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  1. d2e8b8


    ML, I like Weedy! You're doing so well. 2 months already, eh.
  2. d2e8b8

    d2e8b8 is 2 years smoke free

    Thanks so much, everyone! Didn't do much celebration really. Just waiting for the knee to heal enough so I can resume training for marathon (which is a BIG deal for someone who smoked almost 40yrs). The seat and the ship look attractive :). Coming, coming ... I've received help from others before me and am happy to pay it forward. Us quitters are the only ones who truly understand what others are going through. Thanks again, everyone!
  3. d2e8b8

    Friday 19th October 2018

  4. d2e8b8

    Feeling a little vulnerable

    Hey Linda, hang in there. It's a difficult 2 days for sure. I think you did great posting here.
  5. d2e8b8


    Wow! Do you understand what happened. Perhaps, as smokers, we get used to managing our emotions by smoking and now the emotions really have a chance to express themselves? In any case, you're doing really well. Stay Strong, ML.
  6. d2e8b8

    Wednesday 17th October 2018

  7. d2e8b8


    Awesome, MLMR! You're doing so well.
  8. d2e8b8


    You're doing awesome, Supergirl ML! Great to see your positive posts. I can so relate to the smell of smoke on jackets and the little squeaking at night. Isn't it nice to be able to go biking and feel good about the workout the lungs get? Stay strong!
  9. d2e8b8

    Cbdave is 3 Years Smoke Free!!!

    Congratulations, Dave!
  10. d2e8b8

    Wednesday 10th October 2018

  11. d2e8b8

    Friday 5 th October 2018

  12. d2e8b8


    Awesome, My Life. You're doing so great. You faced the challenges, shared your experience here and are a few successful weeks into your quit. Great to see your journey. Stay strong.
  13. d2e8b8

    Help again

    My life, Awesome job for hanging in there. You're beating it. Also, it's great that you posted here rather than giving in. These moments will come as you hit the occasional triggers. We've smoked for years and it will keep trying to find a way back in. You're doing awesome. Stay strong and share your pics from Spain. P.S. Isn't it nice to be able to climb the steep streets without running out of breath?

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