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  1. I wouldn't use the word on a treadmill unless it was raining or too cold or something ... and then I find myself clock-watching. Really, the love word comes from exploring the outdoors and nature - hikes, rides, runs. New routes are important - it gets hard running around the block. So I guess the love comes with conditions
  2. I love it when we do anything that moves the body using our own power.
  3. That is awesome @breath Happy 20yrs and Happy 60yrs! Great post.
  4. @Katgirl, Starting with a walk/ run is pretty normal and is probably better than trying to do all run. Running is very hard on the body and best to ease into it. Lots of info on walk/ run if you look and hope you're stretching before and after
  5. Welcome @JustinHoot99. You've got a great start on your quit. Feel free to post a lot here - we're all ex-smokers and will appreciate and understand what you're going through. Most times someone will jump in to share their own similar experience.
  6. Congratulations @Kris on 3 months. I agree, this is one of the hardest things to do in life and you're doing so well not only in keeping the quit but doing it with all the other things going on in your life. Well done!
  7. Nope! @Cbdave another nice pic! Did we miss 22nd?
  8. That is so coincidental - was it full moon? I too binged on Thu and Fri and it wasn't a nice feeling after.
  9. Congratulations @Gus on the half-year milestone! You're doing really great!
  10. @AceWhite, Congratulations. You're fitter and stronger than you let on to place 5th. That's a strong finish. @Christian99, I was always told to increase weekly mileage in small increments - no more than 10%. I have paid for ambition by getting injured and having to stop running for weeks and in one case over a year. So now I do stretches and also don't push as hard - just happy to get the miles in without injury. I had a couple of really lethargic days - didn't do anything Mon night and went to the stores to buy some un-needed stuff. Tue night was lethargic again but forced myself to the stairs and somehow completed the 9 rounds - it was hard. On the way back, eyes were closing while driving - there was this whole lethargy and overwhelming tiredness.
  11. Congratulations on 2 years @Sunshine59 Awesome milestone!
  12. Congratulations @garry mhudson 5 years is an awesome milestone!
  13. Good to hear you overcame that crave @Opah. And that you posted an SOS first - that is awesome and goes to show your commitment.
  14. Going to Mars.... Life without cigs was such a new and different experience that I imagined I was on a Mars mission experiencing a whole new different world - one way to live unfulfilled dreams
  15. Nope! The morning light on the tree is amazing @Cbdave
  16. Hey @Katgirl, Congratulations! You're doing so great not only with your quit but overall physical health also. Great job!
  17. Congratulations on 3 months @Steven Drojensky. Stay vigilant as 3 months is a tricky milestone.

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