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  1. Enjoy it while you can, Carpe. Soon enough the brain fog will disappear, the lethargy may stick around a little longer but will also abandon you, sleep improves, etc. The insane need to eat everything in sight (or not in sight) may outlast other symptoms. The new boring normal will be a person who thinks clearly, breathes easily and deeply, may go for long walks/ runs/ bike rides without going out of breath and is generally a healthier, more energetic person - how incredibly boring.
  2. And mine 15,800. Hope it's ok to count those that were thrown into previous bonfires - rising from the ashes of one bonfire to the next.
  3. Congratulations on 1 month! You need to stay alert - my junkie brain used to try to tell me to celebrate these milestones ... with a smoke. Stay strong buddy.
  4. Congratulations @Fluffyyellowduck. You've made a great start by coming here. Almost everyone here has gone through the quit process and someone has likely experienced whatever you will be experiencing. The support that's available from people who have made the same journey was the critical difference for me and hope it will be for you as well. Cheering for you - you can do this!
  5. Good post. Even if it helps a small number of folks to make that decision. I wish I knew exactly what it is that eventually causes the switch to flip - in my case, I had all the 'facts and knowledge' but the switch only flipped one day for no real reason that I can find. If anyone is on the verge of a decision, I will say that there are many people here that were able to quit after smoking for many years. People who thought they couldn't quit but did. And it's so simple really ...

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