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  1. ^^ hey Joe you better not be lookin for a lighter.
  2. (beginning to suspect Joe8toe shares more than my name) Ay ... Multiple...if ya from QLD you just say it at the end of ever sentence ay...but the further down south ya go it means with what?
  3. Don't you howl at the full moon just to freak the neighbours?
  4. What accents, we don't have accents, everyone else does ..lol, joke Joyce. Australia is the greatest place on earth (not biased)... and when you get down here you will love it. Just plan well it's the same size almost as the USA so unless you come for a long time you won't manage to see everything..it's a huge place. Wait that gives me an idea....get one of those money tins or jars and each week put the money you would have used to buy ya smokes in there....before you know it you'll have some of you coming to Australia money...two bucket list items for one, Visiting Aus and being Smoke Free.
  5. I know me mates wouldn't snub me if I smoked, but I will admit, especially early on, I stoked that fear and used it to keep me not smoking. Congrats @Diane R for being smoke free since mundee. That is brilliant.
  6. notsmokinjo

    True or False

    True...chemo meds did a number on mine...will need them all out and falsies I'm sure. TNP doesn't wear makeup
  7. It's hard to explain...but basically it's a mind set thing...when I quit this time I sort of just fell into it. I have a previous very long quit that I planned. Even though I stayed quit for years last time I was still thinking like the junky I was, focussing on what I was missing, and searching daily for a reason I could justify smoking again...for years... This time... Didn't plan to quit, just did it to sorta test meself but the big difference.... I don't even think about smoking anymore it doesn't tempt me ...and the big difference, I decided I would never smoke again, there is no reason that will make it acceptable. But it took time to get to this point. Confession: few months ago I had a really bad day at work...man I wanted a smoke...I smoke would fix it...went across the road to the cafe and bought some chew, just normal gum not NRT, and chewed my way through the day. Crave gone. And being completely honest...I am terrified that if I did smoke I would loose the friends I made after quitting.
  8. X=2 Twofa... Meaning : two for one... To get two things for the rice of one. The bottle-o had a twofa so of course I hit 4.
  9. veg (verb) meaning: to relax, sit around an do nothing as if you were in a vegative state. Wot ya got on this weekend.. Nuthin, just gunna sit on the couch an veg watchin the footy on the telly.
  10. Sound frickin grouse....and to complete the old man scene a grandkid on ya knee. I miss them from when I lived in Darwin...during the build up we would get them without rain but man that skyline at night Frick awesome.
  11. 1 is the lie....cos that's a mighty change from honor roll.
  12. Preggas You say: Preg-gars. To be pregnant. So didja hear Cheryl's preggas?
  13. Mongrel Considering I live in a country where ya call ya enemies mate and ya mates cvnts.....this is actually a pretty big insult. It denotes a person or behaviour who is lower than low. Gee that Toby Green is a real mongrel. Did ya see him kick Dahlhaus in the face. Total mongrel act.

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