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    Thanks Jillar. ? Yeah, this is a beautiful place for sure. Will set up the ticker?
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    Something to warm your soul This trip paid for from saving on buying cigs The benefits keep on comin"!!
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    More unexpected benefits will be forthcoming ! and after a bleak Winter, the first buds will appear and burst into the fresh new Greens of Spring. The lushness will delight you and it is something you don't really appreciate unless you slog through a Winter. Here in NOLA, it is a green jungle most of the year, unless we get a freeze and then it is devastating. So happy you are with us and finding benefits with your quit. Reward yourself, especially in the dark days of Winter.
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    Ha ha!! I grew up in Boulder, did the whole skiing thing as a kid. Yeah, I had an experience vaguely similar to your little video, except I wasn't airborne like that. Yeah, my binding broke off after a crash and I was stranded at the top of a stupid mountain, and my only options were riding down in a rescue sled or riding down on the ski lift. But we don't need to talk about that. Freaking Colorado...I can't believe I live here again. But thanks to you, at least I'm laughing!!
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    Congrats on your 17 days of freedom from cigs ICH You should feel proud. That's a great start and you are already realizing just how crazy smoking was and just how negatively it affected your whole life. That's a huge step forward in the educational process which is key to a permanent quit. That automatic leaning toward having a smoke when you get stressed or unhappy or experiencing any emotion will fade with time. It does for everyone. Can't help you with the winter issue other than suggest that one way to deal with a change like that is to take up a new hobby or activity suitable to your new environment? Or; maybe not?
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    Well done Kate. Do as many SOSs as possible, we´re here for you. You can send me a PM if you like, i will cheer you up. Oh, and dont smoke! You´re doing fine; when it comes to quitting smoking the endurance you go through is always justificable if you manage to quit smoking. Even if you climb walls, it was worth it. So go ahead lad!
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    I'm happy you took the time to reason things out properly Kate because that's very important! Our minds play tricks on us when there's an addiction involved. Our mind suggests relief from our struggle will be the reward if we give in and light up but that is just a lie. The truth is, we will be back in chains again, a slave to this addiction that brings nothing but misery and even death. Many have come to this realization too late - AFTER they went and bough that pack and lit one up! Stay strong because you are really doing a great job and this post proves you know how to rationalize the pros and cons of smoking. That's a very useful tool to have at your disposal going forward!
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