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  1. Wanted to do a 4-day fast this week but saw here that the last 3-day fast was only 2 weeks ago so decided to wait. However, the brain didn't want to give up so compromised to 3-day. Day 1 (after 24hrs) - Workout of stairs (2601) followed by 6k trail run half of which was uphill. Day 2 (after 48hrs) - Dumbbell work on arms and some core workout. The cool thing is there's no lethargy, the body feels alive and energetic. And the odd thing is - how does the body continue to create poop without food? In trying to learn more about this topic, I learnt about Mariko Aoki phenomenon and fecal vomiting. Also that poop is a goldmine - waste from 1 million Americans could contain as much as $13 million worth of metals.
  2. Congratulations on 5 months @Robbie 1 more to go for the 1/2 year.
  3. Congratulations on 7 months @AceWhite. You're truly acing this quit.
  4. Way to go @Katgirl converting your lethargy to an extra workout - you showed you I guess. If you're thinking of starting running, I'm not a fan of too much treadmill running. The monotonous nature of the treadmill can potentially aggravate injuries or imbalances - you were a competitive runner so assume you're aware of running related stuff. It was a beautiful weekend here, not too warm but sunny and was able to do an extended workout on the stairs followed by a trail run.
  5. You're doing awesome @MLMR with both the smoking and drinking .
  6. Wow @AceWhite that's a pretty competitive schedule. All the best.
  7. Nope! @Cbdave looks very serene.
  8. Glad you're hanging in there @darcy. You're doing the right thing posting here. Please post here often to get past the difficult phases - you'll find lots of support here.
  9. You're doing awesome @Katgirl I tried to do a run on the treadmill last night as it was really late but after about 15 mins I was clock watching and at the end of 30 mins I just had to end it I think my preference is outdoors - new trails or streets that I have not run before. However, with the days getting shorter and cooler, there will definitely be more treadmill time.
  10. I think it's normal to feel that way on some days. Lots of factors go into how the body feels on certain days. Athletes will control their diet and activities days before race day.
  11. Congratulations @Kate18 Every milestone is a celebration. The ice cream sounds yummy.
  12. @jillar and @Katgirl, thank you for your inputs and appreciate it. Especially the concern Perhaps you may watch Science of fasting and Intermittent Fasting lecture by Dr. Jason Fung. They're both kind of long ... I will acknowledge that most people do not like the idea of not eating multiple meals a day including my Dr.
  13. That is awesome! Sugar is the enemy of weight loss. btw, there is new research to show all calories are not equal. I won't go into it here as the few people I've mentioned it to have been resistant to the idea but the information is out there if interested.
  14. Congratulations @IamMommaBear! The first month's the hardest. Stay strong.

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