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  1. stop smoking 11.9.2014

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    2. Still winning
    3. SanDar
    4. Devil Doll

      Devil Doll

      How are you doing today Sanna? Post an intro thread and let us welcome you properly :D

  2. So true. "Keep the faith" is awesome song. But my song is "man in the mirror" because i wanna make that change and its feel really good! Love this lyrics. Spoke to much. :) how you guys doing? Im doing well:)
  3. Thank you @Pippa and everyone. :) Be happy. Live free. !
  4. "Can you feel it" yes i can! I can!;)
  5. Well.. My best friend smoking around me and i was too weak.. And i must stoo drinking coffee and alcohol because i will smoking. Buy im here now and i am with you:)
  6. Love you all! I failed but started again and destroyd my last ciggarettes and keep moving. Im not giving up!!:)
  7. Day one. Im doing great!:) i will be here with you guys! I am not give up!
  8. I want some friends and need people around me. :)
  9. Thank you all your suport. Still doing great:)
  10. Congratulations!!! I have been to Helsinki, and I have to say that the air was so impossibly clean and crisp - no way you want to be smoking when you have quality air like that ;) Thanks! Im glad you liked our country:) im living in Kotka city:) im sorry my english is not very good:)
  11. And love this song! Video is awesome !:)
  12. Awesome! Thank you so much all! I have been smoking 6 years. Started when i was 18.. And I am from Finland:)
  13. Im huge fan of Michael Jackson and i started make that change and stop smoking today!:wish me luck!

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