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  1. notsmokinjo

    Can you see what it is??????

    @Doreensfree's got the cool gene! I found you and boo...
  2. I worried about you with the floods and I knew they were North Qld so you would be safe....but reports down here are Oma is heading south not north ....hope you are safe.
  3. notsmokinjo

    What are you doing right now

    Can't give details cos I know at least one northerner watching it after the event.. but let's just say it's a win to Melbourne
  4. notsmokinjo

    What are you doing right now

    Yes Reci it's a hockey tournament..🙄...
  5. notsmokinjo

    What are you doing right now

    Sittin on the couch at me dad's watching my Melbourne Renegades play his Melbourne Stars in the big bash final.
  6. notsmokinjo

    Saturday Poll: Eggs.....

    Oh I'm a poached egg girl... as long as the yokes are runny.... some nice fat sour dough toast... real butter... mmmmm yummy...... some saute mushies, steamed spinach, fried tomatoes...and now I am sitting at my grandma's kitchen table with my legs too little for my feet to hit the floor having breaky while its still dark outside with my uncles before they head to work.... cracked pepper... salt.... oh so nice and yummy..... do they need to be drunk... that's kind of a sad confession to make
  7. notsmokinjo

    Saturday Poll: Eggs.....

    I think Reci needs a gold star for suggesting this poll..... and there will certainly be more eggs in our future... there are desert, there are drinks, there are a plethora of options. Have you ever had satay eggs.... thing hardboiled egg, peeled and then deep fried smothered in satay sauce.... way better than I just made it sound..
  8. notsmokinjo

    Kdad is 5 months smoke free!

    Congratulations @Kdad for being 5 months smoke free! Well done on building such a solid base for your quit. Its great to see what you will come up with in the NOPE each day, such a highlight. Make sure you do something special to celebrate this milestone and reward yourself because you deserve it.
  9. notsmokinjo

    Can you see what it is??????

    I just look at them and they pop out.... no nose to the screen or stuff like that.... and then if I look a different way the go like a 3D hole.
  10. notsmokinjo

    Saturday Poll: Eggs.....

    Well roast spuds win the day in the war of the taytahs.... but.... what sort of eggs are going to be the fave of the peeps??? Yes I know the options in the poll are only the tip of the iceberg, I know there are omelets, and fritattas, and even sunnyside up.... so don't you be hating... besides there are a lot of polls to come, how do you know I'm not saving things for a future day... so in honour of our resident breakfast food lets make this..... poll all about the best eggs to have with bacon...... it will be another 4 way poll.... so such it up and make sure you vote or some other egg variety will come out as best. And all you soldier lovers, don't worry, your egg poll is coming.
  11. notsmokinjo

    Saturday Poll: Potatos....

    Come on we were talking potatos... like any of them could be loosers... lets just say the most winningest was Roasties.... will have to cook some tonight in the drippens from me lamb roast last week... nope might do em tomorrow night to go with me steak a la Cbdave.
  12. notsmokinjo

    Make A Sentence from 5 Letters

    Tim has on no grundies.
  13. notsmokinjo

    The best home cooked steak

    Omg I'm so having steak for dinner tomorrow.
  14. notsmokinjo

    Can you see what it is??????

    Found one for Chris... Lol.... And for our Saz..... I did try for horns but no luck...
  15. notsmokinjo

    Can you see what it is??????

    Do you know if you are really clever you can see them as a concave so instead of being 3D it becomes like a hollowed out cave behind a flat service.... Clever or insane, it will be one of them.

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