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  1. Awesome post, MLMR. Great to hear about all the positive changes in your life. 22 lbs???? Please share the secret.
  2. Awesome, Vivianne! The first week is a wonderful milestone. Please continue to stay vigilant. My junkie brain used to try to get me to smoke for the achievement.
  3. My memory is not the most reliable but i think it was mei who was the first to welcome me to the forum. And yes, we used to have fun. Remember the competition to be the first to respond to nope thread?
  4. Sunshine, 120 pushups in a single set or do you break it up. It's very impressive either way. Finally looked up farmer's walk on youtube and decided to try it hoping it will help with my running. Does anyone know if its safe to do with achilles pain or is it better to hold off until the pain reduces?
  5. Didn't get the reference to my son. Yes, I have a son but he was never a smoker. Are you thinking of someone else perhaps?
  6. Thanks, all. Don't really think of smoking these days. I will reiterate that without the support of folks, it wouldn't have happened. Total strangers stepping up to help others with their quit. And still doing it ....
  7. Sometimes people relapse. You've done well to get right back on again but you know you will need to be extra careful now to keep your quit. The brain is funny and will want to give in more easily having relapsed once. I tried to build a system to not smoke by going into temptation on my own terms i.e. I would choose to go and stand with smoke buddies but it was a moment when I was prepared and knew ahead of time what I was going to do. This helped me prepare for the unexpected triggers because I had built up an internal mechanism and routine to resist. Not that it wasn't hard ... it just was something I could leverage.
  8. d2e8b8


    So glad that you posted here ... Hope your quit is intact and you can use this experience to get stronger gong forward. You got this, Juan. As for girlfriend, I"m sure you'll do better as a more confident non-smoker. Until then ... there's always selfie.

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