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  1. Roopy


    Thank you all so much!
  2. Roopy

    Roopy is 7 months smoke free & has returned!

    This is so nice thank you so much!!! I’ve thought of you all often an should have checked in sooner! I truly value the support..
  3. Roopy


    Hi everyone! Just a a note to say hi. Not sure if anyone remembers me but I am still smoke free and just wanted that to be known. I’ve had a few personal and work issues so haven’t been on here much but I wish I was! Hope everyone is well
  4. Roopy

    Weaning off Champix

    Hi everyone, So I’ve been weaning off champix and am becoming pretty concerned over my memory loss. I’m having a hard time keeping focus when telling a story and often forget what I was saying. I forgot to to turn the tap off after washing my hands yesterday and today I asked my husband to help me find something in the fridge (I’ll admit it... it was cheez whiz) and not only had I already taken it out but I had already opened it. This would have happened seconds before I discovered it and I have no memory of it at all. Does anyone have a similar experience? It’s really embarrassing and I’m thinking maybe I should just stop all together. Still smoke free, no concerns there. Thanks for your help!
  5. Roopy

    Thursday 5th April 2018

  6. Roopy

    Roopy is 2 Months Quit Today!!

    Thank you all so much for this! It’s outstanding how much faster month 2 went than the first month! I still have my moments but I don’t curl up in the fetal position every day anymore and I don’t even remember the last time I threatened murder to my husband lol! It truly does get easier!
  7. Roopy

    Tuesday 3rd April 2018

  8. Roopy

    Weaning off Champix

    Sorry for the late reply! I had a houseguest this week so hadn’t been online much. I am still on the champix, I had just started the third month when I wrote the OP. I am going to start weaning next week just to be safe. Thank you so much for checking in!
  9. Roopy

    Weaning off Champix

    Thanks so much everyone for your advice! I will keep everyone posted. I’ve been one of the lucky ones in terms of side effects so I’m hoping that I will be lucky when stopping too! I’m just eager to be off of it because I remember nothing when I drink. I don’t drink too often and don’t go overboard but it seems to happen anyway and it creeps me out. But all in all the drug has made things so much easier!
  10. Hi Everyone, I just started my last packet of champix and am planning to wean off as I get near the end just to be safe. I’m wondering for those who did this also, was there a specific day you started to wean or a specific schedule you would recommend? Also was wondering if anyone went longer than 12 weeks? My doctor prescribed me another 12 weeks in case I needed it but I’d really prefer to not take the drug longer than needed. Any advice is appreciated!
  11. Roopy

    Wednesday 14 March

  12. Congratulations Beazel!!!! Thank you for all the help you have given along the way!
  13. Roopy

    Hoppy Berfdee to me Fave little Bunny

    Happy birthday Jillar!
  14. Roopy

    Hello from QSMB. Quit 18 April

    Hi Claire, Thank you for your post! Hearing people say that they get to a point where they hardly think about it is what keeps me going some days.
  15. Roopy

    Monday 12 March


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