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  1. Happy 6th Anny @Cbdave! Yep to Nope 4-ever!! L4L
  2. Love these words! I referred to that saying often in my early quit days. Now- I turn to it for other things- like eating better, exercise, etc.
  3. Welcome back! I frequented QSMB when I quit in 2016. I’m not so active here anymore but soooo glad I saw your post!! You know the drill- stick close to the board! Good job getting back to The Quit! Here are some familiar words: Don’t stick anything in your mouth & light it on fire!! N O P E!!! Not one puff EVER! -L4L
  4. @breath Happy Birthday & Happy 20 yr Quitiversary!! Wonderful, truthful, inspiring words! -L4L
  5. Yep. Same. I had last cigarette of the night and woke up a quitter!
  6. @bakon!! Congratulations on 9 years!! That’s amazing!!! You definitely helped me along the way!!
  7. @JustinHoot99 Welcome!!! I loved reading in your intro that you acknowledged the waves of craves that will creep in. You’ve taken charge already! We’re glad to have you! Tons of support here!!! L4L
  8. Congratulations @Kris! 3 months is a major milestone! The craves will ease off in time. L4L
  9. Seconds to minutes to hours to days to weeks to months … to Lido deck & beyond! You’re doing it!!!! Way to go, @Gus!!! Congratulations!!! -L4L
  10. @Opah Good job!! I’m proud of you for posting SOS & saving your quit. The Lido Deck is ready for you!
  11. @Tara smith Make this place your second home. Get comfy and stick around. A forum like this helped me quit & saved my quit many times. Don’t feel like typing a bunch? Play some games. Read old posts. Stay preoccupied & the crave will pass. They really do!! For high anxiety days: deep breaths. I used a straw to mimic a cig. Come to find out, when I got stressed out- my body was craving deep , clean breaths- not smoky, carcinogenic clouds of junk. I stopped using a straw after about a month. The prop was no longer needed. It didn’t reinforce the habit - it just helped me adjust. It was a familiar action. Quitting is possible. Often not fun. But 100% doable. L4L
  12. Live a healthier, longer life while not smelling like a putrid ashtray.
  13. @darcy glad you made the decision to quit & regain all the things you mentioned- money, life etc.
  14. He left us great words of inspiration. This collection is on of my favorites. Thanks for keeping it flowing @jillar!!
  15. 3. Fill with water and give to @jillar so she can spray special plants.
  16. 1. Fill with water and spray misbehaving pets.
  17. WTG Gus! Congratulations on 5 months of smobriety!! Great job!! L4L
  18. So…how many of you are now singing the Violent Femmes? I was just deleting and reviewing apps on my handy dandy device. So many that I don’t use anymore… got to let them go! I came across one that I hadn’t seen in quite sometime. It was buried between useless clutter. This app was once my lifeline. It is a ticker for smoking cessation. Once upon a time I opened it compulsively. How many minutes have I been smoke free? How many cigarettes have I avoided? How much of my lung and heart health has improved? FFS is the Nicodemon’s poison out of me yet? Today I deleted a bunch of apps. I opened my ticker/counter app. My last cigarette was 4 years 324 days ago. I haven’t smoked 35,694 cigarettes. Which means $12,493.19 didn’t go up it smoke. I’m keeping the app on my phone. Just like I’m keeping my quit!! Let your numbers grow! When you add it up- you will beam with pride! L4L
  19. Lust4Life

    Take Two

    I always want more pickles!
  20. Awesome quit you got growing!! Congratulations!!
  21. Well, @MLMR - that was hard to read! Likely not as hard as it was to post!! I hope you return to quitting. It is your life & your recovery... grab the reins again and take charge!! im pretty amazed I remembered what mlmr stands for since half the time I can’t remember where I put my phone.
  22. I think you do give a shit. By venting you have extended an arm. Let this place pull you out of the dark pit. Keep your quit. Keep venting.

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