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  1. well done stewbum. don't look to far ahead tho. just keep getting through the todays and the tomorrows will take care of themselves
  2. Day 80 is a great start. Yes, it's all in the mind. Subdue the mind and the body has no choice. Great post tocevoD
  3. That's the spirit @MLMR you can do this
  4. 19...somebody bring us home
  5. @Reciprocity I hope your friend can quit at some point. Maybe hearing your story will have a bigger impact than you think. And I am still at that stage where I do enjoy the smell of a freshly lit cig. The smell of weed or vapes however make me quite nauseous so I get where you were at on that truck ride. Have a great weekend.
  6. well done @Sunshine594 years is a great quit. thank you for sharing your success
  7. congrats @garry mhudson that is an inspiring quit.
  8. thanks everybody for the support. everybody here was a big part in me getting this far in my quit. been offline for a while due to some technical difficulties. hope everyone is well and smoke free. i am still sans cigs
  9. congrats @robin0212on 2 months. that's a stellar quit you got. keep it up.
  10. Am I too late? I brought some soda. Luv ya Dor. You kept me strong. Can't thank you enough.
  11. congrats on 2 months quit Sandi. you're doing great. you'll be on the Lido Deck before you know it.
  12. congrats Bri. so good to see you doing so good. hope you had a great day
  13. congrats @robin02121 month is a huge accomplishment. keep it going
  14. that's a fantastic quit Doreen. You are an inspiration.
  15. congrats @overcome on 1 year quit.
  16. congrats Sandi. that's a great quit you got. keep that momentum going. great job.

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