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Thursday 12th July 2018

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Greetings NOPErs ... hope you are all having nice safe Thursdays. So while there is nothing on the UN or Aussie calendars of days the US have a few specials listed. Today is Simplicity Day and while I'd like to be all Zen and do a simple nope the superstitions wont let me. So I have opted to give my nod to Etch-A-Sketch Day. I loved my brothers etch-a-sketch when we were kids. I could spend hours doing drawings on it and be almost finished and the little bugger would shake them away and then we'd fight.. hmmm maybe I didn't love the Etch-A-Sketch but at least it gave the grown ups around me a break.


So on Etch-A-Sketch day I say:




Topic of the Day: When I grow up...

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