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  1. I didn’t yet and I want to
  2. Hi Lilley- I wish I was I’m not. I messed up so I need to start again with you. I think we can beat this
  3. Same here I messed up and embarrassed and mad as hell with myself. I’m getting to the point if total frustration that I can’t focus on anything other than this. I just want this darn thing to be over with so I can move on with my life
  4. Thanks guys.Jill I believe I recognize you from the old forum that shut down? I was active in 2016, 2017 when I quit but unfortunately I relapsed and now 4 years later...
  5. Hi guys! I’ve been on and off this site and obviously was struggling to quit. I just finished Allan Carr’s book and smoked my last cigarette at 5.23 PM today. I had a bunch of extras left and I ripped and threw them away. It’s the usual crap, oh I’ll finish this pack and stop. And then I’ll go buy another and the same cycle. I hope to be active here and make it to the other side with you guys this time! I’ve had enough of this nonsense. Ray
  6. Thanks a lot Jillar i travel a lot for work and its sad I find airports to connect out of that have smoking lounges. NO more!
  7. Thanks Martian yes ! I’m sick and tired of doing this every day and saying I’ll do it tomorrow and spending 20 some dollars on a pack of crap sometimes
  8. Hi guys this is Ray, and I’m ready to get rid of this nasty habit and join you guys for good! I had quit before and then stupidity got the best of me. I just got off the plane smoked my last cigarette and threw them and the lighter away. Here we go again 20 mins in... in a Uber tempted to pull over and buy again but NO I’m going straight home; posting this while I’m contemplating but I know this will help!!

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