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  1. Hey everyone! Just wanted to say I'm still going smoke free and all. Have to look for a new apartment today - it's stressful, of course, so I'm making sure I have enough caffeine in my system for the day :)
  2. Oops! My bad!! English is not my first language and I had to teach myself, so I still get things wrong sometimes I forgot stuffed animals are "plushies" but a single stuffed animal would probably be a "plushy" Thanks for reminding me of that! I hope it wasn't too confusing. I still strongly recommend everyone should get some soft plushies and stuffed animals! Nowadays I swear they are much softer than they were decades ago
  3. I told my therapist I used to smoke to have an excuse to be alone. I'm very introverted and my "social batteries" are very limited. I quit smoking years ago. I don't usually think about smoking. I forgot about it. It's just a silly thing I used to do and won't do anymore. Then I came back to my hometown for an important family reunion. A lot of distant cousins are coming over, there are a lot of phone calls and everyone is coming over. I have to cook for a lot of people today. ... Oh geez, I can't believe I want a smoke so bad. So weird to feel like this again. I won't smoke, of course. Just... It's frustrating. Remember to respect yourself, your time, your boundaries. Eat when hungry, sleep when tired, take your time. Understand your triggers and get some chocolate. Cravings go away eventually.
  4. I just found the weirdest coping mechanism. Plushies. Specially the very squishy ones with weird silly japanese kawaii designs. Yes, I'm a 30 year old woman with a permanent frown and I'm also hugging a pink blob.
  5. Good morning, everyone. My quit anniversary came and went I just had forgotten about it. How many years now? Yet it still feel like yesterday.
  6. I'd have the EXACT same reaction as those guys! THE Waffle House, the LEGENDARY place that (almost) NEVER CLOSES, the mythical safe place! I don't know why Waffle House seems so... epic, I think that thing about the existence of a "Waffle House Index" lol
  7. Hey everyone! Out of nowhere I just thought it would be nice to say hi... I'm still going strong, playing a lot of videogames and working from home. Have a great week!
  8. I'm very much at south of everyone, I guess! I live down south in southern South America lol. I know South America usually means beautiful beaches and sunny days, but my town is known for being quite chilly. This week began with blue skies and great weather, everyone was ready to spend the weekend at the park, then by friday we had a rain storm and now it's really cold again. Everyone had to put the short shorts back in the closet and put on their old parkas LOL
  9. Just woke up, sat down at the PC with a cup of coffee, still wrapped up in my blanket (winter has been a bit eccentric this year and I just found out how comfy this blanket is) and ready to start the day. My cat wants my attention, everyone else is asleep... I have an essay to finish today, and I know I'll miss the deadline, but I'll try to do as much as I can. No reason to panic. (I'm using a clothespin to keep my blanket in place, like the cutest medieval cloak. I feel ridiculous AND cozy. No regrets.)
  10. Just realized I'm really lucky to have my little sister. Went upstairs to wake her up for coffee and I can't wait to see her try my new experiment with cocoa powder mixed in the brew. She's so fun to have around, we laugh a lot and when I can't do some part of a videogame she always gets it right on the first try. She likes my food and I like to cook for her. I'm so proud of her every day! She's smart, hard working, a great friend to everyone, full of new ideas and creativity... just the coolest kid. I'm on a new antidepressant since july and I think it's finally working. I can't believe just three weeks ago I couldn't leave my bed and now I'm just selecting the perfect morning playlist and sharpening my color pencils. Happiness feels weird.
  11. Good morning! Seems like it was last week I was so afraid of living without my nicotine crutch. Sometimes I remember how heavily I used to smoke and how I used to believe that was "a part of me" or something... It sounds somewhat silly now, TBH. I can't believe I used to think smelling weird and coughing fits were "just who I was"! It wasn't easy but it wasn't half as awful as I thought it would be. And all the money I used to (literally) burn is now becoming delicious food, great books and fun video games, so I can't see any reason to light a cig ever again. And thank you. Everyone I met during this journey is an inspiration. This community gave me hope and knowledge, and those things kept me going during the worst part of recovery. You guys are great. Really. Now let me go back to work before I get too emotional LOL
  12. Can't wait to celebrate one year smoke free! I'm already a little bit too much into bragging about my quit, so I'll probably be the most annoying person at any party ever... But I'm so proud LOL Thanks, everyone! Freedom sure is great.

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