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  1. Good job @KEL!!! Hope your evening is peaceful also!
  2. Congratulations @Kris You are winning the fight my friend!!
  3. @Edy Don't give in to the nicotine monster!! It is not your friend!! You know that !!! Sorry about your brother. Honor him and beat your addiction, you can do this with the help here!!! 3 days is an awesome start. Stay close here and post and read!!
  4. @Kris Sorry your struggling, been there right with you!! You are winning the battle, I know you have fought worse ones!! You got this!!
  5. @Opah just FYI the AZO helps with the pain and the symptoms but that won't treat the infection if it is a UTI you need antibiotics. Hopefully the hospital did a urine sample,because that is very common in the elderly, but I have learned you have to be your own best advocate when it comes to medical. You are welcome @Opah
  6. @jillar I went through that exact thing with my mother!! I could always tell when she had a UTI. When she was in the nursing home I would tell them she has one and they wouldn't believe me and finally they would check and she would have one. They finally would listen to me.
  7. Linda

    New look

    @Kris I was too, I have to admit. They are keeping us on our toes. Lol
  8. Linda

    New look

    I see we have a new look!! Nice!!
  9. @Kris that sounds really good!! Sounds like you really are a good cook. Wish I lived closer lol. I find it hard cooking for myself. I used to love to cook, but cooking for 1 is no fun.
  10. @Opah Sorry about your mom. Hope things get better for you soon!! Sending prayers!
  11. Welcome @JoanD Congratulations on your 1 week quit!!! The train is a great place to get support for your quit, from people that have been there and understand. I would have not been where I am in my quit without the great people here. So take your seat, stick close and enjoy your ride to freedom!!
  12. Here and cold in Michigan!!
  13. @Kris Hope you get feeling better soon!!❤
  14. Congratulations @kenzie_peyton Keep up the good fight!!
  15. @Steven Drojensky Thank you!! Hope you get feeling better soon and that is wasn't covid.
  16. @KEL You are doing great!!! I know how hard it was for me!! I guess I'm a slow learner lol You have the determination to do this!! Hang in there and beat the nicotine monster!!! You got this!! I know what you mean about the triggers, smoking was always my go to when I had a problem. But we have to learn to deal other ways because smoking did not make the problem go away.
  17. The cravings are normal this early in your quit!! But keep yourself busy eat something, drink some water they will pass and it does get easier!!! Just don't smoke!!! You are doing great you made it through Hell week!!! Congrats
  18. We all have past we all made choices that maybe weren't the best ones none of of us are completely innocent but we get a fresh start everyday to be A better person than we were yesterday
  19. @jillar It was a great party!!!
  20. @KEL Sorry for your loss!❤❤ Yes it is, stay strong!!
  21. @KEL Well to be honest it feels like its not real yet!! I will have to admit is was not easy for me!! But I don't think it was for anyone!! I know a year seems like along time so I still keep my guard up because I know that addict in me is still there. The craves still come for me but not as often and I get through them much faster It does get easier so keep up the great job you are doing. Before long you will be celebrating your year of being free of the nicotine monster and it does feel great!! You can do it!!
  22. @JH63 Thank you!! You can do this too!! Don't quit trying.
  23. @Opah Find your joy, you can do it!!

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