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  1. Congratulations L4L!! I remember when you were just a baby quitter. Look at you now!!
  2. Thank you, Abby! Thanks, Cristobal! It's good to see you! Hope you and your wife are doing well.
  3. Thank you , Lin, so much!! I miss you and wish only the best for you.
  4. TobacNO, another one celebrating one year smoke free! Congratulations!! It's great to see so many succeed.
  5. CONGRATULATIONS, Kdad, on your big ONE........year that is!!! Hope you are having a great day!
  6. Thank you Joe! I am doing very well. Thanks Jordan! It is so good to see you too! Thank you Paul! I only hope I might have encouraged at least one person to quit smoking.
  7. Thank you L4L and I appreciate you saying that! Thanks for your congratulations, Garry! Love you too, Saz!!
  8. Thank you Reci for acknowledging the anniversary of my quit date! That means a lot. And I also want to thank Doreen, Johnny, Roz, Saz, Jill and Martian. I really appreciate your recognition and congratulations. Anyone that is here to quit, PLEASE, give it all your effort to never ever take one puff again. To relapse is torture. To continue making the effort to hang on by the skin of your teeth no matter how difficult you think it is, will get you to that comfortable place in life where smoking is a thing if the past and you will finally feel like the non smoker you were born to be.
  9. Hi Andi! I am assuming this is the same Andi I remember from the past. I'm sorry if I am mistaken. Your name brings back memories of a man named Skip that truly helped me in my early quit. I know he was very special to you and I remember you sharing the news of his passing. I still miss him very much. Congrats on your 12 years smoke free!
  10. When i read this, I had to sign in to say how I am totally in agreement with everything you said. This is exactly how I lose weight. I find it the least complicated of all the diets and it works like a charm.
  11. ...but thought I would take a chance. I tried to bump one of his threads that was brought from QSMB and posted here, but was unable to locate them. I was reminded on Facebook today by a close friend of it being 5 years December 28 since the passing of jwg. I don't know how many remember his inspiring and funny well written posts. If you do, you would know what a special person he was. He was not only special to the members that read them, but even more special as a personal friend to some of us that kept in closer contact with him up until the very end. I just thought I would bring this up in case anyone that was touched by his writings would like to remember him once again. For me, it seems like only yesterday he was diagnosed with cancer at such a young age and the day he passed is still fresh in my mind. I will always miss him.
  12. Congratulations Sarge!! I couldn't help but think of you when I saw this parmesan crusted pesto grilled cheese. Yummm! I need to try this but first I need some basil.
  13. CONGRATULATIONS Johnny on your 4 years smoke free!! Thanks for all the time you have taken to pay it forward, the celebrations you once posted and still do. You always make sure nobody is overlooked when it comes to congratulating, welcoming and helping someone quit smoking. I hope you are doing something special this weekend to celebrate.

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