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  1. That looks COLD...brrrrrrr. Might stick to my heat and humidity then :)
  2. I feel weird saying this...but...I have never seen snow IRL...only pictures... :( :( :(
  3. Marti, You have been such an inspiration to my quit and am so proud of you for making this your "sticky" quit. Big Congrats mate xxxx
  4. Big Congratulations on your 1st Anniversary. So very happy that you are now an "old phart". Dors x
  5. Sooo exciting for you...nearly there mate. Here's to your forever quit from this addiction x
  6. Cancer is a disease..like why do some people get MS, alzeheimers..any disease...or why do some people who are righteous get killed in a car accident...or why was I born white, black, yellow etc.. All valid questions..BUT..all YOU have to worry about is not smoking...nothing in life is certain, but how can you question all the statistics regarding smoking cigarettes...you are doing so well. Questioning the why's and how comes are not for you to worry about..the joy and knowing that you have overcome an addiction that many fail at IS something to cherish. No matter what..you are a winner.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfuBREMXxts Which is hilarious because my husband is a fan and a collector of all things Monkees.....
  8. You my dear are a LEGEND. and Congrats on the little one on the way. Dors x
  9. Congratulations RunFree on your arrival on the Lido Deck. Well done mate !!!! Dors
  10. Congratulations on your one year TEW. You are a special lady who has battled through her quit one day at a time...and has made it to the wonderful 1 year mark. You are a blessing to this board with your frankness and raw feelings about your journey. Be sure to celebrate your achievement today mate....I will have a rum and coke for you mate !!! Dors and a woof from Ralph too :biggrin:
  11. Big Congratulations Marti on 365 days and counting :) So very proud of you mate. It has been an honour to share the journey with you. Celebrate big, you deserve it :) Love your Aussie friends Dors & Ralph (woof)

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