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  1. Welcome back, @JustSomeGuy I remember you from QSMB too. I'm sorry that you relapsed but the important thing is that you are quitting again and that you remain quit. You can do this.
  2. Congratulations on 5 years smoke free, @Lust4Life and thank you for the support you continue to show others.
  3. Awesome post, breath. Congratulations on almost 20 years smoke free and Happy Birthday!
  4. Congratulations to QT's favorite cop, Bakon!
  5. Welcome aboard, Justin. You are doing a great thing in quitting smoking. Stick close here, there is a lot of support you can get.
  6. Congratulations on 1 year smoke free, @SecondChanceSailor Awesome job!
  7. Congratulations Kris. 3 months smoke free is awesome. Keep up the great work, things will get better.
  8. I agree with everyone else. See a doctor, Opah.
  9. Congratulations @Gus Amazing job on 6 months smoke free!
  10. I am really sad that you are going through this, Kate, but I'm also glad you keep committing to Not One Puff Ever. Smoking will only make things worse. I'm glad you opened up to what you are going through. I don't open up too much as to what I've gone through here but when I've struggled, I try to take comfort in that at least I finally quit smoking and kept the quit. I gain strength from that. It sounds like you keep coming back to that in your last few sentences. I'm glad you are resolute in staying smoke free despite what you are going through
  11. Congratulations on 1 week smoke free, @Goofygal You are making it through the toughest days. Keep up the great work!

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