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Welcome @Jennerand congratulations on deciding to quit smoking.


When did you quit smoking or are you preparing to quit soon?  There is a lot of support and advice for you here no matter what stage of your quit you are at.


A good starting point would be to read the information in the link posted below.  Sazerac has posted a great intro.



Also, read up on the posts in the Quit Smoking Discussions part of the site.


Reach out to us for any questions or struggles you may have.  We have all been through the ups and downs of the quit process.


It is great to have you here.


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Welcome to Quit Train @Jenner! Take a seat in first class and enjoy the ride. Lots of other quitters here willing to help you along on this important life saving journey you have wisely decided to take. 


There's no magic involved in quitting it's a commitment you make to yourself to put those nasty, controlling cigs down and to Never Take Another Puff! There's no shortcuts but some prefer to use quit aids such as patched , sprays, lozenges or gum to help relieve cravings in the early days of your quit while others prefer to just go cold turkey and get the nicotine out asap.


There's only one rule once you smoke your last cig and that's N.O.P.E. (Not One Puff Ever) We even have a daily NOPE thread here.


Hope you decide to stick around and read some of the posts and other articles available on this site.


Have you picked a quit date yet?

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Welcome Jenner!!  It’s so daunting in the very beginning…at least it was for me. It’s kind of like an ice bath…just get in and deep breaths. I spent a lot of time “waiting for the right moment” or “I’ll know when I’m ready” and it’s all horseshit.  Ya just do it and bear the waves that come w quitting. Sugar free red vines were all I ate lol. Proud of u for making this decision!!

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Welcome aboard the Train! Glad you found us. As others have noted, reading/learning all you can is an important part of quitting. Knowledge is power (learning what to expect over the course of your quit), and it’s amazing how many rationalizations we attach to smoking without even knowing it. I found this post really helpful:




Everyone has a different style… you will find the quit strategy that works for you. Distraction, having a variety of coping mechanisms in your toolkit, and staying close to this forum are key. When you have questions or need support, we’re here.



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On 10/28/2023 at 9:49 AM, Jenner said:

Just learned of this site. Great to know there's support out there!

What is the best way to begin this process?


Howa are you doing, given more thought to quitting?

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