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  1. Yes, tomorrow is fish day. I didn't forget!
  2. Thank you everyone. You were all a tremendous support to me. Feels real good to not smell of smoke anymore.
  3. I'm with Kris. I am just glad to be coming up on a year this week. Will definitely be celebrating with some sushi.
  4. Thank you all for the continued support. I couldn't of done it without you folks. More stressors and a panic attack this last month, but pi king up again would've just made it worse. I like the freedom more than the slavery.
  5. I've been back to tutoring and band practice. Also, my 12 step meetings are live again and not on Zoom. I've been on a social media and internet break for a few weeks as well. This the most time I've ever had off of cigarettes, so it's a pretty big deal. Thank you all for your continued support. ❤
  6. Thanks everyone here for the support. I took most of the week off from social media and internet in general. Yes, it is definitely getting easier. A fleeting thought here and there, but no longer obsessing over it. And I have a lot more money, too!
  7. Thank you all for the constant support and love on here. I had covid and strep throat since January 6th and was on quarantine and pretty sick. I am just this week starting to feel back to normal. Haven't even thought of cigarettes during all this, which is huge progress.

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