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  1. I thought it obvious also, it was certainly obvious to me, even as a smoker, to smell it on another smoker when they were near me. But apparently not everyone is that observant. Once while in a long meeting, (in which everyone attending had known me for a least 2-3 years) we decided to break for 15 mins, so I went out for a smoke. When I came back, they were talking about me, the people who knew I smoked were trying to convince two of the others that I smoked and had likely just done so on the break. So one of the ladies just asked me point blank if I smoked. I said yes, and haven’t you ever noticed the smell on me? She said no, she hadn’t and declined to smell me right then, but their surprise did seem genuine. My only mitigation to get rid of smell after a cigarette was to wash my hands. Maybe I discovered the secret to hiding it . Other times, people I knew would walk by the smokers area and see me actually smoking and express surprise. I never tried keeping it a secret and assumed they could tell. So were these people just being nice or could they really not tell? People are not very observant at all, and I could get away with a lot of things, even when done in plain sight. Another time while in the restroom, a guy came in reeking of cigar smoke, he washed his hands, face, and hair (he had a short buzz cut, so it was a simple task). Even that didn’t work as it was still on his clothing. But at least he tried, and I’m sure his coworkers appreciated his effort to eliminate the odor People can be oblivious to what’s right in front of them
  2. Recently joined a dating site. Looking at profiles I see very, very few admitted daily smokers. However I do see “social smoker” quite often. So what does it mean to be a social smoker theses days when smoking has been banned from pretty much all restaurants, clubs, bars, malls, and so on (at least in the US). Even outdoor venues don’t allow it. The only places I can think of are private parties at someone’s home. Also, is there such a person that only smokes in a social gathering? I highly doubt it, they are trying to justify it. Thoughts?
  3. Useless. How many times do smokers read the warning on the pack itself? Or look at the horrific pictures you find mostly outside the US, as I understand
  4. Congratulations @jillar enjoy your Memorial Day weekend
  5. Thank you everyone. I had actually forgotten my anniversary
  6. @Marie71 I used chantix to successfully quit. Be sure to take as directed and finish the course. You should be starting, or will be soon starting to lose the cravings and experiencing a strange taste when smoking, if you still are that is, and if you’ve already quit, good for you
  7. Didn’t use zyban, don’t know about that. Used chantix, which worked very well for me. Check with your doctor before using either one
  8. “5. Follow-up this idea with, "I have not smoked in ___ days/weeks/months/years" then add "I have not had any cravings" then add "I could have just one").” This is the one that sank my first quit. Made it 14 weeks and thought…just one. We all know how that turns out and I smoked another 7 months before quitting for good
  9. I occasionally have those dreams. I don’t even think twice about them anymore, nor do I believe there is any deep seated desire to smoke simply because I dreamed about it. The important thing is that we have no desire to smoke when awake.
  10. Put a positive spin on it. Lack of new membership or activity on forums means there are fewer smokers to sign up and post. Yay, it’s working, good job everyone! I rarely see a smoker “in the wild” these days. Or maybe I should leave the house more often, either way I’m surprised when I see someone smoking.
  11. I used Chantix. Worked out well for me. You should discuss with your doctor before using it.
  12. 50 decades? Are you one of the immortals?
  13. You’re right, that’s just sheer insanity
  14. I could never taste any difference between brands. I could differentiate between menthol or not but that was it.
  15. I love this tag phrase. Every smoker should see themselves desperate for their nicotine fix. I have heard so many smokers say I’m not addicted, I like smoking. Riiight, they like stopping the withdrawal that builds up between cigarettes
  16. I would recommend this site IF I knew anyone that smoked, I hardly ever even see anyone smoking theses days. a couple months back, I visited some relatives, and attended an (outdoor) 60th birthday party that probably 40+ people attended and I didn’t see one person smoking, with the exception of 3 guys who joined the birthday boy in a cigar as the party wound down (I wasn’t one of them).
  17. My experience is no, they don’t work. Talk to your dentist.
  18. Have the party catered. Lot less stress for you. My BIL hired cater for my sisters 60th. He still got all the credit for the food
  19. As of today: 20,908 That number astounds me. Hard to believe I’ve done ANYTHING 10s of thousands of times
  20. People always said that to me too. I always thought they were just being kind or had no sense of smell whatever. I could always smell it on someone, even when I was still a smoker.
  21. I did skateboard as a teenager, wouldn’t call it an addiction. I didn’t wake up in the night and have the urge to grab my skateboard and hit the streets or have to sneak out during a TV commercial to do a few spin kicks on my board.
  22. You post didn’t make clear if taxpayer money is being used to create these lounges or are they privately funded? If the latter, that’s disappointing but I wouldn’t object Is the local government rescinding existing smoking bans? Or allowing a separate smoking lounge to exist. If they are rescinding bans, I understand the outrage.
  23. I never experienced any peer pressure, nor was asked to hold cigarettes by my friends that smoked (guess that means they were real friends). I just thought it looked cool to blow smoke out of your mouth. The head rush when I first managed to inhale without coughing sealed the deal
  24. It’s almost all about diseases . Almost nothing about the social aspect, which for me anyway, turned into the major motivation after the health reason. No longer having to sneak off or be banished to a remote spot to smoke if there was a smoking area at all.

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