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    true thanks for the support true thanks for the support
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    Yaa....Take smoking /Vaping off the Table ... You will soon start to see and feel the beniefts...If only takes 3 days for the nicotine to leave your body ...after that it just you and that nico monster .. That taps away at you ... Your stronger than him ..
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    It just sort of creeps up one you, one day you suddenly realise you don't feel like shit and you're not sure when you last did. And the way you feel now, while still not perfect, is better than how you felt 30 days ago for sure. It's just that the improvements are a little each day so you don't really notice. It's like kids..you see you kid every day and don't really clock their daily growth but you see someone else's kid once a month and you notice the growth each time.. well it's sorta the same.
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    Richard, no thanks is needed. That is what we are here for. We want you to be able to achieve the same success that others have helped us achieve. Please, Please reach out to us at any time.
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    Richard all of that is normal for the first two or three months. But I promise you you will feel better soon. Think of it as a reminder for if you ever think about relapsing. You can remember how sucky these first months were so you don't have to go through them again! I used to read my posts every monthaversary just so I wouldn't forget where I came from. And let me tell you, I had awful quit stuff going on. My gums bled, my tongue hurt, I couldn't sleep for weeks, it was horrible. But reading that each month reminded me that no way did I want to go through that again! At 54 days you'll soon start seeing the great benefits instead of the bad effects. Heck you've already seen one by getting off the alprazolam
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    thanks all will check out the blog now
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    Thinking of you Richard. Please educate yourself about nicotine addiction. It is your best tool in the toolbox. Read all you can, we have wonderful resources. I already bumped this thread for you in 'discussions' but, here it is in your blog The Great Smoke Free Mental Fog If you stay close to the board and post often, we will be able to offer suggestions and support. Stay as focused as you can on your quit and stand strong in your commitment to NOPE. Discomfort from quitting smoking is temporary. Distract yourself. Go have some fun.
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    Richard, so happy to see you are still quit. 54 days is awesome. You are in your second month now and fogginess is definitely a part of that. I promise every day will get better. I remember sleeping a lot the first month. Breath deep and concentrate on knowing how you are improving your life. It seemed like yesterday I started my journey and I am now coming upon my year anniversary. Time begins to move quicker and life becomes so much better.
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    Thank you all. I'm still having monster cravings even with my patch on so I'm seriously considering taking it off. At least its just nicotine, not all the nasty chemicals that are in cigarettes but I keep thinking that as long as I'm wearing it, it means nothing to read the inspirational "how your body heals timeline". IDK. I feel like I need to be in a better place mentally before I make that decision so I'll think about it tomorrow.
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    I am happy to see you starting a blog ! Writing can help as does reading EVERYTHING you can about nicotine addiction. You say, "My every intention at this moment is to stay and have a permanent quit" I say, It is the commitment to yourself and to Not One Puff Ever that will solidify your intentions. Very glad you found us, Michelle. It will be encouraging and inspiring to read how you build your quit.
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    Yes Michelle, you must apply the same self discipline to quitting smoking as you did to quitting drugs and alcohol and you will succeed.
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    It's seems like adding salt to the wound. Quitters often feel worse the first few months after they quit. I guess it wreaks havoc on a body when you just stop giving it the 7000 chemicals it was fed every day for decades. But once your body adjusts to how it should be treated, you'll find the improvements to your health will be off the charts. It may still be a while Richard, but it's worth the discomfort. I went to the doctor many times in the first 6 months of my quit with a wide assortment of concerns....from aches, to fatigue, to breathing issues, to headaches, etc. Then suddenly, I felt better than I've felt in decades. I'm more active than any other time in my life. I really encourage you to exercise (just plain walking is great). The fact that it's difficult makes achieving the goal that much more rewarding. You're doing great.
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    Big tobacco is definitely switching to E cigarettes they have been in the process of doing that for at least a year that I’m aware of. I read somewhere one of the companies was going to quit selling cigarettes all together and just sell e cigs. Of course they want you to think it’s cause they care about the consumers health, but it all about the money.
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    Richard I’ve been taking Chantix for 3 week and the body aches and Fatigue have been awful at times. I’m a heavy smoker and have been smoking for 40 plus years. So I can feel your pain. I felt like I had the flu. And I quit 13 years ago and it wasn’t has bad. But I still got sick for 3 or 4 days. My body aches are getting better now. But I’m still smoking 3 or 4 cigarettes a day. It will get better it’s just are bodies purging themselves of all the toxins put in them. Hang in there. It will get better. And it will be worth it.
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    Yeah well so was the marlboro man in his day and died of lung cancer ..????
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    Any quit is a good quit Michelle. The only thing you need to do is stop putting cigarettes in your mouth and lighting them - NOPE, that's it!
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    I think the NRT helps people wean off the nicotine. Eventually you do want it gone. This is you journey, so you will have to decide your path. Once the nicotine is out of your body, quitting is just a matter of redirecting your thoughts. Don't let this addiction control your life anymore. You can do this.
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    i don't know about that guys, it seems very distinguished
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