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  1. another nice girl ruined yesterday tears
  2. October's Zoological Events
  3. Dominatrix resumes after premature ejaculation after
  4. #1 I backpacked into Big Sur with friends #2 I camped out of a Cadillac in The Sierra with a drug dealer and a pimp #3 I canoed and camped for weeks in The Quetico with second husband.
  5. omitting disastrous efforts
  6. Just checking in to see if anyone got lost on the Lido or forgot where they were. Very nice party !
  7. CDC flags one death and nearly 200 cases of lung illnesses in U.S, possibly tied to vaping here is the whole article from Reuters
  8. Here are resources from our friend, Joel Spitzer. Weight Related Resources and 'I'd Rather Be A Little Overweight Not Smoking Than Underweight And Dead"
  9. You are doing great ! Don't fret about the weight but, do think about moving your body around. It is a great way to kill craves and re-program your brain to dole out endorphins for the right reason. This can be low impact exercise like yoga or stretching exercises or running marathons like some of our members have ended up completing.
  10. Congratulations, Hellkatbaby on you first month smoke free ! You are going to get a lot of power from this to use in many places in your life. Stay strong and remember to reward yourself.

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