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  1. Way to go Jim! You have always been such an inspiration to many of us. Wishing you many more years of freedom!
  2. Congratulations Rozuki! You have always been - as you still are - a wonderful example for us to try to live up to. KTQ!
  3. Congratulations on another year of freedom Rory! I miss hearing about you, and hope you are well.
  4. Way to go Shane. Congratulations and keep up your great work!
  5. Congratulations and best wishes (GMeanie) . You are always in my thoughts as one of the main helps and inspirations in my own quit.
  6. Awesome work Jo. Congratulations on another year of freedom.....and thank you for paying it forward to all the newbies fighting the good fight.
  7. Hey Opah, great to see you back here and on the wagon again. Quit beating yourself up with the on again, off again, okay? It's easier in the long run to just get OFF the things! You can do this. Sending good wishes old friend.....
  8. Thinking of you and your continued life of freedom from the slavery, Wee. Congrats!
  9. Ah yes.....that daily intoxicating feeling of success against the slavery! I miss it too. Congratulations Grund on your continuing success.
  10. Congratulations L4L! You have been a role model for so many. Sending best wishes.....
  11. Another awesome milestone Avian! Congrats on the continuing success, and sending good thoughts and wishes to you.....
  12. Way to go Buck! Keep up the fantastic work you're doing!
  13. Thank you all! So many of you are instrumental in my having this wonderful new life of freedom.....which I am still delighting in.
  14. Hi Opah. Hanging in there? Smoking cigs sucks, you know? Clean lungs rule. Seriously, they feel good and rule. Jim is here and behind your quitting. Lin is here and behind your quitting. Beazel is here and behind your quitting. Jillar is here and behind your quitting. G. Meanie (Reci) is here and behind your quitting. There are others I'm missing. (Do you see a pattern of friends here?)..... We're just wanting to be here to help get you over the hump. Don't be afraid of being clean!!!!! It's awesome. You are not giving anything up. You are gaining a.....life. Quit romancing the lung hit. You can get over this hump and do it and be a non-smoker!!!
  15. Opah, I just wanted to send you a word of encouragement. YOU WILL NOT SMOKE. FOR ANY REASON. BECAUSE THE CIGARETTES LIE AND THEY KILL. AND YOU ARE STRONGER AND SMARTER THAN THEY ARE. I was fortunate enough to quit, got my year in, in March 2018. And a fellow quitter named Buckster was so instrumental in my quitting. He encouraged me and inspired me and supported me and he posted one of the best helps I ever received, a link to I mean, come on, Mel Gibson all kilted and sexy telling me to get my freedom on.....? A no brainer. I'm in. And I did it. And it was in no small part due to a fellow quitter named Buckster, who understood what we were up against and what might help. I will be forever grateful. Opah, I wish for you the same support and success. You can be strong and do this, and life is so much more wondermous on the other side of smoking.

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