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    It is very disturbing that this vaping is taking such a hold on young people. Nicotine is nicotine no matter how you decide to use it. To kick the habit, I understand the short term use of patch or gum to get over the hump and hard times we all encounter but this is a whole different animal. It sort of reminds me when cigs first had filters. We would think this is not as bad as non-filter. BS as we know now. I hate government regulations but the vaping industry needs to do more to educate the young consumer or action should force them just as it did the cigarette industry. Same old turd, brand new toilet.
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    NOPE.... smoking stinks....
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    g’day Not One Puff Ever. Cause I won’t smoke C
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    I’ve seen the type. Unlike a cigarette which eventually burns out so the smoker has a stopping point, a vape can be continuously “puffed” on, is not a fire hazard and can be kept in hand always at the ready. And since it’s not real smoke, I’d imagine you would have to work it pretty hard to get the equivalent of smoke inhalation Edit: I have read that vapes explode, or burst into flames, but that’s pretty rare compared to the hazard of a lit cigarette
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    Did a bit of a grab bag workout this morning. Warmed up with some intervals on the rower. Then did some strength work: Sled Pulls, Kettlebell Swings, Rope Climbs, Roll-Outs, and Farmer's Walks. Finished up with 3 rounds on the heavy bag, slip rope work, and footwork drills. I've mentioned many times how much I like Farmer's Walks, they are awesome. This morning was the first time I did rope climbs with a rope tied to the front-top bar of my power rack. Be forewarned: I will likely be geeking out about this exercise in much the same way I did Farmer's Walks when I started doing them. Dead simple exercise, but only a few sets in and my back and forearms were on fire...Good times!
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    I've been hearing commercials much more frequently where "real" people talk about how they made the "switch". The masses are being led to believe they've quit smoking if they move to vaping. It's disgusting that a deadly product can be advertised in that manner.
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    I agree with all above. And even though you're trying nt too, in these early months sweets do help with the fuzziness so try to drink some juice or have a candy. There's lots of low calorie sweets out there to help keep the weight off
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    It is very disturbing.... The vapers I've seen hold it tight to the chest ,never letting go...like thier life depends on it ...very sad to watch ...at least I put my cigs down ... I carnt see how this is good for your moral ... I still say.... We will hear something health wise ...one day...soon...
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    Disturbing. I know three people who vape and, not kidding, these people are loosing their soul ever since they started that sh*t. They treat that device like it's some precious jewel or something. They have become more nervous, less interested in the world around them. I talked to an acupuncturist, he said he's had an significant increase of customers, vapers, with anxiety problems. I don't really read a lot about this, but my instinct tells me that this is bad.
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    Try freezing it then adding tonic and gin.
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    Your advice that night was also excellent Nancy: It makes me mad that smoking does not fix any of the things I used to think it fixed. And that I have to learn to fix everything in a different way. And then sometimes the light bulb goes on and I realize that it is not my job to fix it, or that it is not in my power to fix it, or, in my case, I am trying to fix things that are none of my business... SoberJulie had worked it out for herself earlier like this: You don't have to be #1 at anything today. You don't have to figure things out, or understand, or make sure everyone (or Someone) understands you. You don't have to remember everything, or get all organized and start making lists. You don't have to solve every -- or any -- problem you have today (or solve someone else's problems today either). You don't have to figure out what will make you happy, or what you should do with your life. Those are good things to do of course, and come with a measure of reward or satisfaction or comfort. That's very true. I'm not saying those things are completely unimportant. But you don't have to do any of those things today. All you have to do today is not pick up that first cigarette. One hour at a time. One five minutes at a time. Until your head hits the pillow. And if you do that, you win. That's it. And the rest of that s*** will just have to work itself out or wait its turn. Smoke free first. The rest second.
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