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  1. Congratulations Katgirl eight months is awesome. I'm marking my calendar for that party ship that will be docking.
  2. OMG, I almost missed the party. I'm on my way! Congratulations on one year smoke free. I hoped you partied hearty because it is well deserved!
  3. Congratulations on four years smoke free. I am sure each year of quit you build, the more confident nonsmoker you become. I hope you are enjoying all your smoke free days!
  4. Congratulations KEL. Three months is so awesome. You have gotten yourself through the tough part and now it is a matter of retraining the brain. Every time that smoking thought pops in, you redirect it. You have got this girl!
  5. Welcome Cweb 123 and congratulations on quitting. So glad you found us. We are not just random internet people. We have all been where you are and know the experience of quitting. We know that feeling of desperation craving that next cigarette but also know that you can push through. Hang around and get to know us all. We would love to help you on your journey to quitting.
  6. Oh Jo, I love you so much. You always have said it like it is and made me see things for what they are. My mind knows what you are saying is true but my heart, right now, is not letting me. I need reminding of those big hairy green balls I worked so hard for. I have missed you so much and glad you are back.
  7. @reciprocity, @Doreensfree, @KEL and @jillar, thank so much for your kind words. Many of us in our later years are still waiting for that loving approval from our parents. I found myself turning cartwheels and over extending myself looking for it. Whether my brothers encouraged my Mom, or my mother intended on excluding me, she changed her will. It is not the monetary value of losing out but the fact that I couldn't even pick a picture or little something as a memento of my childhood. I was particularly close to the one brother and am in shock that he would do this. It makes me feel so worthless and hurt. I do realize I have my friends here, who have carried me through many difficult times. You helped me find a power that I did not know I had. I am sure the grief will begin to subside and life will go on. I will continue to work on getting back to my old self and joining in the group. Much love to you all Mee!
  8. Sitting here trying to catch up on the 389 messages I missed. I can't remember the last time I was here and know it has been months. I know I have pulled away because I just don't know what to say to help others or even myself. I have really struggled with grief this year. I lost my dad in February and my Mom November 20th. Not only did I lose my parents but I lost my family when they walked in and stripped everything that was left without any consideration for me. I was the only daughter and only sister that carried on the family holidays and special events. I was the only one to lovingly take care of my parents for the last five years of their lives and I was pushed out in the end. I can't seem to push past the hurt and feelings of worthlessness. Along with this, the pandemic has not helped. We did not have a Christmas last year because of it and this year, my son and granddaughter were sick with the omnicon varient. It just does not seem like it will end. I am so hoping the new year will help me find new beginnings. Mee
  9. If you can do 16 hrs, you can keep going. So glad your back and ready to finally quit.
  10. Welcome PatriciaLM. This is a wonderful place for support in quitting. I smoked for 42 years and tried every possible method to quit but was not successful until I landed here. Stay close to the forum, educate yourself, play some games and make some new friendships. We are here to help you on your journey. You can do this!
  11. Deep breaths! Look at it as a last ditch effort from the nicomonster. Keep going forward and don't look back. You've got this! Congrats on your 10 months.
  12. You definitely got this. Just keep trudging forward and don't look back at that place you buy your cigs. I bought most of my cigs at the corner gas station. I became so friendly with the guy behind the counter that it seemed like my day was not complete if I did not stop in. It actually was my junkie brain telling me to stop. How exciting it was to stop in after my 1 year quitversary and tell him I was not longer a smoker.
  13. So true Justin! Once you start the journey, don't look back and keep going forward. Relapsing always takes you back to where you started!
  14. Welcome back @JustSomeGuy. That sweet little boy is a wonderful reason to quit. You want your life with him to be full of happy wonderful memories and not illness and health issues. You quit once before and can do it again. Hang close and we will definitely help you stay on track.
  15. Never give up Kate! The medical and mental health fields are always coming up with new treatments. I am very thankful this has worked for you. You are so brave to share your struggles, which will help others dealing with depression!
  16. Hey Justin. Don't obsess about the wait gain while quitting. You sound like you have a good attitude towards exercise and healthy eating. Concentrate on the quitting and then everything else falls into place. Your life will change immensely after quitting and you will feel better and move more. Keep that wonderful quit going!
  17. Welcome to the forum @Freedom53. So glad you found us and are sharing your journey. Hang close, educate yourself and get to know us. We are here to help support you.
  18. Hang in there Tara, you can do this. I did find the Nope page helped me immensely. There was something about making that pledge to myself that made me stick to it.
  19. Glad your back on board Tara. Many of us had relapses during our quits. Reach out and post an SOS if you feel like smoking and we can try and help you redirect those thoughts.
  20. Hey @Graciegirlva, you've got this. You have already sweat the worst days of getting rid of the nicotine and now you need to learn how to redirect those craving thoughts. Hang close to the forum, educate yourself and get to know us all. We are here to help support you on your journey!
  21. Hang in there Kate. You are strong enough not to give into those self-destructive thoughts. Do not feel alone. You are beautiful and we love you. There is always someone here to have your back. We are here for you!
  22. Congratulations SecondChanceSailor, Isn't it a wonderful feeling to realize we are no longer chained to the habit. Enjoy your smoke free life. We love hearing from you and hope you will hang around and encourage others. Sharing your journey always helps others.
  23. Way to go Kris. 3 months is awesome. Keep that beautiful quit going.
  24. Welcome @JustinHoot99. Glad you have decided to quit smoking. You have a good start on quitting but you truly have to stay away from the cigarettes on your own. Smoking has been your pattern for 40 years and it is going to take a while to retrain your thoughts to avoid the cravings. You can do it. I smoked for 42 years and have been quit for three now. Stay close to the forum, educate yourself and get to know us. We are here to support you on your journey.
  25. Well thank goodness you realize now that you have to quit. Many of us smoked for way too many years before we finally realized the need to quit. I am not familiar with what you are smoking but anything unnatural that goes into your lungs is not good. The toughest part of quitting is the withdrawal but fortunately it only takes a couple of days to get it out of your system. Stay close to the forum, educate yourself and get to know us. We are here to support you on your quitting journey.

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