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  1. NOPE. Not one puff ever! I will NOT smoke today
  2. Yes. I am in my seat. Been physically active all this time: cleaning, washing, etc. No cravings. Thank you for your encouraging words Linda!
  3. Yes, I have restarted my quit and in a weird way I feel like I am more confident. Btw, what is an air cigarette?
  4. What a reply. I am glad I posted here. I was reduced to tears but now I feel like this was a key lesson. These aren't available where I live (India) but I have lots of mouth freshner alternatives. Adding this to my list of things to try when I visit the US.
  5. Hi guys. So I quit for a month or so, thanks to the support I found here. I slipped and had one, triggered by life stressors. I feel horrible. One part of me even says "You can never quit, smoke regularly, accept this life." The other part says, "Try again! Its okay." Logically, I know that this addiction is beyond useless. Anyway, sharing this here to get some advice, help, tricks, whatever can help me get back on track. Also, if you are considering having just one, don't. Its not worth it.
  6. Yes, Ace White! No more bad smells no more bad taste. That is so good!
  7. Thanks yoda Is it normal to have thoughts like "recovery is pointless just smoke one." ??? Thanks Angel. Joel's vids helped me more than Allen Carr.
  8. Thank you all for the positive comments.
  9. Is it normal to feel "Wtf I'll just have one." ??? Because I know its so stupid and will reverse my progress but I can't stop this thought. I need this device hahaha
  10. Thanks DenaliBlues and jillar I am so nervous though, every day is harder than the next
  11. Thanks overcome! For your support on the last post as well.
  12. No more rank smoke stench. No more hiding. No more shame. Ofc I am happy Thank you so much!
  13. Hey guys, do you remember me? I posted a while ago. Never thought I could do this, but here I am 8 days free. I am happy. Thank you all who commented on my earlier post and believed in me.
  14. Yes. Till today I never realised that this addiction is layered. For me: 1) chemical = nicotine 2)psychological = helps me relieve boredom 3) emotional = I feel lost without them 4) ritual = It feels good to do this on a break, in the morning, before bed, etc.

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