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  1. Happy mothers day everyone my mom's been gone since Jan of 96.
  2. Happy st Patrick's day everyone Hope your all doing well . Keep up the wonderful quits.
  3. jimmy

    9 year s

    9 years free today for me and quita wow
  4. 9 years free for me and quita today wow
  5. jimmy


    All cleaned up
  6. jimmy


    4 months now but.it has to go it's starting to bug me so last pic of beard .
  7. jimmy


    Here's my beard 2 months now
  8. jimmy


    Reason I haven't updated beard picture. There's a post about posting personal photos on here. If you want me to anyway let me know.
  9. jimmy


    My father in law just passed away. 3.20 PM 4/1/2021
  10. jimmy


    2 weeks going to grow it for a while maybe till christmas.see if I like it or not
  11. jimmy

    8 years

    Me and quita are 8 years free today. If we did it so can you. Had a lot of help. And made so great friends on here. Hugs to all.
  12. Happy mothers day . Hope it's the best one.ever
  13. jimmy

    crazy ticker

    as you can tell my ticker is way off. i quit 3/3 /2013 when i try to fix the ticker it tryed to add 10 years to it lol. i wish it was 17 instead of 7 . keep smiling folks.
  14. jimmy


    wow .look at a you wonderful quitters wtg congrats. to 1 and all

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