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  1. 3 months is awesome, breathe in the fresh air, literally!
  2. @Ankush Plan or no plan, there is no one way. Whatever works , some of gave you our success and both ways. A plan works
  3. I have an opinion and I'll voice it about quitting smoking. Go into a meeting with a serious drug addiction and tell the cocaine addict how to stop never having used. Joel isn't a DR. I dont have to accept it because you tell me. That's how his site is run, if they use NRT/relapse they cant post. I think its wrong and that's my opinion and I'll voice it. If you don't like it, i don't care
  4. No quit is the same, i agree. Joel has some great videos and how disappointed i was to find out recently that he never smoked. Whoever's words he's delivering are very wise and will help a person looking to quit
  5. Here... And according to my ticker i have saved $13,156.03
  6. Congrats @Linda Thomas on 11 months of freedom! Enjoy your day and celebrate
  7. Whispers

    Hit and Run

    Hope Cubs, Dodgers or Braves can stop the Yankees if the Astros cant. They are so Hot they may never lose again . The two games in london the pitchers didnt show up. Im not sure who could need a OF to scoop cargo, he may just go unclaimed
  8. 2 Months is Awesome, Congrats Moonglyn
  9. Hi hesteralumni, After reading i recognize the cycle. Its self destruction, after a long quit i have blown a good 10 quits this same way. I'd go 2-3 weeks boom have a couple of ciggs get to the point of a few months do it again. I also ventured into alcohol, my mindset was way off and i was in a bad place mentally. Each time i relapsed it was F-IT with the same physical and mental feeling after . There's is a lot of people like this so dont feel alone but when we as humans get self destructive its how we deal with fear. You moved over to coke and meth and i have never used them so i have 0 experience with those drugs. I would recommend you look into a meeting in your area, i know these forums are the easy way as some are shy and or embarrassed to go in person but you'll find support and understand why you have jumped into coke and meth. As far as the smoking, come here and when you hit that low self destructive point stop by and someone will be here for you to talk to and help you through that hurdle . The coke and meth ive seen people beg for help and they truly couldn't stop why i mention a meeting, you're very young with a lot of life ahead and we all make mistakes.
  10. What post got deleted?, i missed it.
  11. It doesn't, whatever road you take... As long as it leads you to
  12. If i can do it, you can do it. I agree use the NRT as a step down. Quite a few quitters here and each quit is different. Find the support you're comfortable with to help you over the hurdles
  13. 868 days for you Roz, i just looked at your quit date and 2/10/2010 was my orig quit date. You learn from my mistake (blown 9/24 2012)

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