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  1. G’day nope...Nope....NOpe....NOPe....NOPE C
  2. G’day nope...Nope....NOpe....NOPe....NOPE C
  3. G’day NOPE to start the day C
  4. g’day Who the hell cares.... it’s two ply or no saftey margins...regardless of bunch or fold. C
  5. g’day NOPE.... simple
  6. Gday A news report from Australia where it’s not legal to sell vaping liquids that contain nicotine. Testing has shown over 1/2 do contain nicotine. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-06-12/not-all-e-juices-are-as-nicotine-free-as-they-claim/9857540 Pretty disturbing as many unwitting are putting nicotine into bodies.
  7. G’day I know of a few people that vape and sort of fluctuate between the vape and cigerettes so I don’t think it’s a real way of weaning of the cigs. All I hear from them is the same kind of excuses as I used as a smoker. One friend said something to me once that really stuck a note with me and I’ve never forgot it. When I asked him why he didn’t vape anymore his rely was that one night when drinking he went through enough vape to be equal to 80 cigs. No sore throat or anything to warn him to back off. He only realised next day and gave it away as he was worried that he could poison himself. He had friends that had been made sick as there was not way to tell how strong the stuff was. He still smokes cigerettes. No nicotine based juice can legally be sold here so there is no regulation or standards to protect anyone. That’s a worry, it’s worse than illegal drugs you don’t know what your going to get through the mail from some clown on the internet. Sorta a bit worrying when it’s suposed to be safer than smoking cigs. So vapers that I know are still smokers really they just change between the nicotine delievery style, the addictions the same. Like smoking I hate the addiction but like the people cause I was that addict once C
  8. G’day NOPE..: I don’t smoke nomore C
  9. G’day NOPE .... cause I’m a non smoker C
  10. Cbdave

    non-smoking DOGS

    G’day Im summer and I’m 15. Sorry about the pic I’ve just had a bath and I’m having a bit of a bad hair day. Not that it really worries me that much cause I’m pretty much totally blind nowdays. Oh on that subject I’d better mention pretty deaf now too. Now don’t you worry about that I’ve got 3 “seeing eye humans” I’ve trained. All a dogs got to do is stand by the door and give one bark and one of them will carry me down thx stairs. A quick pee, a long sniff around then they’ll take me back up the stairs.... simple. Life has its moments, I’m still a great chicken chaser. I pretend not to notice them and let them get real close. Then a quick lunge lots a barking and the silly things flap thier wings and make a big racket. Then they make that sooky noise, silly things they are. Yawn... well that’s enough talking.... I’ve got sleeping to do...
  11. g’day Not One Puff Ever. Cause I won’t smoke C
  12. G’day NOPE starts today C
  13. G’day Not One Puff Ever C
  14. G’day NOPE starts my day C
  15. Gday NOPE starts my day C
  16. G,day The girls went nuts over both the Beetles and Elvis and lets face it, I was still throwing rocks at girls.... My vote goes to Dylan
  17. G’day NOPE starts my day C
  18. Cbdave

    second day second go round

    G,day well your back... good stuff. Wish I could distill what makes a quit a final one. I should,I’ve (lost) (had) a few. Get yourself free of the smokes then work on if you think your a smoker or an addict. chris
  19. G’day NOPE starts my day C
  20. Cbdave

    English... its all the same language... or is it.

    Gday johnny... that’s a very Brit term. But same same. A rubber is a standard piece of naval issue. Has been since WW1. “Once deployed over the Barrrel of a standard weapon... be it Lee Enfield or Styre carbine, it protects the Weapon from water ingress. The first round fired destroys the water tight integrity requiring the “rubber” to be re-applied after the first action to retain effectiveness.” C
  21. Cbdave

    Post One Year Cravings

    G’day A crave in week 1 of quiting is like stuffing a rat in a coffee can. You hold the lid down. As the oxygen level runs down that little rat/crave is in the fight for its life. Youve got hold of the lid. Are you letting go....No away are you letting that little sh1t out...... all in all it’s pretty draining. Your fighting for you life too. A craving at year one is like a wasp flying into you drink bottle. “ where the hell did that come from?” You’re not that stupid to think you can just release it. You know how dangerous that would be. Without another thought you screw the lid down and chuck it in the bin. Problem? What problem! it’s solved C
  22. Cbdave

    English... its all the same language... or is it.

    G’day rubber cause... it’s rubber
  23. G’day Not One Puff Ever..... ( replace “Ever” with 10 mins, 1 hr, 1 day as required!) NOPE C
  24. G’day Not One Puff Ever C
  25. G’day well it that time of the day, time to think about smoking.... NOPE  thats it, all done, till tomorrow morning C

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