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  1. 6 mix with water wash windows
  2. 7 remove small scratch on bumper
  3. @Kris Sounds yummy!! Enjoy!
  4. @AceWhite The Pacific is large for sure, but the great lakes in Michigan are hard to beat.Now the winters are something else here lol
  5. @Kris I messaged you but it must be full. It wouldn't go through. You need to clear your PMs out
  6. @intoxicated yoda Wow 11 months!!! Almost party time on the deck!!
  7. @Kris We do have some beautiful lakes here in Michigan. Come for a visit sometime!! Lol
  8. Just got back from the lake, beautiful day here in Michigan Relaxing with a glass of wine!!
  9. @Kris Congratulations you worked hard to get there but you did it!!!
  10. Good job @Kris!! I tried to call you, but glad you went to sleep and let it pass!!
  11. @Kris Sorry your having a hard time!! Don't do it! You will regret it. You have come to far to give in to the monster. You know it will not help. Hang in there!! You are stronger than you think my friend
  12. Congratulations @Steven Drojensky I knew you could do it!!
  13. 2 brush your teeth
  14. 10 clean under finger nails Toothbrush
  15. @jillar Congratulations on 6 years quit!! Thank you for all the support you give here!!
  16. Good job, @Kdad!!!!
  17. Congratulations @intoxicated yoda!!!!
  18. @Kris 11 months is awesome!! You have struggled hard to get there my friend but I knew you could do it!!! Your one strong lady!!
  19. @Kdad Wow 10 days!!! You can do this, we knew you could!!!

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