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  1. I was going through this exact thing last night. I had an hour long drive and a playoff game. I was so nervous as it was my first one. I thought there was no way I would get through it without smoking. I even texted a friend and told her I was done. I could not wait to smoke that first one and feel that buzz from it after having not smoked for a few days. It's so irrational and I even said to my friend, I know that in the long run my nerves will be better not smoking and I won't be playing a match and waiting for my chance to smoke, I can more easily concentrate on what I am doing. Well, I didn't stop and I made it through without having a smoke and I even won!!! I even had a couple of beers. I was supposed to meet up with some friends after but I decided to just go home because they were at a smoking bar. I had enough for one night...
  2. Well, my emotions are definitely out of whack. I just got teary eyed reading the responses. "It's allergies!!!!!!"
  3. Wow! The time actually came and went, I was looking forward to finishing up those 3 days and then it just passed me right by. WooT! I'm not eating as much as the last 2 days and I can actually concentrate some. Also, I got in my car this morning and I actually smelled the air conditioner!
  4. I'm a newbie, but I cleaned out my car yesterday. There were many empty packs. I shook every single one of them. I honestly cannot say whether I would have smoked them or not. Yours is a good reminder to not get complacent especially when we start to feel a little more comfortable.
  5. I know I've read about people getting insomnia, some people sleeping more, it is crazy how different people can react. I am on the sleeping side. I am absolutely exhausted when I quit. Every time. I usually end up calling in to work on Day 3 because I literally feel like I Cannot move. I can sleep all day and all night. Now, I know that I have low Vitamin D which means that I am sleepy anyway. I've been taking my vitamins and hoping it helps me to combat the sleepiness. I am sipping on my cranberry juice and trying to snack here and there to keep my blood sugar up. My eyes still feel so heavy! I slept 9.5 hrs the last 2 nights and I was still late to work because I just could not get moving. I cannot believe it's only been 1 day and 19.5 hours, but who's counting anyway, right? Time distortion is the worst! All I can think about is not smoking. I don't even want to smoke, but I keep reading and reading and reading other's experiences. I need to work!
  6. I found it! I could NOT remember the name of the board that I was on before. I don't even remember my username there. I remember a lot of faces, uh names, here though. I wasn't there very long and obviously my quit failed. ? Well, I'm back!
  7. I am a big supporter of facing triggers head on as soon as possible to get it over with. Otherwise, I feel the fear and anticipation builds up and makes it worse in your mind than it ever is. My biggest obstacle at the moment is sleep. That is all I want to do. I am pretty sure I am going to my car to sleep on my lunch break. I slept 9.5 hours last night and even though that is a LOT more than normal, my body doesn't think it's enough. Sipping cranberry juice and trying to snack to keep my blood/sugar up isn't even helping. ?
  8. I went to the bar last night, a mere 6 hours into my quit. I already decided not to drink because obviously I would normally be chain smoking at the bar and the first couple times after I quit I just want to go without the alcohol included. It was a major success. I didn't even consider bumming from any of the many smokers there. It was also a 40 minute drive from my house. Man, I thought that drive was boring before! Well, I just turned up the radio and sang away. I was home before I knew it.
  9. Well, it's official. A whopping 15 minutes into my quit and everyone has survived so far, the world has continued to go on. Amazing...haha! I didn't have time to get my goodies today, but I have my list and can go after work. It's tomorrow I need them for anyway. I remembered on my way that I sipped on cranberry juice and drank a lot of water during my most successful/easiest quit so I am going to grab that also.

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