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  1. justanotherme

    justanotherme is 1 Year Smoke Free!!

    Good morning! Seems like it was last week I was so afraid of living without my nicotine crutch. Sometimes I remember how heavily I used to smoke and how I used to believe that was "a part of me" or something... It sounds somewhat silly now, TBH. I can't believe I used to think smelling weird and coughing fits were "just who I was"! It wasn't easy but it wasn't half as awful as I thought it would be. And all the money I used to (literally) burn is now becoming delicious food, great books and fun video games, so I can't see any reason to light a cig ever again. And thank you. Everyone I met during this journey is an inspiration. This community gave me hope and knowledge, and those things kept me going during the worst part of recovery. You guys are great. Really. Now let me go back to work before I get too emotional LOL
  2. justanotherme

    Friday 15th June 2018

    NOPE! Good morning, everyone!
  3. justanotherme

    justanotherme is 11 months Smoke Free!!

    Can't wait to celebrate one year smoke free! I'm already a little bit too much into bragging about my quit, so I'll probably be the most annoying person at any party ever... But I'm so proud LOL Thanks, everyone! Freedom sure is great.
  4. justanotherme

    Monday 7th May 2018

  5. justanotherme

    Giveintowin Is 6 Months Quit Today!!

    Congratulations, GITW! 6 months is a huge accomplishment.
  6. justanotherme

    Tips to make quitting easier

    When dealing with triggers and cravings, begin with everyday things you can't avoid - yes, I'm talking about things like eating or sleeping, really - and keep in mind you can't avoid everything forever but you do can take it easy (easier? easy-ish?) for a while. Instead of thinking of every single situation that may (or may not) make you crave in the future, just deal with them as isolated items, just like quitting is something you do a day at a time. "I just had my lunch and I won't smoke." "I finished this assignment without a smoke break." "I just got here without having a cigarette by the door" "I went to my favorite pub and didn't leave my seat to smoke outside not even once." And so on. Thinking about every single thing you'll face for the rest of your life forever is just overwhelming and you'll probably feel miserable instead of motivated.
  7. justanotherme

    Friday 27th April 2018

  8. justanotherme

    Wednesday 25th April 2018 ANZAC Day

  9. justanotherme

    I CRIED in public but I didn't smoke.

    Good job, Ren!
  10. justanotherme

    Saturday 21st April 2018

  11. justanotherme

    Friday 20th April 2018

  12. justanotherme

    justanotherme is 10 months Smoke Free!!

    A few years ago my friends tried to talk me out of my first attempt to quit. "But you don't really have to quit, like, quit, you know? just go easy on the nicotine, moderation, etc, smoking is just so nice, I don't see why anyone would want to quit, you're going to die anyway blahblahblah". It was like I was the biggest, yet most boring, of all nerds. But now, when I tell my smoker friends I've quit, they all look kinda embarrassed. Most of them start making up excuses about why they won't quit, or mumble about how they should quit too and maybe they'll quit, like, next year or in five years or any day now or... -- I guess quitting is now cooler than smoking, finally.
  13. justanotherme

    justanotherme is 10 months Smoke Free!!

    Yay, thank you, everyone! Quitaversaries are so cool! I hope I get to celebrate many more of those with you all.
  14. justanotherme

    Hello, everyone!

    I'm not sure I understand, but I haven't joined you guys sooner 'cause-- Well, I didn't know where to go (lol) and I thought I was a bit too busy to be an active member anywhere, I guess...? But I did miss pledging NOPE, so I was overjoyed to find this place.

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