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  1. congrats @DenaliBluesyou are doing fantastic. keep it going!!
  2. Congratulations Doreen!! so sorry to be late but damn, 9 years is fantastic. must be like almost like never having smoked at all. hope you had a wonderful day and know that I do appreciate all that you do for the train. have a drink on me, dear.
  3. 4 mile walk. 10 pullups. 16 pushups. 36 holes of golf.
  4. when all else fails, pull out the big guns. this gif saved me countless times. Thanks Boo
  5. 4 mile walk. 100 squats. 15 pushups. 17 pullups. 3 hanging seizures (couldn't quite finish that 2nd set of pullups).
  6. 6,820 to add to the pile. For all those who are still here and struggling. it can be done.
  7. congrats @Mee4 years is a mighty fine quit. well done.
  8. @Lindayou can do this. you took a little vacation from your quit. it will take you a few weeks to settle back in to the routine of doing something other than smoking. Just like when you take a vacation from work. it's a kind of tough to get back in the routine but after a week or two it was like you never had any time off at all. I have faith in you.
  9. Yesterday did a 4 mile walk. Today. 40 squats, 2.25 mile walk, 30 squats, 1.25 mile walk, 30 squats, .5 mile walk, 10 pullups
  10. another smoking dream last night. In my dream I found myself smoking and got extremely mad at myself for giving in so I threw the cigarette down. then another one magically appeared in fingers and I took a puff, got madder at myself and threw that down. It was kind of a loop like that for a while. What's so strange about this is that I still feel like I smoked and I've been up for almost 4 hours.
  11. i used sleep hypnosis, deep breathing techniques, cold showers, EFT, if it was mentioned as an aid to stay quit I used it...except for NRT. In the end it's all just different ways to ride out the storm. and it all works to pass time and time is what you need. the longer you don't smoke the longer you won't smoke.
  12. i went to the street pharmacist for my sleep aids.
  13. 11 month update. I had to think about this for a while since not a lot has changed from last month. I guess I'll just start with the smoking, or lack thereof and what it's like dealing with that now. Honestly, I still think about smoking everyday but I'm not obsessing over it. It takes less and less effort to distract myself from the thoughts as I wouldn't even classify it as craves anymore. I've been staying pretty strict on the diet. Probably about 90 days on it since my last divergence. Still have problems with my shoulder so I can't do much upper body work out. The hip seems to be not as bad as it was although I still have some minor nagging issues with it. My eyesight is actually getting better, I did not see that one coming (see what i did there). But seriously, i can read some of the smaller print that 3 months ago I would just be like screw it, if that warning on this pill bottle was that important they would have it printed in bigger letters. Lack of sleep had been killing me over the last month due to cramps. Sometimes they would start at around midnight and last til 4 or 5 am or they would start at 3 or 4 am and totally screw my sleep up. I took everything you could think of to prevent the cramps and I think I may have found a solution. Started taking free form taurine 6 days ago. No cramps for the last 2 days...at all. I take anywhere from 4 to 8 grams of it per day. In fact today was the first day in long time I made it through an entire day without nodding off or getting the watery eyes from being sleepy. go me. If you have cramping issues give it a try. it's not very expensive. Been 2 months drinking only water. no coffee, tea or anything else liquid. quitting coffee is about as intense as quitting cigarettes but it doesn't last as long. Things I've seen about say you really don't start feeling the benefits quitting for about a year so I'll wait it out and see. I have tried to drink a beer here and there on the golf course but it really makes me feel like shit almost immediately so I'm pretty much done with that. I don't know where I'm at on my quest to lose my quit weight since my scale broke. Maybe I'll get another one but for now I'm just gonna do what I'm been doing a let the weight take care of itself. Well, that's about it. I'm still in the process of crushing all my addictions. Will be interesting to see what life is like not needing some kind of poison to get through the day. take care everyone and stay strong. remember...the steeper the climb the better the view when you get to the top.
  14. if you really cared you would put up the monkey gif...
  15. i played a lot of golf. did a lot of walking. in between i broke a few things and then put them back together. spent a lot of time here playing games and typing out messages to no one that never got submitted and chronicled my quit so i could go back and see where i started from. not sure how i made it this far sometimes but here i am.
  16. Linda is back on the train. Party starts now, says I.
  17. here ya go @FunkyMonkeythis was the mantra that got me through my first months here on the train. That and walking in the rain.

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