,520 Hours – 1,051,200 Minutes – 63,072,000 Seconds. On the day I quit, I expected to spend every single minute craving a cigarette. Thirty years I was a smoker. The first thing that I did each morning. Without fail. The last thing that I did each night. Without fail. After breakfast, lunch and dinner. Without fail. Have a coffee? Have a smoke. Without fail. Another beer? Another smoke. Without fail. Did I crave? Yes. and No. My Addiction wanted nicotine. My Will wanted to quit. During the first few months, and occasionally ever
  8. The day has dawned fine and sunny here in Cyprus. Just for today, I pledge to take Not One Puff Ever Who will join me?
  9. The day dawns on a kingdom still United. For me, the right result. For 40% of my countrymen, the wrong result. Now it is important that the kingdom unites to make progress, together, as one entity made up of strong nations, regions and characters. Yesterday Scotland said NOPE. Today I say NOPE...just for today
  10. Yeah well I am 47 and I am not going to age more than I have too........... Smoking ... no fountain of youth in doing that..........AND by the way this applies to MALES and FEMALES...........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So PLEASE........EVERYBODY........... join me today in N.O.P.E. ...... because pretty simply....SMOKING SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not One Puff Ever I don't want to grow old before my time..... Dors p.s. I notice that since I have quit this awful addiction........my skin is glowing, my nails are stronger, my lips don't have a brown tinge above them and well
  11. Hi there everybody, Saw this today:- I mean you want to keep smoking.....REALLY....WHY????????????????? This addiction is killing people every single day...and if YOU don't stop...IT WILL KILL YOU....and more than likely, NOT in a very nice way either!!!!! Life is so precious...and you know something else....THE AIR WE BREATHE is precious...Our lungs can only filter out so much....those tiny little filters called cilia will only do so much for so long....until....well you know what will ultimately happen...please look up how it all works... Our lungs are made for AIR..
  12. Good morning! Dawn is about to break in England and just for today, I pledge to take not one puff ever. Who will join me? And....its Friday! TGIF And....And....I am up early to drive to Wales to play golf with some buddies at Celtic Manor...FORE!!!!!
  13. Very quick out of the blocks this morning! It is still Tuesday in the US - and our friend Rez is counting the hours until he receives a very special visit...(Morning T - Go easy on him ;) ) I'm off to the Airport this morning myself - dropping off the long-suffering La Bandita who is away for a long weekend of R&R with her friends in Venice, Italy. Expensive? Not really, I used to spend more on cigarettes in a month..... So - I will take NOT ONE PUFF EVER... Just for today....(Tiff - please note!) Who will join me?
  14. A beautiful Sunday morning here... I will take Not One Puff Ever. Just for today..... Who will join me?
  15. A long weekend of triggers for me. A big golfing weekend, with El B as chief mischief maker, organiser and ultimately winner.... Did I feel like smoking? Yep. Could I get online? No. What did I do? Remembered you all, and remembered that I pledged Not One Puff Ever... And took, Not One Puff..... So today, I pledge Not One Puff Ever....... Who will join me?
  16. Throw those curtains wide....one day like this a year would see me right... Not One Puff Ever....just for today.
  17. What is NOPE? For some, it is a pledge. It helps them focus. For some it is a health indicator. How many posts? To all the folk here with lengthy quits, you know, it really helps me when you pop in and post NOPE. On the other hand, if NOPE is not important, let's not flog a dead horse. So, just forever, NOPE from me
  18. 5 months ago today, (in 21 minutes) I put out my last cigarette. I had some ups and downs, but with the support of my beautiful wife, friends, colleagues and a bunch of online lunatics, I have kept the Quit. Just for today, I pledge Not One Puff Ever. With huge gratitude to you all. Who will join me?
  19. Smoking is a killer. I pledge to take Not One Puff Ever...just for today. Who will join me?
  20. Another beautiful morning in my little corner of England's green and pleasant land. No way on earth am I going to ruin such a day by smoking. Not One Puff Ever....just for today. Who will join me?
  21. Ooooops Double Thread! Never mind.

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