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  1. Lin-quitting

    WeegieWoman is 1 Year Smoke Free!

    (I am sorry to be so late, but.....) CONGRATULATIONS Weegie! Being a nonsmoker rocks, doesn't it?!!!
  2. Lin-quitting

    Notsmokinjo is 1 Year Smoke Free Today!!!

    Congratulations Jo, your hard work and dedication have paid off! Way to go! You are such an inspiration and role model and tireless supporter here on the Train, and I am proud to have known you from "back when".....😀
  3. Lin-quitting

    Giveintowin is 1 YEAR Smoke Free!

    alkdj I am so happy for you gitw! You've worked so hard toward your achievement and I hope you are enjoying the rewards of it. Congratulations!
  4. I see you peeking in Lin!! Hope all is well :)

  5. Lin-quitting

    How long did it take?

    It's such an individual struggle. For me, I knew at 4 months that I could succeed, if I just would stay committed and strong. It was at about 8 months that life reverted back to "normal".
  6. Lin-quitting

    can't quite quit

    Hi Sean. It's possible to quit. I was like you, a 2-pack-a-day addict at the time of my quit. And after 42 years of smoking those sunsabitches, which were killing me.....I have success. I've been clean for over 18 mos. and I'm telling you: (1) you CAN do this; and (2) it's worth whatever you have to go through to get here. Make up your mind to do the thing and know that it IS possible to succeed at it. Use the resources available here. Read read and then read some more. Commit. DO IT.
  7. Lin-quitting

    Grund is 1 One Year Smoke Free!!!

    Way to go Grund, what a fantastic achievement, eh?!!! If you can do this you can do ANYTHING! Congratulations on reaching your year of freedom. I am so proud of you.
  8. Lin-quitting

    Jack1664 is on the Lido Deck

    Nobody knows like we do, Jack, what an amazing accomplishment it is to get your (first of many!) year in. Congratulations!
  9. Lin-quitting

    Wee Fluffy Me is on the Lido Deck!!!!!!!

    From Wee Me to Wee Fluffy Me to Quitter Extraordinaire! Your wisdom, your encouragement, and your support has made it a pleasure to be on the journey with you. Congratulations Wee!!! Well done. Enjoy all that newfound freedom.
  10. Lin-quitting

    Huntressd joins the Lido Deck

    Congratulations Huntressd!!! No one knows better than this community what a hard-earned and awesome accomplishment this is. I am so proud of, and happy for you. Celebrate your achievement - you've earned it!
  11. Lin-quitting

    Jillar is 2 Years Quit Today

    Congratulations Jillar on reaching another year of freedom! I am more grateful to you than I can say, for all you've done to help me - and so many others - achieve our own goals of Keeping The Quit.
  12. Lin-quitting

    Putnaminn is on the Lido Deck

    What a wonderful day for you Barbara! Your hard work and discipline have paid off today with this fantastic milestone. You have made me glad to have known you along the journey. Congratulations!
  13. Lin-quitting

    Monday 21 May 2018

    Good morning. I pledge NOPE today.
  14. Lin-quitting

    Peace Train Is On The Lido Deck Today!!

    What a pleasure it is to congratulate you today Peace Train! You have been such a big part of making this place the helpful and supportive community that it is. Wishing you very happy celebrating today.....you deserve it for all your hard work!

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