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  1. I used to play a game and would visualize hitting the triggers with a large hammer (Thor) whenever I got cravings. At times, would scream out 'DIE TRIGGER DIE' ... sometimes startling folks nearby.
  2. Hey, I can add my 10,000 to the pile. Wow, all of that would have been inside of me ....
  3. I relapsed a few times to get to the successful one. The good thing is you're here again (great advice as always @jillar). You can do it - I found being close to the board and sharing experiences that folks here have also experienced helped me.
  4. I used to think of it as a new experience - like going on a spaceship. If spaceship doesn't excite you then you can substitute 'vacation to an exotic destination'. The idea is you're experiencing something new and unique (without spending a cent) going where you haven't gone before. Enjoy the brain fog while you can - it'll soon be gone.
  5. @MLMR, great to see your accomplishment. You've done so well.
  6. d2e8b8


    Move the thread out of SOS?
  7. Thanks, Ankush and babs609. Feeling brave and will try and ramp up to 5k in small increments. May have to run at night as it's too hot during the day.
  8. Oh wow, that was Nov. Haven't really been able to run since then. Going to try a ginger 2k tonight and see how it goes. Fingers crossed. I think as an addict, I need the addiction of running to replace the nicotine addiction.
  9. Worried about going to the loo. How do you make morning stuff happen without a cigarette. I thought I'd miss my 'me time with my cig' but there are other much better ways to find me time.
  10. Hey hesteralumni23, Smoking masks underlying issues that surface when we quit. A lot of us have had to face it and eventually we do learn to do without the crutch. Hope things work out for you. You have the right idea and I think you'll succeed. Smoking was the hardest thing for me to quit and it took me many attempts. You will likely do it in less.

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