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  1. You're doing awesome, Jack!
  2. Congratulations, Jaime! 3 days already, wow! Does it help to know that we all went through the same fears, thoughts, sensations etc. Quitting is hard but ... it's also easy. Stay close to the board, post your journey and the folks here will be able to support you since we've all traveled the same road. You'll be a nicer you :).
  3. Great post, Kate, and you're doing awesome with your quit. These incidents make you stronger and now you have a tool you can use next time.
  4. You did really well, Kate. These episodes will happen and you're now stronger and better prepared to fight them.
  5. One of the tips I received when my quit was new was to 'welcome the crave'. Wish I could find those words to share with you. The idea is - every time we hit a crave, it's an opportunity to beat it and for the quit to get stronger. Once I understood that, I went out looking for the things that triggered an urge to smoke. This allowed me to tackle the crave on my terms i.e. I was prepared rather than it creeping up on me unawares. Then I would mentally play a game of beating it with a hammer and shouting 'die, crave, die'. I stood with co-workers as they smoked, sat on the bench outside the library where I normally smoked, went outside the house after dinner, etc. Doing this over and over again also helped prepare me for those occasional triggers that hit me unawares - I had a response I had practiced many times. Everyone has their own way. Lighting a cigarette will not cause the flat tire (or any situation) to improve. We just need to learn to do these things without smoking.
  6. The marathon training was going so well with increasingly longer long runs on the weekend - was up to 1/2 marathon distance - and then, a couple of weeks ago, couldn't complete the long run because of right knee pain. No runs since then and letting it heal and will start over again. A bit frustrating to have to sit and wait but no sense hurting it again ... wish I knew what's causing it though.

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