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  1. I found the old jump rope and started skips. Wonder why i didn't think of it before? I no longer have the coordination to do more than 25 to 30 without getting 'out'. Hopefully, it'll get better if I keep at it.
  2. Had a good laugh, Mona, at the story ... and I can relate as well. I went through a period of fogginess also when it was hard to stay focused on things. Please enjoy it while you can because it will go away soon. Congratulations on 1 month!
  3. JH, you're doing awesome. Many of us have gone through sleep and gas issues. It doesn't last. I used to snack till the kitchen was empty and then go looking for food at the neighbor's. It's all good - you're not smoking! Stay strong and stay alert. This addiction will try to tell you things like - it's ok to celebrate with a cig now that you've gone xx days without one. It's a sneak attack just when you start to feel good - stay alert for those.
  4. JH, you're doing great. Every day, every crave that you overcome makes you stronger. Stay strong!
  5. First, Congratulations on a great quit! Stay strong. I echo what others have said - to me it sounds like food intolerance or allergy. I would try a gluten free and dairy free diet for few days just to eliminate the possibility. Your Dr should be able to help with the finding the cause and I would focus on getting the right medical input rather than internet.
  6. My 13,100 in the bonfire. Better there than in me.
  7. I took up running which I couldn't do as a smoker. To this day, I'm amazed no one called the paramedics as I wheezed my way in the hood.

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