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    G’day short, sweet, simple.....NOPE C
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    Good morning fellow NOPErs.... and welcome to the New Year... happy Hogmanany for our lovely Scottish contingent, you guys do this changing of the year better than anyone else in the world. So as we close the door on 2018 and reflect on all the joys, sadness, hopes, achievements and new friendships and memories made just think how much better 2019 will be. Did you know that 1 January is Commitment Day??... celebrated since 1960 Commitment Day as an extension of the tradition of New Year’s Resolutions—however, commitments are different from resolutions in that they are more often made to people, so they can benefit others as well as you! So you might take 5 minutes to turn to your significant other and repeat the commitment you made to them even decades earlier... or you may turn to your kids and commit to spending an hour with them a day.. every day... for the year... it may just be sitting down and having a chat in a cafe... or taking a walk in a park, or doing a jigsaw or a project together... or you may like to commit to a charity, commit to writing 1 letter a week for amnesty international, or commit to participating in Relay for Life, or a trek or a marathon.... or you may commit here to your fellow quitters to NOPE... and if your lurking, you may commit to not smoke... however you celebrate commitment day may you gain from your commitment. NOPE.... lived it every day of 2018.... gunna live it every day of 2019
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    G’day Never took a selfie before. Had a try tonight. Suppose I had this idea that I’d look great .....like some of those shots of my niece with the big eye shots. How do they do that? chucked most in the bin! Finally used the last one. Well... would be better with a full beard, but I’ll have to keep it short till the next OP. The Tam well why not... 6 generation Aussie Scott. That beard was ginger once.... Now it’s pretty much silver. The little wee one next door, little miss 4 is a little worried about the loss of the beard might have an impact on her presents at Christmas... Plus she’s off to New Zealand this year to be with extended family... ive promised Christmas will happen even in NZ. Just my luck someone going to tell her the truth... and she’s old enough to understand.... C
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    The oh 💩 a cannae see the button without ma glasses and a didnae get them off quick enough before i pressed the button selfie..😊
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    The classic look away selfie. Btw I thought a selfie was a photo you took of yourself 😉
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    On the lake...my happy place!
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    Here I am, one year smoke free! What do I win?? A stack of extra cash in my pocket, freedom from the nicotine clock, compliments that I smell great, hack-free evenings, hypochondria-free days, hopefully some extra days tacked on to the end of my life, role-modeling for my kids... I could go on. Do I miss smoking? Every now and then in a nostalgic way. Do I want to smoke? Never.
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    Yay .........a brand new year....NOPE...
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    Happy New Year Everyone!
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    G’day i Have more reason to NOPE..... than I have to smoke C
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    I call this one Fruck You Humidity and yes, I have no earlobes....
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    I call this... I'm watching you.....
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    With Dave Kindig (Bitchin Rides,Velocity channel)... my daughter is retail business development manager of NAPA and is somewhat in charge of putting on their “big” car show at the Columbus Zoo ... Chip Foos used to be the guest judge but in saving money, Matco pulled out being the main sponsor (Foos is associated with Matco), so Dave Kindig has been the guest the last few years... super nice guy!
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    Excuse my back lol...!!!!!
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    This is from 2016 when I was about 3 1/2 months quit. Ironically I'm wearing that same shirt today lol
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    G’day NOPE and HOPE..... don’t you like how they rhyme C
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    I was fat and sedentary when I smoked. Took an act of God to get my ass off the couch. 3 years later, I'm active, fit, and enjoying an energetic life. Here's a recent desert hike.
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    Feeling so awesome in my quit!!!! merry christmas to me as a non smoker!!! and merry non smoking christmas to ALL of you!!!
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