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  1. Thank you all still going strong at 1 week 3 days. Hugs Tina
  2. Still going!!!!!
  3. Nope I dont smoke anymore!!!!
  4. I have not had a cigarette in 2 days 17 hours it has been a roller coaster ride. I love how people on here encourage you especially on s.o.s. I have a long road ahead of me. Let the journey begin thank you all for your support.
  5. Thank you @Sazerac it's a bit overwhelming at this time but I will push through
  6. Having another craving smh do these things ever stop
  7. Thank you so much for all your help this is to everyone. I never expected to find a online support group as this one. Everyone is so alert and attentive. I really feel I made progress here because of you all. As for the urge she is still trying to hang on as I pace the floors. You all rock!!!!! God bless each one of u
  8. @Sazerac thank you so much that did help this urge is a big one she's trying trying to linger around. She wont leave me alone
  9. Thank you all for your encouragement I have not picked up a cigarette and lit it. I keep telling myself I will have to start all over again my body will have to start detoxing all over again. I am already two days in and my body has already started detoxing. This is one of the biggest urges I have had this one is trying to stay around a little longer.
  10. Yea but I feel like I can concur it on my own a lot of people said it does not help with anxiety that it makes you more anxious. I dont know much about welbutrin and how it works. I know that with the suboxone that i am on it lowers the seizure threshold. Another reason why I am scared to take it. One lady said she took her first pill and wanted to go straight to the er and have it flushed out. Scary lol @Nancy I have not lit it still hanging strong thank you for your encouragement.
  11. @jillar this is so true my urge is starting to come back. I have welbutrin that my dr gave me but I am afraid of the side effects.
  12. Well I cant drown them my husband smokes them . I am really trying To fight this
  13. I am trying hard
  14. My anxiety is taking over so bad I am in tears I am so scared i have a cigarette in my hand I have not lit it as of yet

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