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  1. this is insanity. when i was a kid we decorated for xmas on xmas eve and tore that shit down before midnite on new years eve. when they were dropping the ball in Times Square we were lighting the tree on fire and toasting marshmallows over the embers. we keep going down this path and folks be getting christmas lights out while they're still hung over from the 4th of July. please God make it stop!!!
  2. never over indulge sangria esprit bulge
  3. elbows and shins mostly, sometimes with side of fingers do hammers sometimes get confused and cause injuries?
  4. when she served a Merlot with the pea soup. Cuz that would call for a dry white wine, geez, y'all ain't no fun. what size batteries go in ...
  5. Cheeseburger in Paradise (Jimmy Buffet) Where are you going?
  6. 7. "you want that last slice of pizza?"
  7. 1. take it swimming in some bourbon
  8. that was me completely sober...imagine where my mind would go if I dropped a few grams of 'shrooms.
  9. it's that time of year again...happy holidays
  10. happy thanksgiving day to you @Boo when i think of what i am grateful for, the list just wouldn't be complete without... the monkey
  11. not only question what you read, but who wrote it and why. what was their agenda for writing what they wrote? there are no shallow rabbit holes.
  12. it's been a minute since i've dropped anything here on my quit thread. maybe that's a good thing, i don't know. some personal family issues arose recently that got me to thinking, what do we really know vs. what we are told and blindly accept as truth. for instance, i'm quite sure that there are 7 and a half billion people in the world. How do I know that? did i count them all or did some person that i don't personally know tell me that? Or worse, was it some faceless entity that claims some kind of authority over everybody to tell us how many of us there are? The fact is I don't know how many people are in this world. Hell I don't even know how many houses are on the street I live on much less the number of people in the world. sometimes we have a willingness to put faith in institutions that may or may not have our best interests in mind. questioning ones world view can be a healthy thing to do especially since we are programmed (and highly effectively I might add) through electronic media. that intentional programming started very shortly after the mass adoption of the radio so if you believe you aren't being programmed you might want to think again. In fact, the more fervently you believe you haven't been programmed the more effectively you have been. Even with smoking Hollywood programmed the men to believe that smoking made them cool and desirable and women to believe smoking made them sexy and desirable and the most sinister part is that we didn't even know it until we realized we were hooked. Now you want to look me in the eye and tell me with a straight face that those same people would stop at cigarettes? You think for a second they would stop at selling a product through sexual innuendo when fear is ten times more effective at manipulating the herd? At any rate, I started doing a little experiment were I would write down something I am 100% sure of and then I would write down how I came to know that particular fact and found out that most of the stuff I "know" I don't even know how I came to know it. Most of it I saw on tv or some video on line but my shields were down and it just got rubber stamped by my psyche as true, and that is just a best guess. Maybe i'll start a thread in Games called "Debunk Yourself" where you take a commonly held fact and then state very truthfully how you came to know said fact. Then the rest of us can pile on and tell you what an idiot you are. sounds like good times. But if I don't start the thread you all can pile on here and tell me I'm an idiot. you wouldn't be wrong and my feelings won't be hurt cause I already know the truth. I am an idiot. it's tough not to be though. Think about it, if the world was hollow who would know/ only those who touched the sky/ the rest of us in invisible chains/ aren't even allowed to try.
  13. Wow @Mac#23 i hope your power stays on. if we got that kind of snow where i am the power would be out for a month. it's pretty but i'm not really a winter kinda person.
  14. i am so sorry to hear you are struggling Linda. Sometimes we all just need to vent, so vent. get it out of your system. we understand it. you understand it. anyway you overcome the urge is the right way. sending some positive energy your way.
  15. on a side note...a nickel is 25% nickel and 75% copper. as of now, the metal content in nickel is worth about 6.7 cents. you can buy nickels for 5 cents. i'll let you do the math.
  16. i'll simplify it for you. create a currency. get that currency denoted as legal tender by law. make illegal to counterfeit said currency then proceed to counterfeit said currency. pay a goon to create a virtual currency for the people to buy with original counterfeited currency then counterfeit the counterfeited currency so you can, uh...yeah, them monkey gifs are where its at!
  17. happy quitaversary johnny5. you were a big help in my quit so thanks for that. hope you had an awesome day.
  18. hey there @Susan P.how is the quit going? did you give it a try? i know it's been a while since you posted this but figured i'd reach out and see how you were doing.
  19. Champix was recalled due to an unacceptably high level of a compound that is correlated cancer incidence. currently it isn't known if it will be available again. that's what google tells me anyhow

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