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    Really enjoying the smoke free life I'm putting together. Wife and I rode our bikes to the community center pool today, then rode back home. Cooked outside for both lunch and dinner. Football and baseball on the couch. Starting to really see that it's up to me to invent my new life. When you quit, you are left sitting around with a "hole" in your life. You are just waiting to smoke, and can't. But six weeks in I don't even think about smoking when I'm doing one of the "new" things. Exercise. Leaving the house. The new list of "to dos" that I've taken on. The restlessness comes on when I'm doing something I used to do. Sitting on the couch in the evening with a beer watching football. And while I totally get the whole idea of avoiding things that "trigger" you early on, I think I'm to the point where I am going to draw some lines and push through. Reclaim some parts of my life from the smoky mindset and I totally now see that involves pushing through the cravings and doing those things "smokeless" until it takes.
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    Positively NOPE !!!!!
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    G’day NOPE to start the day
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    G’day NOPE starts my day
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    Hey everyone - I'm Roark and I'm on day 38 after quitting. This is my second quit. The first came in my late 20s after about ten years of smoking and I did it with nicotine patches. I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in my late 30s and had a rough, rough time. At several points I lost up to 20 pounds in the space of a week, only to put it back on with the help of steroids. Discovered the link between smoking and UC and went back to limited smoking to help control symptoms. Have been through about five rough years of trying to get UC under control. Was facing down a pretty significant surgery when the doc finally hit the right medication that is controlling the UC by itself. And to prove that, I put the cigarettes back down because I really need to know if the meds are handling the UC without the help or if I needed to move to the surgery anyway. And 38 days in, my blood tests are better than they ever have been. The meds are working and it seems I've finally hit remission. And that's awesome. But after 38 days I am struggling with this quit in ways I never did with the first one. And I've found that reading other's stories helps me keep my eye on the ball. I'm not folding on this one, no matter what but this is one tough ride that is kicking back a lot harder than I expected.
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    NOPE NOPE NOPE - a whole 30 days of NOPE!!! woo hoo!
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    Great to know you're still going strong mate! Also, welcome back!
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    And he'll be super happy for you too. Especially if you show better results now that you're almost a month into your quit
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    This is a great Day ....a day the whole Quittrain can be proud of ... @MLMR.....in the years I've been here...I've never willed a quitter to the Lido as much as I have for you .. You are a fighter...you battled your way here..you showed the world what can be achieved if you want it bad enough It's my absolute pleasure to say ... Congratulations on reaching the Lido deck .... Grab a glass of bubbly and that chair at the front ....and celebrate and enjoy the day ... Myself and the crew salute you Sweetheart...xx
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    Positively NOPE !!!!!!!
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    Absolutely.....NOPE !!!!!!
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    Welcome to Quit Train Christine! Don't let the temporary discomfort of your early quit scuttle your efforts. There IS light at the end of the tunnel! Use this site, and all the support from other quitters, to spur you on to realizing your much wanted smoke free status. Come here often, even if it's just to rant a bit Lots of good information here. Make good use of it. Knowledge is power!
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    Hi Christine. I too felt like you for half of my life. I was so ashamed of smoking that I became a closet smoker. I became very isolated and depressed and never thought I could quit. I stumbled across this forum and it changed my life forever. This wonderful group of people showed me the path to freedom. They held me up, when the going got tough, and made sure I crossed the finish line. They showed me that I had the power to change my life. Let us help you. Yes there will be a tough couple of weeks, but the rest is just a mind game of redirecting those cravings. Educate yourself, play a few games and stay close to the forum. You can do this.
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    I've shared mine on this forum before but for those who haven't seen it I quit on an impulse in the middle of the day in June 2012. Something just flipped in my head that day, I hadn't decided I'd quit or thought about it but I was increasingly annoyed at it. I went to the shop, walked out of there, lit up a cigarette as usual and realised it was the last of the pack and I'd have to go buy some more. At this point something just went in my head, I decided there and then I actually hate this and I'm never doing this again. This was 7+ years ago and I've never touched a cigarette again. I remember being really p*ssed off at the cigarettes, but even more so at myself for smoking again/still. My method of quitting is sudden and extreme, it may not fit everyone. Keen to hear how everyone else has quit. I think the method is irrelevant, people differ on this. It's the fact you quit and stay quit that matters.
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    Absolutely NOPE !!!!!!!!
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    As a smoker, it was the obsessive thought that I needed a cigarette at that moment. As a nonsmoker, it is an obsessive thought that I think I want a cigarette. That is all it is - a thought. It is a thought that does not have to be acted on. It is a thought that no longer controls me.
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    Your priority for the first while is solidifying your quit and making sure it's rock solid. I gained weight and frankly still have some extra tonnage on board but I don't smoke so I'm good with that! If you are really concerned about the weight issue, feed yourself healthy, low calorie snacks. Get into exercising which will keep your mind occupied and will also keep you busy and burn calories. I didn't do either of those but that was my choice. Bottom line is, your quit is Job #1 for the foreseeable future
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    Congrats, MLMR! You did it! What a fabulous ride it's been since you boarded the Qtrain...and now we get to celebrate with you on the Lido deck!! Cheers and KTQ! PS. I see the stroopwafel stand is starting to get busy...
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    Oh, dear M, Thank you for sharing your quit with us. We have all learned from your experience and applaud your perseverance and intensive mindfulness, so beautifully chronicled in your thread, Introsucktion. It remains a testament to the power of quitting smoking and will serve many along the way. Your journey will continue in Freedom and I look forward to you conquering any and all new challenges. You are so special in my heart, M, and I am proud to call you friend. Please continue to reward yourself and stay alert, awake and aware. Have a GREAT celebration !
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    I didn't want to wheeze anymore I didn't want to stink anymore I didn't want to waste my money anymore I didn't want to waste my time anymore I didn't want to be a slave anymore My Dad smoked 4 packs a day for over 40 years and died at the age of 56. When I realized I was closing in on 50, I had to stop. I told my girlfriend (and myself) when I quit that I would never smoke again. That's all the motivation I need.
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    Starting my day with a big dollop of NOPE !!!
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