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  1. I agree, the dentist can whiten them. Toothpaste may be used to maintain it but you'll need the dentist periodically. Coffee is not great for teeth whitening.
  2. The fast started a bit early so I'm about 2 hrs away from completing 48hrs. Wed night, about midnight, thinking about the upcoming long fast, I heated and ate Thu meal. And then ate some more - all the nuts and a couple of protein bars and some kefir. That was bad so I got mad and decided to start the fast right away. Was thinking about food this evening so I cooked a bit (to be clear - I'm a bad cook). Not having tasted it, have no idea how it turned out. 2 more days to go and then I'll eat. It's the 1st 4-day fast for me. With a couple of 3-day fasts behind me, not as concerned this time.
  3. That might be ok then - after all, I do have a 50% chance of being a woman for all anyone knows.
  4. That is so awesome, MLMR! What an accomplishment on multiple fronts - you rock!
  5. Perhaps you could go riding 'on your terms' and get acclimatized to the trigger. Go for a short quick ride with a trusted friend. Prepare yourself mentally that you're doing this to overcome the pit stop crave. Do a single pit stop and face down the crave. I would repeat the process a few times before going on a longer group ride where the real triggers will hit you.
  6. It's Oct and time for a 4-day fast. Have been dong a 48hr fast once a week with omad rest of the week. This week, I don't eat on Mon. Then feast on Tue, Wed, Thu and then stop eating till Mon - looking to go 96 hrs. From a weight perspective, have lost some weight and it's visible on the face and tummy. I find that it fluctuates based on when I last ate or went to the toilet and could vary 2 or 3 lbs. Generally I'd say I've lost about 12 lbs or so over 2 months. But I've also been working out a bit so hopefully gained some muscle weight.
  7. Congratulations on re-starting your quit, @Sparkles. That's all that counts ... that you want to get your sticky quit and willing to give it another go. Perhaps you want to adjust the ticker to reflect the new quit date?
  8. Glad you made it through the project without giving in. If you understand triggers, there are the daily ones which, because they're daily - like after food, before bed, etc - are tackled and overcome early in the quit within the first few days. Then there are the occasional triggers - like this project, vacation, visit by an old friend, etc - that are infrequent but will happen within the first year. Finally, there are the life triggers - loss of a loved one, losing a job, etc - things that happen occasionally in our lives. Each trigger type needs to be overcome with the same strength and determination as the daily triggers. We cannot feel too confident after overcoming the daily triggers because the other types hit just as hard. Stay strong, friend. You're dong great. Glad to see your ticker.
  9. @JustinHoot99 it's not a small thing at all. Congratulations on the month marker milestone! Great to see your attitude - every milestone is worth celebrating!
  10. Congratulations on 3 weeks. I used to eat a lot in the initial days and some nights would consider raiding the neighbor's fridge after emptying mine.
  11. Congratulations L4L, 5 years - you're doing so awesome!
  12. Hey @JustSomeGuy, good that you decided to quit again and join this forum for support. Please post often - even if you've done this before it's still going to be just as hard.
  13. I wouldn't use the word on a treadmill unless it was raining or too cold or something ... and then I find myself clock-watching. Really, the love word comes from exploring the outdoors and nature - hikes, rides, runs. New routes are important - it gets hard running around the block. So I guess the love comes with conditions
  14. I love it when we do anything that moves the body using our own power.
  15. That is awesome @breath Happy 20yrs and Happy 60yrs! Great post.
  16. @Katgirl, Starting with a walk/ run is pretty normal and is probably better than trying to do all run. Running is very hard on the body and best to ease into it. Lots of info on walk/ run if you look and hope you're stretching before and after

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