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  1. Congrats JustSomeGuy How wonderful!
  2. Congratulations Sunshine! 3 months is wonderful freedom.
  3. Welcome back on the train Kdad Cheering for you the whole way!
  4. Congratulations Intoxicated yoda! This is wonderful news.
  5. Congrats Kris! 10 months is amazing.
  6. Thank you! I do not think I could of quit and stayed quit except for the resources and support in this group. so....THANK YOU!
  7. Hi Sal Congratulations on the 100+ days quit. That is truly awesome. Hopefully she will soon come around and find in herself her own reasons to quit again.
  8. I really wish it was not a holiday weekend. I would of liked to of extended my fast to 5 days but found it hard with me being the cook and all lol this was the first time during and after a fast I felt so positive about it and truly feel so much better after it. I will be incorporating fasting into my weekly life just not sure which route I want to go now with it.
  9. I see d2e8b8 that you still fasting on and off and exploring it. I currently on day 3 of one (for health reasons) may just go ahead at this point do 5 days. Made it through 2, will make it through 3 so it a thought. It is interesting to read your journey and thoughts on it, thank you for sharing. I feel pretty positive of it right now (more so than other times) maybe because I sort of equating it to the quitting smoking journey. Just do it and just do not put anything in your mouth lolol
  10. Hello HappyPassenger Welcome to the train. I stayed logged on the boards when I quit (even if I was not always reading something) it simply made me feel safer and saner to know I could reach out at any time. notsmokjo is correct there a lot of resources available here. Please do take advantage of that and the fun ones too (songs, games ect) Best wishes!
  11. Congratulations! What a wonderful thing to celebrate
  12. Freedom from is addiction is addicting. Just do it.
  13. Hi Marie I found short fast walks really helped with my anxiety. Every time I wanted a cig or started to feel stressed about quitting I shot out the door to walk it off. They were not long walks about 10 minutes each and I must of gone on 6-8 walks a day at first. It truly helped me get over that anxiety and the stress of quitting. The bonus was it helped get me into better shape too. I am approaching my 1 year mark. Quitting is very doable we just have to do it. I agree with others here try not to over think it. Time, money and health ect ect...there so many reasons to be excited about quitting!
  14. HI Matthew I know when I quit it felt so awesome to know I was back in control and not the addiction. Try to remember those moments where you felt good being a non smoker and happy of your accomplishments in that. Jump right back on the train, you did it before so you already know you can do it. We all rooting for you!
  15. I pop in when I can (I take care of my mother and we both struggling these days) but lol here the good news I still on the train
  16. Just popping in to say I still on the quit train. Guess I at about the 9 month mark now. I can see why people encouraged to make a one year commitment to being on the train here. You may think you doing good (and if you on the quit train you ARE) but getting through the holidays is a challenge and though all the moments of life a year can send your way If you lurking and thinking on it....you can do this...absolutely a 100% you can do this. I hope you do and chose something good for yourself. You do deserve it! And all those on the train I hope you have a beautiful peaceful New Year. Thank you for your shared stories that helped/help me and so many others!
  17. Day 139 (I think) Still on the quit train. After literally a 3 month wait....should still be waiting another 2 weeks but they had a cancellation last week I finally got to see the oral surgeon and get these wisdom teeth plus 2 others pulled. Been a rather painful week. Am so thankful I finally got in. 3 months when you hurting a long time to hurt. Been a bit since I have been here. Just stopping in to say I still on the train and hanging in there and yay Ibuprofen my friend!
  18. My sense of smell it was amazing the difference (both good and bad smells lol) I can clock another smoker at a 100 paces now lol 2 of my kids came to visit a few weeks ago, they both commented I no longer "smell like smoke" I always smoked outside so here I thought I was avoiding that....wrong!
  19. It the same here in central GA Kate suddenly we have spiked. Last week the hospital had 5 covid patients and now just days later the hospital is in red alert. My brother works at a clinic (where they do a lot of the testing for this area) the positive cases they getting are both vaccinated and non-vaccinated equally. My nephew (who lives in a different state) just got diagnosed with covid he too is vaccinated. I think it helps keep it less severe but it not stopping people from getting the newest variants.
  20. This is a good thread...bump! Wheezing at night that I blamed on allergies....it was not allergies!
  21. Day 109 Frustrated this last week. Had a problem Friday that just kept compounding more and more problems. Had a moment (a sarcastic one) where I thought gee I so glad I do not smoke now!!...followed by staring blankly into space. I really wanted a cig...there have been a few times this week I have really wanted one.... but I rather stubborn by nature and I not willing to give up 109 days for something that is only going to make me feel less than proud of myself and will do nothing for me...nothing good...so I going to keep choosing this quit and adding more days to it.....admittedly some days more challenging than others and we have a choice
  22. A treadmill is not in my budget. I will just do online exercises and fit in walking when it cool enough to do so. I am very disappointed.

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