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  1. Good to see you back and keeping your quit.
  2. looks delicious .... how do we get to next level? you know ... going beyond looks.
  3. This is a genuine question - what's wrong with eggs? Also, why not post pics of the finished product ... yummm
  4. Hey Dianne, good to see you doing it too. I find it hard to extend my fast at the end of the fast - meaning if I start out with a goal of 3, there's no way I can go at the end of day 3 ... hmmm, let's go 4 days now. I'd be all prepped to eat by then. I find it similar to quitting in many ways - the effort goes into NOT doing something. The amazing thing to me is that I feel so good after multi-day fasts - good enough to do distance runs and feel light on my feet. Please feel free to share your journey - I for one will be interested to hear your experiences.
  5. 5 days down, less than 20 hrs to go. Did enough food shopping this evening to last weeks. Had some cramps last night while working out around the rib cage area but managed to get a fairly decent workout anyway. Today - just did a walk. Looking forward to eating tomorrow but also a bit apprehensive as the tummy doesn't really do well after 1st meal - need to figure out a better way. The belt is finally down 1 notch. How long is too long to fast. Was thinking of going 8 or 9 days in July. Or go for 10? People do 30 days and more but I don't have that much extra weight so need to find the right duration. Was hoping to try 14 some time. No shopping, no cooking, no cleaning up plus saving money, time and losing weight and getting healthy - what more could a (lazy) person ask for?
  6. Good to see that you made the choice to post here first. It makes you a bit stronger and will help you going forward. KTQ.
  7. Day 4 is done, a bit under 48hrs to go. Making some broth tonight to break the fast. Didn't get much sleep last night so a bit lethargic today. No hunger or cramps. Will do some light upper body exercises now.
  8. Glad to see you back on the wagon again. Sometimes it takes more than 1 attempt. Please use the SOS before doing anything else - it will help save your quit.
  9. 3 days down, 3 more to go. Didn't have too many hunger pangs but did experience cramping which is when I remembered to drink salt water. Wouldn't recommend waiting till day 3 though. I just forgot. Did a 5k trail run but the legs felt tired.
  10. That you're posting here instead of doing anything else is good. Please don't hesitate to use the SOS - it really is a great quit too to save your quit. The whole act of posting and engaging in a conversation with helpful folks helps to overcome the cravings and guess who's the boss of cravings now ... My tool was a hammer that I used on the crave while screaming in my head "DIE CRAVE DIE". Except I did scream it out loud at work once. There are many tools, please do use whatever works best for you.
  11. Day 2 done, 4 more to go. Had some serious and persistent hunger pangs between 1 & 5. It should ease up tomorrow onwards. Yesterday - did a 6.5k run plus a pull workout. Today - Bit of rain so no outdoor activity - will do a leg workout now.
  12. Time flies and it's Apr - time for the next long fast. Started a 6-day fast and day 1 will be done in less than 2 hours. This reset is badly needed as discipline hasn't been too good lately. Don't know why sometimes I get into "I don't really care what harm I do to myself" type of mindset - trying to put it behind me and move forward with a positive mindset. I can't say smoking thoughts did not occur .... but never too seriously .... so that's a good thing.
  13. That is awesome @nicotine_free! Stay alert and KTQ!
  14. @JustinHoot99 glad you're back and trying again. This is the most insidious addiction and it has ability to derail especially when we stop being on guard for a moment. Feel free to write meandering posts here - a lot of us have likely done it. As long as you're here, it's all good. Which ... next time when the urge hits, please do post an SOS- it is one of the best mechanisms to keep the quit.

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