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  1. All the best with the swim @AceWhite. You're acing this quit.
  2. That's a pretty brisk pace @Katgirl on incline too. Losing weight is tricky - the body is kinda stubborn about maintaining the sticky weight. Consistent workout should show changes in inches and general physical improvement. Maybe see if there's room to make some changes in the kitchen? Carbs, sugars, snacks, portions ...
  3. I agree, your goals have everything to do with you and nothing else - it truly is immaterial if someone else chooses different goals for themselves. If the friendship is strong, it will survive and the friend will hopefully support your goals. Could be wrong but it feels like things are starting to look up for you perhaps.
  4. Just finished eating after 48hrs. Had some store bought bone broth from a carton but don't think my tummy liked it. Maybe I'll try to make some. It takes time to eat now as there's lots to eat plus I eat slow enjoying each bite. For a lazy person, this is great. Just eat lots once and don't bother for the next day (or 2).
  5. Congratulations on 3 months @Katgirl. How about a race to the Everest before the year mark ...
  6. Into the 2nd 48hr fast. This was totally unplanned. Didn't feel hungry (and was bored) so decided to skip today's meal. Did the stairs late evening - 6 rounds and felt a bit dizzy around step 50 of 7th round so decided to end it there. It's hot and love humidity is in the air ....
  7. Congratulations on 7 months @Linda
  8. Congratulations on 2 months @Steven Drojensky
  9. Congratulations on 8 years @Doreensfree. And the way you pay it forward.
  10. Congratulations on 6 months @AceWhite
  11. You're a brave lady @MLMR to face up to issues and tackle them. Even though it feels like a setback, remember the darkest hour comes before dawn. I'm sure you'll come out of it stronger and happier.
  12. Awesome @IamMommaBear
  13. Congratulations @Robbie
  14. Awesome @Katgirl. I know you were looking forward to it. Don't you have to train first 'before' climbing Mt. Everest
  15. The 1 meal feels normal now and the idea of eating multiple times a day does not - amazing how quickly the body adapts. There are no hunger pangs, in fact the tummy feels quite content all day. Takeout does not agree with the digestion as well as home cooked food and since I don't really do much cooking, will need to find a way to get more home food. Lunch time is a 2 hour affair now. About an hour to prep and an hour to eat. It's nice to eat slow and enjoy every bite.

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