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  1. Now I know what happens to the crust if you don't eat them :). Kill those smokey thoughts, beat them up so they dare not come close to you again.
  2. @Dianne you're doing awesome! Surely there's something you've been wanting to do when you have some free time. I rearrange things sometimes, or will dismantle the stereo setup and set it up with new components or arrange albums alphabetically or by genre or something. I'm sure you have something fun waiting for you. If you can't think of anything, get out on your bike and try to get lost on new streets or trails.
  3. @Katgirl Love that! I tried to go trail running the other night and it's a different kind of difficult (to road running) and my legs felt tired quite soon. I needed some of that attitude... next time I'll show me :).
  4. @Katgirl, hey don't give up on running, just be sensible about it and build it up slowly. You know, my inspiration was a lady who was probably 90 or thereabouts. I was on my way to work on the bike (did not run those days). She was running towards me, very slow no doubt, but her expression was as though she was doing high intensity running. I was amazed, slowed down, wished her good morning and she gave such a pretty smile, wished me back and continued running. I cannot tell you how inspiring that was. I was just thinking about quitting smoking and started running -
  5. Love shrimps, exp. jumbo ones. Enjoy brussel sprouts in small qty. Sorry.
  6. Hi Anita, welcome and Congratulations for the decision to be free and not be a slave to nicotine the master. I apologize but if you took a puff, it resets the clock to day 1. Unless you can be brutally honest about this, there will always be the odd puff that allows you to 'retain' the quit .... except it won't. The only place it will lead to is a 2nd puff then a 3rd etc. I truly want you to succeed and feel it's important to keep the line straight and simple ... there's no in-between.
  7. @MLMR, glad to see you fighting again. Please post as often as you like - a few posts are nothing compared to something as precious as your quit.
  8. @Steven Drojensky, Sorry to hear it. But also happy that you're right back at it. As others have mentioned, please try to come to the forum before you smoke. The thing is the craving only lasts a few minutes. If you post an SOS, people will jump in and help you get past the crave. Just take a moment to post the SOS. The craving passes in a a few minutes and you'll be glad you kept your quit and proud of it too. Again, happy you're here and doing it. Stay strong.
  9. @MLMR sorry and sad to hear. Glad that you're back at it. No boots for you this year. Failing your way to success Jack Ma, Jeff Bezos and recently Elon Musk (in a different context no doubt but I believe the idea still applies - learn from it to improve and succeed).
  10. Hi Linda, I hesitate to speak because the situation is so sensitive and delicate that I fear I'll say something to make it worse (which happens to be what I do quite often it seems). I'll just say this - do you want to face this situation a slave to nicotine or a master of it? When I was going through my own issues in life (and I was angry about a lot of things), the one thing I decided I wouldn't allow was to be a slave to addiction and used my anger to make it my enemy and fight it. I hope you find a way that works for you to fight it also.

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