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    My lovely grandson wins another Rugby cup Match ... Well done from All your Family.... Specially a proud Nana...
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    G’day NOPE for today
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    You called..... Yep here
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    G’day present and accounted for!
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    G’day NOPE starts my day
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    I am truly truly honoured to be a part of this forum, my 1 year of quit has been an amazing life experience for me, and this forum with all my lovely friends has been one of the most integral part of it. Each one of you has been a great source of inspiration and support on the board and through messages. A year ago I reached office and decided I won't ever buy or smoke a cigarette again because I was done giving myself excuses and telling myself 3-5 smokes a day isn't really smoking (duh!). I got on the web and started looking for a forum as I knew being in the company of people who've fought this battle and won will be a great help and boy was I right. Made connections with some amazing amazing human beings here, who reinforce my belief in myself each time I speak to them. I am indebted to the support and camaraderie I've received from all my friends on here. Thank you thank you thank you. I intend to celebrate by hitting a karaoke bar near me, since I can sing a couple of lines now without having to wait to catch my breath, though others may not wait to catch theirs while they are running out :p
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    Who,s sitting on the Train ?????? I'm still here ...
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    G’day NOPE to start the day
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    G’day NOPE starts my day
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    NOPE ........Not One Puff Ever ( replace ‘never’ with minute, hour, day as required ) 
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    I think I might own the only NOPE bracelet...N.O.P.E=Freedom. On the inside it is engraved...A puff away from a pack a day...
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    NOPE....not today ..
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    G’day NOPE to start the day
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    Nada Ta Da Ta Da! NOPE
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    G’day NOPE for this day
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    Present and accounted for.
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    Still here and still going strong!!!!!!
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    NOPE - Smoking sucks!
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    NOPE - I don't smoke anymore.
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    G’day NOPE starts my day
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    Yes yes yes, yeahhhhh yahoo!!!! Ten months in the pocket What did I lose? 1. a great deal of anxiety. And when its there, I handle it better. 2. a lot less dissociation. Both 1. and 2. are major to me. 3. 6 out of 8 coffee's a day 4. a certain nervousness, agitation that used to push me through the day. What did I gain? 1. confidence 2. a better sense of being IN my body, IN the moment. 3. obviously better health 4. a strong NOPEmuscle. When every other option fails (working through thoughts, reading stuff about addiction, watching vids, punching pillow, endless walks on the beach etc) Nope ALWAYS does the trick. I actually thought, maybe I should apply it in daily life's situations way more often. Just, nope. And no explanation needed. 5. And so much more... I still learn how to set better boundaries. I am still tired a lot, I am not sure if thats because I used to ignore that and now I can't anymore, or that it is something new. I find that each phase in this proces has its own theme's and challenges.. but all through that, there's the experience of getting better at quitting and growing and becoming healthier, keep focussing on that bigger picture. Its been navigating between, what needs attention NOW and, trusting in where I am headed. Thanks all for your support and wonderful contributions on here. Its amazing how many of you are dedicated to helping others by providing much needed information and cheering!
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    When I quit, it was primarily out of frustration with the cigarettes being in control of my life. I was sick and tired of being a slave to the smokes. With that in mind, any time the voice of addiction was trying to convince me that "just one" would do the trick I thought beyond the "one" and saw where it would lead. One turns to two. Two leads to three. And so on. I knew if I smoked one, I would be right back at 25-30 per-day. And recognizing that I would have ceded control of my life back to the smokes, that would have meant that I would be constantly thinking about how desperately I needed to quit. Sometimes breaking the cycle is a simple matter of putting your head down and continuing forward progress. Once I had a couple of days under my belt, I figured since I was already on the right trail I might as well keep on hiking.
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    NOPE - Not One Puff Ever
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