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  1. I can't seem to shake it this time... HELP!!!
  2. Kdad


    Ha!! FLUSHED THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN DO THIS!
  3. Kdad


    Ugh! Still can't quit. I feel like I am close... Bought a new pack though.
  4. Kdad


    Sorry to say I am still smoking. The nico-demon is strong with this one. How do I change my ticker?
  5. Kdad


    Thanks all. I am motivated. Had my last cig at 8am_ish. Resisted the temptation to buy another pack so I clear now. Born to run!
  6. Kdad


    I feel weak and overpowered...
  7. Kdad


    I think about missing future Grandkids, hopefully. And what it does too my family...
  8. Kdad


    So glad I have you guys! For sure it was stress. Need other coping mechanisms.
  9. I was 2+ years without nicotine... started smoking about a month ago... last cig 30 min ago, Uhggg. Help!!!!!
  10. Has anyone heard from Linda Thomas? Haven't been on in a while.

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