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    Gardens, Painting, Writing, Music and Cocktails and Freedom.
    Belly Laughs, Cooking, Sewing, Carving, Maps, Freedom.
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    October 23, 2013, A Good Day to be Free.

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  1. Stay focused. You will succeed.
  2. Congratulations, Richard, on your First Month of Freedom ! Everything will be better and easier by and by.
  3. Welcome Greenlight to our merry band and congratulations on your quit ! Your experience is invaluable. The more voices we have only serve to amplify our collective strengths. Please settle in, have a look around and post often. S
  4. Congratulations on your 10 months of Freedom, M ! You continue to build your quit and free other places in your life, this has been incredible to witness. Thank you for sharing your quit with us. S
  5. Congratulations on your First Month ! The fog can last a while but, don't be anxious about it.Did you read this ? The Great Smoke Free Mental Fog Your body is recovering from the all the poison you assaulted it with. This takes time. Often smoking hides other physical issues so, if you have any concerns please consult a medical professional. Do not forget to Reward yourself ! Rewards are an integral part of claiming back our brain.
  6. Congratulations on your First Year of Freedom, Tammy. You have built yourself a sturdy, successful quit and shown your wisdom and compassion here on the QTrain. Thank you so much for sharing your quit with us. Stay vigilant, darling. This next year will be SO much better than last as you settle into living nicotine free and please continue rewarding yourself, you have done such fine work.
  7. Sazerac


    I am relieved to hear from you Kdad ! Stay vigilant, odd triggers may well catch you off guard. NOPE your way through and good on you for helping your pal. Education is essential and this site has a plethora of information. Please encourage your friend to access all the materials here.
  8. Sazerac


    I am sorry I missed this on Saturday, @Kdad Hope you NOPE'd your way through. Some of my most egregious triggers jumped out when I was 10 months quit. These were the dying embers of my active addiction. The last few neural pathways need to be blazed as a smoke free person and these are times to bring out distinctly luscious rewards which will assist in turning everything around. Please let us know how you are doing. We all know about the tenaciousness of addiction, for sure !

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