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  1. What!!!!!!! 9 months already! Thanks all.
  2. Kdad


    Thanks all! I feel better. I have a new friend going through hard times and smoking. Trying to help him stay positive but haven't suggested this forum yet, going to. Anyway, it helps me to help someone else.
  3. Kdad


    Hey all It is almost 9 months for me and I have never been this close to smoking. I see smokers and I linger over the thought of joining them. It is nihilism and a "whatever" attitude mixed with rebellion. I admit to not being on the forum lately. Maybe that is it.
  4. Thanks all!!! Great feeling. Sorry I haven't been on the forum lately, busy. Need to get back to NOPE's.
  5. I didn't recognize the brand. Would have been harder if they were Black American Spirits.
  6. I go for a daily walk around the block with my dog. Today we were almost home when I saw something in the middle of the sidewalk, a full pack of cigarettes! I stared at it in my hand for some time. Then I put them in a nearby mailbox and kept on walking. I guess I didn't trust myself to throw them away at home.

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