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  1. It's Wed night and I ate this evening after 72hrs. It's a pretty amazing journey. Did harder than normal workouts on Day 1 and 2 and took it easy today with only a walk after the meal. I think I can no longer eat as much when I do eat and the stomach feels full quickly (or it could be that the refeed process is slow with gaps and causes one to feel full early). Will stick to omad and 48hr fasts for the next 2 or 3 months and next long fast will be a 5-day fast. The waistline is down for sure. For anyone interested, you can look for Science of Fasting or Dr. Jason Fung's lectures on Youtube.
  2. Congratulations on 9 years, Leanna.
  3. That is so nice @Opah. Congratulations!
  4. @Katgirl you've got a great workout going. I wouldn't worry too much about the calorie calculations by the different machines - they may have their own margins of error. As long as your body is telling you it was a good workout, that's important.
  5. @mightyboosh, Congratulations on 2 years.
  6. 4 weeks omad done which included 3 48hr fasts. So have had 6 meals a week last 3 weeks. Had a feast tonight and starting a 72hr fast. Will next eat Wed night and intend to do all workouts as normal. This is such a win - no shopping, no cooking, no cleaning, save money AND heal the body.
  7. Congratulations on 2 months @Kris I know it has not been a smooth journey for you but you've been strong and brave. Stay strong.
  8. I think we may have all stumbled at some point before getting to our final quit. Glad you've decided to start over again @darcy We would like to hear from all the newcomers - please introduce yourselves. You'll find lots of support here.
  9. This is becoming a soliloquy but want to maintain a journal ... Completed the 3rd 2-day fast and feel the body should be ready for a 3-day fast now. Need to decide if that can happen next week or allow 2 weeks gap. Sometime in the future need to also decide if weekly 2-day fasts are needed or would it be better to do 3-day fasts at a lower frequency - once a month?
  10. There are both the negative reasons - don't want bad things to happen ... and the positive reasons - want good things to happen. Mine was the 2nd - wanted to be able to take long deep breaths without coughing, being able to run and ride. What was yours?
  11. Congratulations on 4 months @Dianne
  12. Congratulations on 5 months, @Gus You're doing great.
  13. 3 weeks now of omad, feels great. Twice did 2-day fasts and hopefully the body is getting conditioned for the 3-day fast - maybe in week 5. Waistline has gone down for sure and probably some weight as well (but haven't measured). Needing to buy a new belt is kind of cool although I don't like spending the money. Perhaps punch new holes in the old belt. Did a 16k run today, about half of it uphill finishing with a stair climb of 390 steps. Was totally exhausted at the end as I haven't done anything over 10k in months.

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