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  1. d2e8b8


    Wow, My life. That is so good to hear. It does get easier, doesn't it? I remember, I used to want to celebrate these milestones with a ... smoke. This habit is insidious and wants to strike just when we start to feel a little comfortable. Stay vigilant. How's the walking going? (Btw, good to see you paying it forward in another thread).
  2. d2e8b8


    My life, so glad you found your super special solution. Exercise helped me a lot also. So great to read your journey. You're doing really well. Stay strong.
  3. d2e8b8


    Awesome, My life, Congratulations! You're doing so well and ... one day you'll be telling someone that these symptoms are all normal.
  4. d2e8b8


    My life, it will pass :). Physical activity seems to help, walking, running, cycling - whatever works for you. Stay strong.
  5. d2e8b8


    You're doing awesome, My life. Successes ... reminds me that I'd want to 'celebrate' one week quit, one month quit etc with ... a smoke. We have to constantly be on guard as this monster has a habit of trying to sneak in when we start to feel comfortable. I'm following your journey and cheering you on.
  6. Great to hear you didn't give in. Do post back and let us know how you're doing. Stay strong.
  7. d2e8b8


    My life (or Johnny laughs/ cries), it's so good to see you share your experiences. You're going through all the normal symptoms and I'm cheering that you'll get out the other side. I used to snack so much that I'd literally eat everything in the house and fridge and almost went around the street asking neighbors if they had some snacks I could 'borrow'. There used to be a funny post in QSMB that I liked to share - it was about all the experiences that we go through on quitting and was quite hilarious. Wonder if we managed to save that ( @Nancy or @jillar).
  8. d2e8b8


    My life, yes that's pretty impressive :). Cheering for you, you're doing awesome.
  9. d2e8b8


    It's perfectly 'normal' to have these kinds of thoughts. Your body and brain are learning new ways of living. By now, I'm sure you're at the point where taking a deep breath actually feels enjoyable rather than something that makes you cough. I used to love that about quitting (and still do). You're doing really well. Keep posting here . Folks who tend to stay close to the board and share their experiences seem to have a greater chance of success. Stay strong.

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