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    Nope!!! The tobacco companies are gonna' have to get along without me again today.
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    Day 2 and I say NOPE!!!
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    NOPE - I don't smoke anymore.
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    G’day NOPE starts this day
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    @Sazerac yea, i think lead also stays in the body for a long time (not sure how long), but then again lead ends up in our body from other sources (such as air pollution and pesticides in food) as well. Not sure as to how long other chemicals (from cigarettes) last in the body. However, those other chemicals may be the reason why it takes long for the body to recover from chances of heart disease and cancer.
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    Join the club. I don't have a clue who the famous people are anymore. What's up fellow young people?
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    Rewards....super, dooper important. It doesn't have to be anything big but rewards for all the little milestones are important, you don't just have to detox mate, you need to rewire your whole brain... It's all part of it....so for decades every time you did something you rewarded yourself by having a smoke..so you have conditioned your brain that the way we celebrate an achievement is we have a smoke... When I was Smokin'Jo a game if softball would go..caught a dig, came off nicked behind the dugout for a gasper, had a bat, got home, smoke behind the dugout...you get the idea...so my first season quit every time I would have smoked I had a hard lolly (boiled sweet/candy) but I made it something good...so for me they were these raspberry lollies I had to drive 100km each way to get (62 miles?)...anywho...in my early quit...I'd have one if these for all the milestones...2 hours smoke free...finished that account rec at work, won't go outside for a smoke to congratulate myself...nope I'd have a Sovereign Hill Raspberry Lolly....the thing was every time I did something other than smoke to reward myself a nicotine receptor in my brain was rewired....before I knew it all those habits and rituals I had built around smoking were changed and altered. I now don't need a treat to celebrate the milestones or little achievements but it took time. So reward yourself... It might just be a few minutes outside in the sun deep breathing, or a sit down with a cuppa ....but make sure you give yaself those well done moments.
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    Nancy bought a gold bracelet and had NOPE engraved on it ....very nice ...
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    Quitting can produce similar effects to grieving a personal loss. Denial & isolation, anger, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance. Quitting is a huge life change so don't be concerned that your emotions are all over the place early on. Just focus on staying quit 1 hour at a time. Setting small goals will get you there in the end.
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    Huge congratulations MLMR on achieving your 11 month milestone on this quit journey! You have climbed the rope from the surface of a stormy sea all the way to where the railing of the Lido Deck is almost within reach and you have chronicled it all in an important document that will help many others seeking the same goal. Well Done! Can't wait for your induction to the Lido Deck party
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    @Sazerac I like that saying. Comes down to "I have a choice". Its just uncomfortable.
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    Hope he wasn't forced to walk the plank!
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    There was always a lot of family drama in my life and dealing with the dysfunction could lead to many moments of chain smoking. I always thought that, if I was the better person, I could change things. I thought I was relieving my stress by smoking but I was actually just being self destructive. By facing those triggers, I learned that the only responsibility I had was to myself and my happiness. Quitting has finally given me the power to take back the control over my own life.
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    Hi Diane, I hope your quit is going well. I took Chantix last year and I can absolutely relate to how it worked for you. I had the same experience...I was vaping at the time, which I absolutely loved, but I'd go outside to vape only to find that it wasn't what I wanted, it wasn't satisfying and it definitely did not taste the same. And I was a passionate vaper. Never thought I'd quit. So it was a miracle that it suddenly became unpleasurable. Unfortunately I began to experience the mental health issues that some people experience with Chantix and had to stop taking it on the advice of my doctor. Of course I went right back to vaping...whats a passionate vaper to do? (read: sarcasm). Fast forward about nine months later. My vape broke and instead of quitting right then and there I started buying cigs about three weeks ago. I am currently on day two with an NRT for what seems like the millionth time in that three weeks. I'm finally past day one. Starting day two and doing exceptionally well in terms of cravings. All this is to say...CONGRATULATIONS. I'm so glad Chantix worked for you, because its a freaking miracle. I sincerely hope you are still smoke free!
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    Oh !!!!....He can fill it ...no problem !!!?
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    I agree with what Sazerac said. Also you are early in the quit so right now narrowing down a specific trigger may be difficult (though it does not hurt to try and identify now to help in the future). This can be done -- drink cold water, deep breathing, and maybe a short walk -- also come here often!!!
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    The sooner you can distract your brain from the trigger/crave the sooner your brain will adjust. It is very much about re-training your brain and wrenching each receptor away from nicotine. So, reward yourself during each crave, I rewarded myself with a big breath of oxygen and looked for something beautiful as a reward. That light on that leaf or a bird song. The color of the sky, the shape of that cloud... You are doing great. This journey you are on is rewarding beyond measure. Stay close and keep your NOPE. S The Significance of Rewards
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    So todays AM Cravings are a beast. I've got a notepad next to me so that every time I have a craving I write down the time and try to figure out what the trigger is other than just the habit thats making me want to smoke. And so far the only thing I can narrow it down to is the addiction. I know it'll pass and I keep trying to remember those 90 days I went without smoking and how good it felt. Right now it seems like that's the only thing that keeps me hanging on.
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    Fillin that games thread with Boobies while I play with meself....again.
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    There are also a shit load of chemicals in cigarettes that need to be considered. These may have a longer life than nicotine. The Great Tobacco Plague
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    Well done Michelle... Smoking offers us nothing ...your missing out on nothing .... Don't think if one cigarette...think of the thousands that will follow....
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    Confession: I was in Red Rooster the other day and they had a music station on the big screen and for 3 songs in a row I did not know the song and I had never heard of the artist and they looked like little kids.... It's official, I'm over the flippin hill.
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    I'm saying NOPE just for each 30 min. Thats how I need to roll today...
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    Your right on Joe,this is the hardest thing you will do ..so be kind to yourself...be gentle .... Little rewards for all your hard work....doesn't matter what it is ,as long as you think it's a reward.... Patience....we tend to think once we have quit ,that's it , Well after all I don't smoke any more!!!!! Noooo !!! We hammered our bodies and brain for decades with a ton of crap everyday...is is any wonder it's gone a bit crazy .. Day by Day...it gets better ...we retrain ourselves to live without our fix.... That's why we call it a Journey with lots of curves along the track ..this is a amazing ride...a once time trip,if you never smoke again ... I smoke 52 years..I sat my backside on this Train ,and never moved ... Freedom is worth fighting for ....your no longer a slave to the cigarette...
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    Michelle, count with me, back from 10 to 0.... here we go: 10.... 9.... 8.... 7..... 6..... 5..... 4.... 3... 2.... 1..... 0! -edit- I actually checked if I wrote the numbers in the right order
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    OMG jillar. That is so fricken cute!
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    Reward yourself after gnarly craves, especially.
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    Great job coming here -- it can really help. As Jillar says deep breathing, short walks, the air cig, and also try hard candies or drinking cold water (or juice for blood sugar). You are keeping strong!!!!
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    Confession: This morning I laughed so hard at an article with screenshots from Reddit at people from the UK and people from the US laugh at each others vocabulary and expressions. "Spotted Dick" "Juicy Bits" The washer and dryer being in the kitchen instead of a laundry room, the country needing a power surge at tea time from all the kettles being put on for tea (is this really a thing?) Am I a racist? Anyone in the UK reading this: Fight me.
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    "Get off my lawn" is now in my vocabulary. Confession: this made me laugh so hard I wet my pants.
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    I’m doing good. Still smoke free. I still think about smoking of course but I’m able to find something esle to do instead.
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    Congratulations on your last month before the big one year anniversary MLMR, so happy for you!
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    MLMR congrats on the 11 month mark, you should be seeing the bright lights of the Lido Deck by now. You have brought a lot to this board and should be proud of your achievements and you had better take some time to celebrate today!!!!
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    Congratulations on a 11 month quit @MLMR!!!
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    Thank You MLMR ! It has come to my attention that I need to be ok with the state of " Not being ok ". I think I need to stop beating myself up about not feeling normal yet. I read that the nicotine is flushed from the system after 3 days. After that, it's all psychological. But it doesn't really matter if it's physiological or in my head , it's all too real. I'm going to do whatever it takes to succeed in this nightmare. The fact that this is the hardest thing I have ever attempted in my entire life, should make the ultimate victory so very sweet.This is like being marooned, so I 'll drink a little rum, enjoy the view, wait for the better days to come and allow myself to be ok .....with not being ok.
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