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  1. I did not drink the 1st year. Was determined not to let anything take my quit away from me.
  2. Hopefully it was someone quitting smoking. Well done Cbdave.
  3. @Kate18, thank you for the explanation. I have never tried day trading but have seen others and the stress they go through. But I don'[t know anyone that did nano cap stocks. Congratulations on the genes!
  4. Are you not doing real estate any more? Just curious why you would pick day trading over real estate.
  5. Adding mine - about 14,500. Jill, you've helped a lot of folks here and on QSMB. You have all our quits thanking you.
  6. Your quit will be 2 months soon, that's awesome! I went through this phase as well when the tiredness seemed to be with me all the time. It does go away. You're doing the right thing by staying close to this board and sharing your experience.
  7. Couldn't have imagined I'd be here today - 4 years. Thank you all. I'm not here as much these days but for those looking for their forever quit, please take advantage of the support available here.

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