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  1. Congratulations on 10 months Kris. Two more and we will be cruising together.
  2. Congratulations Dianne! Don't sail without me. I am bringing the booze.
  3. Congratulations Hat. So glad you made it this far and did so well with very little assistance. You have had the determination you needed and persistence to stay quit. I am coming up on my fourth year and have no thoughts of returning. It is a wonderful feeling to be free. I am enjoying spending all those extra funds.
  4. Good for you Happy Passenger. You have the power and strength to quit. Keep telling yourself you no longer smoke and power through the cravings. The nicotine is gone after a couple of days and then you learn to redirect those thoughts. Stay close to the forum, educate yourself, play some games and get to know us. We would love to help you along your journey.
  5. Two months quit is a great place to be - just continue on the same path and you will stay free.
  6. I found it best to just bite the bullet and quit. The sooner you get that nicotine out of your system, the easier it will become to quit. I found strength among the friends I have made on this forum. Hang around, educate yourself, play some games and get to know us. You can do this.
  7. @Matthew0225 unless you get back on the train and SOS when those strong urges appear, you will continue repeating this cycle over and over. That smoke may taste good and give a short lived feeling of satisfaction but all it does is keep you hooked. You can do this!
  8. I'd say welcome and let's get started. Hang around and let us help you along your journey. You can do this.
  9. Congratulations JudiMD. You've got this now. Keep marching forward and don't look back. Smoking is not a part of your life anymore!
  10. Congratulations on your 11mos. journey. Looking forward to the big party celebrating your year! You have done an awesome job.
  11. Congratulations @DenaliBlues. Two months is awesome. Keep marching forward and don't look back.
  12. After doing tile, I admire anyone that does it. I am one that likes to get in there and make it look new fast. We were torn up for over a week. I am thankful my husband will try anything (he is too cheap to pay anyone).
  13. Cleaning up from our big kitchen project of tiling. I said I would post a finished picture. Boy was this a job. We had painted the kitchen cabinets and got new countertops. It was hard enough picking a tile because the counter tops seemed so busy in color. We have been here 32 years and definitely needed a redo.
  14. Hang tough Kdad. You can get through this. We travelled our journeys together during your first quit. I know you have the fortitude to do this. I'm thinking your lapses are more about being down in life. You seem to have had a lot that has happened, including the pandemic. Cigarettes do nothing for you. You are worthy of a smoke free life. We are here for you!
  15. You can do this Kdad. Nothing has changed from your first quit except that you keep giving into your junky brain. Breath deep and keep moving forward. Post an SOS if you are going to smoke. Give us a chance to talk you off the ledge!
  16. Still working on our tiling project. Probably would have been done if my husband listened to me in the first place. I will post pictures when we are done!
  17. So well said DenaliBlues! Sometimes reading each other's journeys is all that it takes to make it one more day!
  18. Just breath @Brioski. You can keep going and power through those cravings. You don't need that cigarette it is just your brain messing with you.
  19. Wow @Rajag that is huge. Congratulations!
  20. Congrats on your two years. I loved watching your journey to freedom.
  21. I was using the sheet tile and the pattern was arabesque. They were so unevenly spaced on the sheet, we gave up and chose a different pattern. We are trying again today. We have made a template of the wall and have laid the pieces together. Now comes the cutting. Cross your fingers. We have been married for 45 years and hope this together project does not put us over the edge.
  22. We are going to try and tile my backsplash behind my new kitchen counters. I have watched so many ytube video tutorials, I was thinking it was going to be so easy. We prepped our area and made a wood template, so what could go wrong. Well we just found there are different distances between the tiles and we have to use a couple of different size spacers. Nobody even touched on this subject and how it will effect the look in the end. Any tilers out there are welcome to jump in an give advice.
  23. Congratulations on 3 mos quit and almost 27 years of marriage. Keep that beautiful quit going and you will be enjoying many more wonderful years together.
  24. Congratulations Sunnyside. 3 months is awesome. You've got this!
  25. JustinHoot99, you can do this. I use to stop at the same gas station every day on my way home from work and purchase a pack. I loved talking to the man behind the counter. When I quit, I took a different way home from work. I did not go back for a year after I quit. It was such a good feeling to finally just stop in for a visit. Every day you get stronger. Keep your wonderful quit going.

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