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Found 4 results

  1. Hi-dee-ho NOPErs... welcome to Sunday. Today is the last day of International Men's Health Week. I'm sure your all glad this will be my last nagging nope for a while. So to close out the week I'm heading back to the Prostrate Cancer Message... this is a killer guys, getting tested regularly is nothing to be scared of. As @Cbdave mentioned at the start of the week you can have a blood test. The earlier a problem is detected the sooner it can be addressed and corrected. If you don't want to get checked for yourself do it for your loved ones, your family and friends. So take care of yourselves Blokes of the QT... and nag ya fellas all the chicks, cos we all know that sometimes we need a foot up the bum to get out health checked. So to end Men's Health Week and to start the next week I say: NOPE - cos nothing rules my life but me! Topic of the day: Sundee Slang Spectacular
  2. Good Morning to all my fellow NOPErs... its still Men's Health Week and with 3 days to go I am doing my last little nag about mental health. On Tuesday came the reminder that its ok to feel if you're a bloke and its OK to say your feeling crap and ask for help.... yesterday we talked about a time for change, about being the one to ask a friend, or a college R U OK? if they seem down or off or even if you know they have been struggling... open a dialogue and ask... well today is about listening.... part of being a mate is having your mates back, and being in his corner... looking out for him. If your mate was spastic drunk you wouldn't leave him to fend for himself, you'd make sure he was ok and you'd have his back... well mental health works the same way guys, listen to your mates and help them out, even if its just dragging them out to do something like watch a game of sport, or go fishing or whatever it is that rocks ya boats... Having your mates back, I say yep. Having a smoke.... it can only be: NOPE! Topic of the Day: Movies about Animals or Sport
  3. Morning for another wonderful day of NOPE. Yes my friends it is still International Men's Health Week and yes I'm still banging on about it. I'm going to continue with yesterday's theme because society puts too much pressure on blokes to ignore mental health, that's why it is such a silent issue and it shouldn't be. Yesterdays focus was speaking up, being a man and saying to someone, a mate, your partner, your doctor... somethings not right... cos that takes balls... well this ones for both the blokes and the chicks... ASK... ask someone how they are... it doesn't hurt... weather you know that they have been going through a rough time or you notice that they don't seem to be themselves its easy to say... R U OK? Its not something to be scared of, don't ignore mental health and sweep it under the rug. So ask... what's the worse that could happen... someone who feels alone and isolated in a room full of people will know they aren't? So to a world where its ok to ask I say YEP.... but to a world with lungs full of smoke and tar I say: NOPE .. not happening.... Topic of the Day: Lets go to the movies
  4. Morning lovely fellow NOPErs... still on my men's health week band wagon... so we have touched the balls and reminded you about the importance of health and prostrate checks and they are important people (chicks you should be naggin ya fellas) but we also need to touch on emotional and mental health... for some stupid reason society tells blokes to man up and that real men don't ask for help, or say somethings wrong.. 1 in 4 men experience depression and male depression is on the rise. Depression is not a weakness. So here is my first message on this important mens health issue...Real Men Cry and Real Men Ask For Help. So to a world where men can't express their feeling or ask for help and lungs full of smoke and tar I say: NOPE ... not today, not tomorrow, not ever - forever! Topic of the day: Cover Songs (for now)

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