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  1. My company has donated fire sprinkler systems for Homes for our Troops- they build specially adapted homes for post 9/11 veterans that have suffered traumatic injuries. Since i'm running Herbalife Los Angeles Triathlon anyways, I decided to use the opportunity to raise funds & awareness for HFOT. So far ive raised $ 1100 . Feel free to cheer me on- if anyone feels crazy generous i'll send you a link to donate to my fundraising page https://www.hfotusa.org
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  3. Looking forward to starting my power walks again, but out of the blue, the top of my left foot is bothering me, to the point where it’s painful to walk. I’ve done research, and it may be tendonitis. I will try a light wrap and supportive sneakers, so I can start my routine again.
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  4. G’day NOPE .....Not One Puff Ever.... (replace Ever with Min,Hour, Day as required)
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  5. Congratulations Amy, what a wonderful update!!!
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  6. And I off to drive to my walk. I feel like I should have a starter gun or Rocky theme music lol hopefully this week I can also get back to my online exercises Moving is our friend.
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  7. SueBeDoo Quit Date: 29th september 2013 Posted October 24, 2014 · IP I was one of those people that quit smoking more times than i care to remember and i always gave in at the first sign of a crave. But this time when i quit, i got through each crave and do you know what, i felt euphoric for making it, it is the best feeling ever, you have the strongest urge to smoke but you hang tight and do not give in and the high you feel is just amazing. Cant beat a free buzz :pleasantry: when i would wake up the next morning after not giving in i would be on cloud nine all day,Got to the point were i was looking forward to getting a crave because i knew the feeling i would get when the crave went was priceless, no cigarette can give the same feeling. I promise you it is fab, Give it a try quit now and see how you feel when you get through the really tough ones, you will feel a million times better than if you had gave in and smoked. When a crave hits face it head on say come on do your worst, is that the best you can do and try laugh through it. You owe it to yourself to give 1oo% to your quit xxxx :give_heart: :dance2: Link to original post: https://www.quittrain.com/topic/3233-give-it-a-try/
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  8. Good save on your quit, @Steven Drojensky! I had a smoking dream early in my quit...I woke up crying out and for a few minutes thought I had really smoked.....but my initial response was anger to think I had blown my quit then one of relief to know it was only a dream or rather a nightmare!! Carry on!
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  9. Hello Tikibarjohn Welcome to the quit train.
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  11. Congrats, @Paul723! Celebrate your 8 year anniversary of freedom and KTQ!
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  12. Congratulations Paull. 8 years smoke free is awesome!
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  13. Great job Paul. Congratulations. Thanks for being one of the quitters who showed the way to those of us that followed your path.
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  14. Way to go window licker. You rock. Hope all’s well. Weird I popped in on your day. Like a calling for clowns to all come to big top
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  15. Congratulations on eight years of freedom @Paul723, that is fantastic! I love your first year post. I wish I'd have seen it when I first quit, I would have definitely tried it lol
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  17. Hi John, glad to meet you! I am only a month into my quit and I must say it has not been as hard as I thought. I have my bad days where I want to smoke but I refuse to cave. If all these people can do it we can too! I like you had a health wake up, hip replacement due to smoking killed my hip joint, then cat scan showed the start of emphysema. I did not pick a day, cried for a few days knowing what I had to do. I bought my cigs by the carton and decided when there were no more I was done. So that was it, I have been using the nicotine lozenges to help but have already been able to cut that way back. That may not be the way to go, for some no nicotine is best. I like you have been in extreme caregiving role for about 15 years and I know how much that takes out of you. I will say the last hard one was also my Mom. Moved her in with me. It came to the point after 2 years I could not keep her safe at home and had to place her in care. Please don't feel bad if you have to do that, sometimes it is the best thing/ You have had the strength to do all of those things, now you need to use it to take care of you! K
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