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    Kate, You are conquering Addiction. This takes patience and TIME. Do not underestimate Your Power.
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    I don't know if any of us have a responsibility to anyone other than ourselves; once we make that commitment to quit. We end up helping others just by participating here whether we know it or not. You are also doing this now. Also, don't forget to think about the 14 days (and counting) of hard work you have put in to date next time you start romancing the cigarette and your smoking past history because .... it IS past history now. You can't afford to make it your current situation again .... trust me on that one. You have already made your choice and that is the best choice you can possibly make for yourself - you're smoke-free!
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    Thank you for sharing this part of you oldy. I hope that putting it down in writing will help you find the happiness that each of us deserves...
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    THANK YOU for reposting this... I personally needed it this week. Hasn't been easy.
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    Underestimate is the key word here, yes don't underestimate the crave, but also, like @Sazerac said, don't underestimate your determination and power to overcome. You have to be strong, like really strong only for 3-5 minutes, and then once the crave passes, you can be back to just keeping your guard up. Your body is trying to get back to the addiction, you gotta just keep pushing back. You are doing great.
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    Such a brave post. I can well understand why you feel it most intensely around the anniversary of your mum's passing and I feel for you. No mask can lift the kind of depression you talk about. Please consider seeking additional help with the depression. There are many ways in which this can be helped. You should be proud of yourself for the care and love you provided to your mum. Regardless of her illness, I'm certain she would have appreciated that warmth and affection and she would have known how much she was loved as she faced her final days. What a brave person you are. Don't be too brave though, nobody should face this alone. Mental health is important and for a multitude of reasons 1 in 4 of us these days suffer with mental illness in some way. When you are ready find the support you deserve. Happy to talk to you here or in messanger if that would help. Be kind to yourself!
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    You may find this interesting, Red Flags
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    Some years ago, i was very depressed, cut my arm and what not. What i did besides medication was lots of walking, eating healthy and sleeping 8 hours a day. And trying to stay positive and active, thats important. So, do you have any hobby? Maybe you like reading, how about you start reading some cheerful books? Just an example. The more you think about depression the more depressed you feel. The mind has a way of controlling everything, placebo ect, so keep fighting your inner dialogue and you should come out on the other side ok. Theres no incurable depression. I know a mother who lost a son, she was devastated for months, maybe years, but now she leads a normal life. Time cures all wounds. Give your inner warrior a chance to shine!
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    I'm happy you took the time to reason things out properly Kate because that's very important! Our minds play tricks on us when there's an addiction involved. Our mind suggests relief from our struggle will be the reward if we give in and light up but that is just a lie. The truth is, we will be back in chains again, a slave to this addiction that brings nothing but misery and even death. Many have come to this realization too late - AFTER they went and bough that pack and lit one up! Stay strong because you are really doing a great job and this post proves you know how to rationalize the pros and cons of smoking. That's a very useful tool to have at your disposal going forward!
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    Good on you Kate, writing about it is also catharsis, and you've done that effectively here. Stay strong, one stinky stupid smoke isn't worth you giving up your quit.
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    I'm glad you got past that craving Kate, each time you do that the crave gets weaker. You're winning girlfriend! Have a good night's sleep xoxo
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    Wow Deanna. Look at your ticker! You've already come a long way. You have every right to feel proud. Keep that great quit going.
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    Thanks so much for checking in with your great news ! Stay focused and protect your quit with everything you have, everything you are. Here's to a New Year of Freedom for You !
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    Good to know you're still quit and sounding positive about it
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    Kate I felt like you at the beginning of my quit. Every day I'd be like "man I would kill for a smoke now". I changed the way I thought and it really helped. When I thought about a cigarette I would say out loud "oh f**k off you f**king annoying b*****d. I don't have time for your s**t today." It took about two days for my brain to get the message but it really worked for me. I found that the more I tried to analyse why I had a crave and what triggered it the more the thoughts took over. I also bragged a lot on here for the first week. The 'well done you" posts really pushed me on. Run through the forum waving your pants in the air and tell everyone how great you are as you quit smoking 😀😀
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    You need to speak to a professional. You can only bury your feelings for so long. Eventually there's nowhere for them to hide and there's one hell of an explosion. Don't put on a brave face - get some help xx
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    Glad you got past that bad crave Kate and reciprocity is totally right in that we can only be responsible for our own addiction. Though I do think that a long term quitter successfully quitting is encouraging to others who don't feel they can quit. You are in WTF week now Kate and it gets its name for a reason. It can be a tough week so just keep telling yourself that once you're through it you never have to do it again.
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    Well done Kate. Do as many SOSs as possible, we´re here for you. You can send me a PM if you like, i will cheer you up. Oh, and dont smoke! You´re doing fine; when it comes to quitting smoking the endurance you go through is always justificable if you manage to quit smoking. Even if you climb walls, it was worth it. So go ahead lad!
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    What is your quit date Potts... must be getting close to the one month mark? How are you going????
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    Thanks Stewie, glad you found it worthwhile.
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    I see. Pretty good writting there Tammy. Thank you.
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