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    NOPE - I don't smoke anymore.
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    Hello all, it's been awhile since I've posted , but this place hasn't been far from my thoughts. Tomorrow at 5:46 PM will be a year quit for me. I just wanted you all to know I may not have made it through the first part of this journey with out your help. I had to go out on my own without my safety net to complete first step. For those of you just finding it...use it and learn from the people here. I found out they knew and felt every emotion I was feeling and could talk me off the edge when needed ….it may be quite a few times before it's all said and done, but come here for help, it's worth it. I don't think it is ever over, the cravings, but they will as everyone says here , get better. Everything will look up for you and when it does it will astonish you how much better you feel... not only physically but mentally about yourself. Thank you all for your help it is and was much appreciated. And you new quitters...get on and ride this train and keep the NOPE attitude.
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    NOPE - Not One Puff Ever Happy Friday, everybody!
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    This place is great , I love reading about the highs and we can all identify with the lows . Brilliant job Vivianne and your happy posts sum up why we are here in the long run
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    Hi . I’m Mysticcat, a Quitnet nomad. I’m wandering to meet up with Q friends and make new ones. I see a few here already. I quit 1/16/2013. The support, experiences and information shared by others truly help keep me quit especially in the early days. I hope that I can give back in this community like in Qnet. Support is so important in quitting and why these support groups are so important. Have a great smokefree day >^.^< .
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    Oh no, so sorry to hear you are sick @reciprocity. Get well soon!! *hugs*
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    Hi all , Instead of luking I have joined the Train ! Nope for me today
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    NOPE -- Not Today!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    NOPE - Not One Puff Ever & Happy Halloween!
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    G’day Not One Puff Ever...... NOPE
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    I was told by my grandma...always carry a safety pin ....in case the elastic in your knickers snapped ...
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    I’m now on day 18 of the quit. I had my last cigarette at 5:00 am on October 14, 2019. I had just turned 46 a few weeks earlier and I realized that I had been smoking for 30 years- a sobering thought. So on a Monday morning a couple a weeks after my birthday, I was heading to work and I saw one cigarette left in my pack. I lit that final one up and decided not to buy another pack. So, a little back story- I started smoking at 16 and it became a pack a day habit until the birth of my daughter in 2008. Went on Chantix and was able to knock out the worst of the physical symptoms, but I would still have one or two at the bar. After a year or so, the one or two at the bar became a couple in the car while driving to work, one on the way home, one or two on a solo trip to the store. I became a regular closet smoker- never smoking in front of my wife and kids but smoking as much as I could when I was not around them. My kids (who are 11 and 9) still have no idea; they knew I used to, but I have been able to keep my current smoking a secret from them. I want to come clean to my family eventually, but first I want to achieve a good length of quit- maybe a year. Because I wasn’t smoking heavily, the quit hasn’t been that bad so far. The major issue I’m having is the metal fog at work in the mornings. The bulk of my smoking would be before work and I’m sure that my body is missing the jolt of adrenaline first thing in the morning. I have been avoiding going to bars, I’ve taken off two of the last three weeks of my weekly pool league, and I had left later in the morning for work so that I only have time for the drive and not any extra time to be tempted to go buy a pack. I have only been seriously tempted once- a few nights ago I was drinking at home and I was tempted to go to my local bar and get a drink and find someone outside to bum a smoke from. I quickly resisted the urge by remembering that I promised myself that I was stronger than this. I realize this is something that if I don’t do it now, I may be looking back in the future when it’s too late regretting not taking this step.
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    Nope, I don't smoke anymore!!!!
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    Welcome aboard our train full of quitters control freak and congratulations on deciding to take back your life. I'm sorry about your tough 2018, that's a lot to have to go through I'm glad life is beginning to get easier for you and quitting smoking will make life even easier. You will find as much support as you need or want here and I'm convinced that without the support of my fellow quitters I would not have succeeded. We have lots to do here from educating yourself about our addiction to distracting your mind from the craves so be sure to check out all our various forums. It's great to have you here
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    Third NOPE Friday for me. Fridays have been the toughest days for me because of Happy Hour; however, each one is getting easier. I can still go and enjoy the end of a work week with my friends and avoid the smokes. The good thing is that the group of smokers in my work group has dwindled over the years. It was getting sad and lonely- for good reason.
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    I will not smoke today. Not one puff!!
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    Congrats, WeegieWoman! Two whole years....terrific! Celebrate your achievement and KTQ!
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    Nope, I Don't Smoke Anymore!!!
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    Why when they have a whole frickin pergola to sit under do my moron dogs sit in the middle of the yard in a rain storm?
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    I am overwhelmed by your responses. Thankyou so much. It will take me some time to work out this website but I have a feeling that it will help me in maintaining my quit. Will be in touch thanks again
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    This is thread was perfect for me today. I have 2 days !! It has been years since I have gone even a day without smoking - so I am celebrating. I had some very stressful news yesterday and believe me I thought "oh no.- not now " And then realized If I want this quit TRULY - no amount of stress is going to make me light up. Hard to accept that but necessary. And here I am dealing with it - SMOKE FREE and let's face it, I am not trying to get out of work to have a smoke or avoid it - I am taking it head on and smoke free. This is NOT EASY in anyway - but it is possible.
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    I have 300 days smoke free today. Just felt like tooting my own horn a bit!
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    G’day NOPE......”to infinity and beyond” ( toy story)
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    G’day NOPE ..... don’t smoke No More
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    Feel better soon, Reci!
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    Well said ....keep all pets indoors ...safe and sound ....
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